FOCX Everyday wallet, entry level flexibility, with drawbacks?

The FOCX Everyday wallet is a great entry level wallet using leather and elastic for carry flexibility while still keeping a small profile. With an NFC chip also included, more options open up, increasing its capabilities!
FOCX Everyday wallet
The FOCX Everyday wallet is a great entry level wallet using leather and elastic for carry flexibility while still keeping a small profile. With an NFC chip also included, more options open up, increasing its capabilities!
(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

This particular FOCX Wallet comes in an easy presentation card that slips into it. In addition, a RFID card is included by default. The previous wallet review videos explained two angles about RFID. The first is that thinking of purchasing a specific RFID wallet can be considered a waste of money. The second being that wallets which provide an optional card without affecting the integrity of the wallet are a better option, as their manufacturers cleverly do not tie their designs to misguided demands of potential customers by building RFID into their wallets. The wallet is very nice and compact, consisting of a piece of wrapped leather and two pieces of elastic that intertwine with a bit of sewing and a little key loop.

Concerning the feature view of the FOCX Everyday Wallet, the wallet is equipped with an NFC chip that stands for near-field communication. The NFC chip  is programmable, accommodating 500 bytes. It is conveniently placed underneath this wallet and can be programmed with a cell phone or other devices. It is a set of standards for smartphones, similar devices, and even little tags. For example, it can be used for business card information links, wifi, credentials, emails, telephone numbers, social media, and networking information.

That said, the features of the FOCX wallet are very minimal. The wallet does not contain any bi-fold component, however, as mentioned before, it has two pieces of elastic. The first elastic functions as a card holder, so the cards can be stored. Cash can also be put in if folded. However, on the top there is a pass through which is a different elastic that loops in a differently compared to the elastic loops. Therefore, it provides a pass through for additional cards.

Finding the right next wallet can be done on which is preferably done on a desktop. It’s an interactive method, with various filters facilitating the search.

Regarding the insertion test, the wallet can accommodate seven cards, five in the main slot, located in the main elastic portion, and two in this pastor. In addition, three slips of cash folded twice in quarters can be placed. A minimum reasonable amount is probably four to six cards. While the company does not give a recommendation for the number of insertions, the wallet offers flexibility with placing business cards and receipts thanks to the elastic capability to increase or decrease. Unlike leather, which with too many cards in it stretches, making the reduced number of cards problematic.

This wallet is designed and manufactured in Germany. The leather is vegetable-tanned, feels very pleasant to the touch and smells good. However, it has rough edges on it. The external elastic strap is a mixture of 85 % polyester and 15 % elastane, and offers stretchability  with a capability over 110 %. The internal elastic, made in Germany, is durable as well as the sewing which is nicely done. The internal elastic integration to the leather is done professionally, therefore, there should not be any issues with the pulling away. There are two internal loops of elastic as mentioned before, the main on the exterior, and the other on the interior. There is another that lays under the elastic and is fused underneath in kind of a butt joint, keeping the aesthetics undisturbed. The sewing, on the other hand, is done to the elastic.

The wallet price is $46, and from a usability perspective, once a card is inserted in place, putting in another is easy, whether it is in the main or in the secondary elastic. However, this simplicity does not apply to the initial card insertion, as the elastic is sewn a little tight against the leather which binds it a little bit and might require some effort. Inserting the initial card turns into an exercise of getting used to it. The card passes through the top facing another loop of elastic that comes on its way, therefore requiring another pass. Once the card is inserted, the leather, visually compared to the plastic becomes slightly visible. The wallet measures 3.4 x 2.3 x 0.4”, and weighs 25 grams. Recently, FOCX Accountant has been compared to the TROVE Cash Wrap.

The FOCX wallet final score is a 4 for the quality, a 3 for the price, a 3 for the features, another 3 for the usability, and a 4 for the perception, giving a total score of 35 out of 50.

FOCX Everyday
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Quality 80%
Price 60%
Features 60%
Usability 60%
Perception 80%

Technical Details






3.4 x 2.3 x .4"

Notable Materials

Leather, Elastic

Country of Manufacture


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