The iPhone is unworthy!? Geometric Goods MagSafe TECH wallet REVIEW

The Geometric Goods MagSafe wallet and CARRY TEST proves that full grain veg tanned leather is still a luxury above an Apple iPhone. Cutting no corners, this MagSafe wallet smells, feels and operates like you'd expect at this level of quality. It also has some problems which are discussed.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video

In this review, I will take you through the carry test for the Geometric Goods MagSafe Six Card Wallet, which I carried for almost two months, and then I will share my carry experience.

This is the Leather MagSafe Six Card Model from Geometric Goods, it comes in a brown box enveloped by some tissue. It has a pole strap and magnetic in the back that can be felt, and carry a good number of cards. It has nice leather with a pretty good finish, reinforcement where expected of it, and a very solid-looking nylon and leather pole strap. The patina on it has developed already from when I carried it. This has been a fun wallet.

From a feature perspective, the internal card slot capacity is up to six cards, reflecting its name. It is equipped with a pull strap that allows quick access by pulling the cards out. The interior has a MagSafe magnet, the N45, and because it is sandwiched between two pieces of leather, one on either side, you can see where it sits. This allows connection to any Apple iPhone 12 or better. The Geometric Goods Six Card MagSafe Wallet measures 3.8 x 2.7 x 0.2, and weighs 44 grams, an equivalent of 1.6 ounces. That is a heavy wallet because it involves lot of leather and magnets.

From a perception perspective, the quality of Geometric Goods wallet is superb. The sewing is wonderful and it is a great minimalist wallet when not attached to phone. Moreover, it comes with a 14 day return policy. It is designed in Poland and made in the European union from a full-grain vegetable Tandy Italian Tuscany leather, which feels and smells fantastic. The leather has a lined nylon strap that is secured very well at the interior of the wallet and adds aesthetics because it is lined up at the top, furthermore, it keeps it very minimal so it does not interfere with cards. In addition, if you are looking for variety, they have a wonderful selection; classic vectors, two-toned flower diamond drops, and net or snake-embossed, all kinds of unique personalization options as well.

This wallet does not have RFID and, as you would expect, it works with any MagSafe case, including the cases produced by Geometric Goods. With a simple grab and pull, it is very easy to use and the strap is not long, which is ideal. I did use this with five cards when I carried it for several months, the leather does stretch, which means that the cards will come out, therefore, there is no need to force them to come out. I did not encounter any issues through the normal use, cards did not fall out unless you apply much force, but be aware that with this being leather it can stretch, which means that fewer cards in there will have excess room and would eventually fall out easier since there is no way to secure the cards beyond that. The Distil Union Wally Jr, for example, has a magnetic pull strap that folds over, provides some security, but due to the stretch, you would have to deal with it like any other wallet. It does not work with the iPhone 12 mini, it is just too wide for it. Its magnetic strength seems weaker than others but, I think its material and weight play a role in that.

The final score of the Geometric Goods Six Card MagSafe Wallet is five for quality, two for the price because it is a little expensive; features score four, great for what it can do, usability scores a three, and perception scores four. That gives a score of 3.7 out of 5.

For the carry test, I had my ID, three credit cards, and a work access card generally. I carried this wallet for two months. I kept four to six cards in all the time and sometimes it went up to eight or so, but I did not carry any cash. A patina began to develop very quickly, which was really nice, and the leather still smells awesome. The best thing about this wallet is the pull strap, it facilitates the cards extraction and insertion, but like most wallets, you still need to pull it off your phone to access it due to the narrow way when it is attached. You have to hold the wallet to get to your cards, which is doable, and then just take it off, get what you need, and put it back on. As I showed in the insertion test with my pocket, I put it in my pocket, stripped the wallet off, and put it back in. As I used it, I found this to be the easiest way. It is bulkier than other MagSafe wallets I have carried, but being aware of its materials and quality, that kind of mentality went quickly away.

My likes of the Geometric Goods Six Card MagSafe Wallet include the large capacity, pretty much anything up to six cards or cash combined will work brilliantly with this particular wallet; the construction, it utilizes awesome materials, and the pull strap made access to the cards effortless; furthermore, if you are looking for quality, this is it.

For my dislikes or maybe suggestions, this remains problematic, like similar MagSafe wallets, where it can strip off unless you wear super tight pants, but this is heavier than other similar wallets. The magnetic strength is not as strong and it becomes a balance of the weight versus the N45 magnets that are used. To conclude my review and carry test experience with the Geometric Goods Six Card MagSafe Wallet, some way that provides card security would be appreciable, like the Distil Union Wally Jr, that works brilliantly.

Geometric Goods MagSafe 6 Card

 It uses MagSafe magnets to snap easily onto the back of your iPhone or an iPhone case with MagSafe feature. This MagSafe model is perfect for storing up to 6 cards.

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Quality 100%
Price 40%
Features 80%
Usability 60%
Perception 80%

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3.8 x 2.7 x .2"

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