Baseball Glove Leather? Fielder’s Choice Goods Zipper wallet REVIEW

Made from pieces of vintage baseball glove leather, the Fielder's Choice Goods Zipper wallet is a nice coin pouch, but suffers from too small of an opening, restricting access. Fielder's Choice Goods makes many leather items from baseball glove leather.

Made from pieces of vintage baseball glove leather, the Fielder’s Choice Goods Zipper wallet is a nice coin pouch, but suffers from too small of an opening, restricting access. Fielder’s Choice Goods makes many leather items from baseball glove leather.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

In this review, we have the classic zipper wallet from Fielder’s Choice Goods that has integrated all kinds of actual baseball glove leather into their final products. Fielder’s Choice comes in a craft box, and the classic zip wallet, although it looks fairly simple in design, this particular wallet is a baseball glove. The sewing on this wallet is of mixed quality, some look good while other is questionable. The zipper is a bit gusseted at the end.

This is not a bad-looking wallet, but one thing that has significantly changed is the cognac color. If we look at the features, it is a very simple wallet, as I mentioned, it has nothing on the exterior to be too concerned about. The main feature is the internal pouch that has the capacity for cards, cash, coins, and any other item because the zipper provides an excellent retention capability. It comes with a nice Fielder’s Choice stamp that has some gold foil in it and adds a nice touch. It measures 4.6 x 3.3 x 0.4″ and weighs 32 grams or 1.1 ounces.

Would a quick access card slot on the exterior be an improvement?

I have inserted four cards plus an ID and three slips of cash, which needed to be folded twice for the wallet to accommodate them. Inserting the cards was a little tricky since the zipper kind of interferes with things. It becomes a little more difficult to contend with so I had to find the most suitable direction to get into. Thus, coming against the gusset works best. It is tight, but that is what makes it attractive because of how small it is, and because of that, the company makes no recommendation on the number of cards or cash pieces you could put in or anything else for that matter.

FC goods works with everyone, from large-scale collectors to everyday baseball fans, to source vintage baseball gloves. Every glove bears the coloring marks that only develop from being aged by competition. I don’t really like the zipper placement on this one, but did it change?

It is designed in the United States and made in the Dominican Republic, another baseball-loving country. It is made from a full-grain US steer hide leather. This particular zipper has no name or brand on it, which to me is always a little concerning, even though it is a brass zipper. One of the concerns I have is that the leather is not lined up straight, it protrudes out a little further, which has to do with the build quality. In addition, the edges are rough, which becomes a matter of preference more than anything else.

The sewing is done well, there are reinforcements in all the stress areas that you would expect, and it is done by machine, but the thread appears very, very thin. Besides, being done by machine, you do not get a saddle stitch benefit. So once it starts to unravel, it will get undone. I do like the rounded corner because when you place it in your pocket it will not get pokey, something that could potentially start creating holes in your pocket. Moreover, this wallet does not smell anything in particular.

As I mentioned, a quick access card slot might be nice in the front, and the biggest issue is that the zipper wall does not open up at least halfway down, which makes it difficult to get into and work with it. This wallet could really benefit from several wallets that do it right like the Country Comm, Bellroy Zip, Undivided Zipper, En Enrishi Zipper, and NODUS Coin wallet, all proven designs that provide a half-moon opening for access. To be fair, Fielder’s Choice indicates that this is a coin holder, but most people maximize what they carry into a single wallet if possible. We would prefer if everything goes into this wallet when we carry it. Furthermore, they have a 90-day return policy. Since I added this wallet to my inventory, Fielder’s Choice has dropped this model in favor of a new one that incorporates a quick access card slot on the exterior, which is what I believe to be one of the best improvements they could do. However, they did not open up the zipper access. They closed it up even a little bit more, and that is a shame. Moreover, the edge has become kind of poking when it goes into the pocket.The final score of the classic zipper wallet from Choice Goods is three for quality because the zipper is questionable and the sewing and construction could be better, two for the price as it is expensive for what you get and the newer version is even more expensive at $109, although, the new one does have some more baseball glove in. Features score three, usability scores two, and perception score three. This gives the wallet a score of 2.6 out of 5.

Fielders Choice Goods Leather Change Purse

The timelessness of premium quality leathercrafting combined with the unique character of aged baseball gloves. That’s what makes this wallet classic.

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Quality 60%
Price 40%
Features 60%
Usability 40%
Perception 60%

Technical Details




4.6 x 3.3 x .4"

Notable Materials


Country of Manufacture

Dominican Republic

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