Flat Leather Flat Card wallet; single pocket, easy carry

The Flat Leather Flat Card wallet continues the 100% handmade ethos of the company owner. This one pocket, elastic held leather beauty demonstrates simplicity works just fine.

The Flat Leather Flat Card wallet continues the 100% handmade ethos of the company owner.  This once pocket, elastic held leather beauty demonstrates simplicity works just fine.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

We’ve reviewed a Flat Leather wallet before and James Craven, the owner and maker has a unique style, all his own. We have his Flat Card wallet with us, and while it might appear simple, there’s so much going on with it when you take a look at it closely.

Everything is done by hand by James at Flat Leather. The name on the string and button envelope is a stamp. The Flat Card is blue with a yellow elastic strap, it’s simple, but there’s a lot going on with it.

When opened you can see behind the top flap is where the elastic is secured and we have one internal pocket. The elastic is very strong, which is required to keep the wallet closed. When undone, we open it up and we have one interior pocket space. The slot is available for anything that can fit. Being that it’s a single pocket it will fit anything, including coins which do not come out once the flap is closed.

From a minimalist perspective, the company recommends up to seven cards plus coins and cash with the cash being folded twice for all currencies.

From a quality perspective it’s designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. The leather is a full grain, veg tanned Italian Walpier Buttero. The Flat Card wallet is made from One piece of leather folded and sewn. And as I mentioned earlier this is a one hundred percent handmade offering. The leather is hand cut, hand burnished, and of course hand sewn. The elastic is heavy duty and is also sourced locally in the United Kingdom.

It’s priced at $50 and due to its simple design the usability is also very smooth. Since we’re dealing with a single pocket, you could put about anything you want in there. Larger coins would also work as the opening obviously will not allow them to come out. I do wish it had more than just one slot, something external would be great for quicker card access.

It measures 4.2 x 3 x .3” and it weighs 27 grams, fairly light.

James founded Flat Leather in 2012 after discovering what he wanted was not available on the market. We see that so often with leather makers, James found himself learning leather making and leather working, and we have the excellent products we see today. Flat Leather products are designed to be minimal, lightweight, slim lined, and most importantly long-lasting.

Now let’s get into the final score. For quality a 5, price at 3, features a 3. Some might think that with only one slot, it would be a deficiency and negatively affect the feature score. Remember that the feature score is based on if the wallet, as designed, can do what it should and in this case it does. Usability of 3 and perception of 5. That gives us a final score, 38 out of 50.

Unfortunately, Flat Leather has gone out of business 🙁



Quality 100%
Price 60%
Features 60%
Usability 60%
Perception 80%

Technical Details




4.2 x 3 x .3"

Notable Materials


Country of Manufacture

United Kingdom

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