Ekster MagSafe Wallet Review – LIGHTEST MagSafe Wallet!

In our Ekster MagSafe wallet review, we see how the lightest iPhone MagSafe wallet provides thin cut leather while allowing quick access as a card holder wallet

In our Ekster MagSafe wallet review, we see how the lightest iPhone MagSafe wallet provides thin cut leather while allowing quick access as a card holder wallet

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

MagSafe wallets keep coming out on the market and Ekster is no different. They call it the MagSafe card holder. It does, of course, work with Eksters MagSafe capable phone cases, but what we have here is an incredibly light MagSafe wallet, but does that make it better?

It is a top, vertical card entry with very thinly cut leather. On the back, it mimics the Apple wallet with the rear thumb push slot. It only comes in black. I think they’re testing the market to see if they want to create additional colors.

Regarding features, it has two, vertical card slots, with a capacity of three plus cards. Cash is capable when folded twice. We also notice that we have a rear access thumb push slot to help get cards out. This of course means you must detach the wallet every time you want to get the rear cards out, otherwise you’re digging from the top, which will push it off your phone anyway.

Of course, it has the interior MagSafe capabilities, which allows it to attach to any Apple iPhone 12 or better phones. It measures 3.9 x 2.4 x .1”, and it weighs 19 grams or .7 ounces. I told you this was really light.

Minimum carry in this is one card. Reasonable would be up to four. The company provides no recommendation beyond three cards, but it certainly can take more. While not my favorite from a quality material feel, it is leather. It just feels kind of cheap. I can appreciate the slimness and the ability to carry more than three cards without a lot of bulk. The two slot design is a departure from the one slot design that we see with the Apple wallet.

The material used on the interior provides very little friction, but the cards are not going to fall out. It comes with a one year warranty like all Ekster products do and a 14 day refund policy. From a quality perspective, this is designed in the Netherlands and made in China. The leather is a premium hide from the Ecco Company. We’ve talked about them on Bellroy products, as well as the leather versions of Ekster wallets. The leather is very thinly cut and it’s fused to this nylon, which is in every slot like we’ve seen before.

It does have RFID, but it’s okay because we don’t want any signal conflict between ApplePay and cards in the sleeve. It doesn’t have a mechanism to grip the cards and is not pre-molded.

From a usability perspective, the stacked card slots make it easy to insert and retrieve cards. You can get to these cards from the exterior without needing to go to the interior with the thumb push slot.

Now onto the final score. For quality a 4. Price a 3. Features a 4, I like the vertical two slots for access. Usability a 3, it’s relatively easy to use and perception a 4. That gives us a great score of 3.6 out of 5.

Ekster MagSafe Card Holder

A MagSafe® wallet that turns your iPhone into a slim wallet with room for 3+ cards or some cash. Strong magnets keep your add-ons securely in place, and a thumb slot on the back ensures easy access.

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Quality 80%
Price 60%
Features 80%
Usability 60%
Perception 80%

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3.9 x 2.4 x .1"

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