FOCX R2 Accountant wallet // cards, cash, small footprint

The FOCX Accountant wallet provides a fold-over slim wallet that makes cards and cash carry easy in a footprint that makes it front pocket carry a no brainer.

The FOCX Accountant wallet provides a fold-over slim wallet that makes cards and cash carry easy in a footprint that makes it front pocket carry a no brainer.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today’s review is on the FOCX R.02 Accounting, that’s F-O-C-X, but pronounced like the name of the animal. We have had a number of review requests for this particular wallet. This wallet is black, but they do have other limited color versions available. There is a simple card that comes inside this particular wallet with the word “redefined”. The company has consistency in their packaging and branding which carries through by way of sleekness of their product design. This is also carried through to their website. The wallet has a very small footprint when it is closed. It is very small, lightweight and has a nice leather feel. The company got their start on Kickstarter, like most wallet companies these days.

On the exterior of the FOCX Accountant wallet, there is an elastic band which is used to keep the wallet together. It is made from an elastic, rubber material. You could attach keys to the small rubber loop on the end. There is a quick card access pull strap on the bottom preventing the need to open the wallet all the time. On the interior of the wallet there is an additional flap available for more cards. This could be considered a semi cash wrap. Cash still must be folded once then laid in the interior. It is a very simple design, but provides the capacity for the things you need, such as cards and cash.

I was able to get six cards and five slips of cash. The wallet works with all currencies. There is enough width, especially with the cash folded once. It can handle up to eight cards plus cash.

This wallet is designed and manufactured in Germany. It is made from a veg tanned leather. It is very nice to the touch and smells really good. It has a rough cut edge, so there is not a lot of refinement in the completion of the finishing of the leather. It has a natural edge on the flesh side with the exterior leather unpolished, but that is fine. I personally think it brings out the raw qualities of this particular leather. The external elastic strap is stretchable over 110% of itself. It is made from a mixture of 85% polyester and 15% elastane. The big piece of internal elastic where you would put your cards is also made in Germany. The sewing of the leather to the internal elastic is well done. The wallet is constructed very nicely. I wouldn’t expect the elastic to tear away anytime soon, if at all, based on its usability. One thing that has been a bit of a problem as I worked with it is the thinness of the external strap. Because of its thinness, when you open up the wallet, then replace the elastic to close the wallet, it has a tendency to bind up and roll over on itself. It is not thick enough to autocorrect itself, like other band wallets. That is the only complaint I have of its usability.

The FOCX Accountant is priced at $44.

It measures 3.3 x 2.3 x .2” and weighs 23 grams.

Its design is very close to TROVE wallets we have previously reviewed. The footprint, elastic storage, quick access strap, et cetera, are all very much the same. The company indicates the important aspect of this wallet is the harmonious and purposeful combination of all shape and function that is built into this design. The R.02 Accountant is designed by way of the golden ratio; the Fibonacci ratio, which holds a secret to making things attractive, aesthetically appealing, and functional. So if you find this wallet attractive and aesthetically pleasing, then you’ve fallen victim to the Fibonacci ratio.

For the final score; Quality a 4, price a 3, features a 3, usability a 4, and perception a 4. That gives us a very respectable 37 out of 50.

FOCX R2 Accountant

The FOCX Accountant wallet provides a fold-over slim wallet that makes cards and cash carry easy in a footprint that makes it front pocket carry a no brainer.

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Quality 80%
Price 60%
Features 60%
Usability 80%
Perception 80%

Technical Details






3.3 x 2.3 x .2"

Notable Materials

Leather, Elastic

Country of Manufacture


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