Kings Loot Wallet Review and Complete Buyer’s Guide

When you think about how much you use your wallet on a daily basis, it makes sense to invest in a good one. Our in-depth Kings Loot wallet review explains why a wallet from this brand in particular is one to seriously consider. From premium leather materials to innovative, accessible designs, Kings Loot has found a way to make a seemingly traditional wallet the one item you’ll wonder how you’ve lived this long without.  

Kings Loot Wallet Review

kings loot wallet review
Kings Loot Wallet Review and Complete Buyer's Guide 1

The Hybrid wallet, formerly known as the Traditional, is the best-selling Kings Loot wallet by far, and for good reason. The Hybrid was crafted to have all the features you want in a wallet but in a minimalist design. At first glance, it appears to be a classic bifold wallet, but upon further examination, you’ll notice the pull strap that provides quick access to your most-used cards as well as a money clip to hold your cash in place. The money clip can be manually adjusted and removed as needed. 

Each feature was specifically chosen to make it easy to access your cards, ID, and cash. The Hybrid can hold 8-10 cards with the ability to access 4-6 of them by simply tugging on a strap that functions as a pull tab. The signature money clip included in this wallet can hold 10-15 unfolded bills inside the wallet. There are five colors to choose from, making it easy to find a wallet that fits your style. Color options include Buckskin, Classy Brown, Executive Blue, Lamborghini Red, Midnight Black, and Steel Gray. 

Some customers have mentioned that the leather of a brand new Kings Loot wallet often makes it difficult to fit as many as 8 cards at a time, while others stated that they were able to make the cards fit but then had a hard time folding the wallet, therefore missing out on its appeal as a slim bifold. However, the high-quality genuine leather will stretch slightly over time with regular use, which eliminates this problem. 

Despite being advertised as a minimalist wallet, the Hybrid offers RFID protection to keep you safe from criminal activity. With the Hybrid wallet, you don’t have to worry about wireless theft. 

One perk of shopping with Kings Loot is their lifetime replacement policy. At any time, for any reason, you can send them your old Kings Loot wallet and they will replace it. Kings Loot will cover the cost of your new wallet, you just have to pay for shipping and processing. 

Kings Loot Hybrid Slim Wallet Specifications

  • Dimensions: 0.5 x 3.9 x 2.75 in (1.27 x 9.9 x 6.9 cm)
  • Storage capability: 1-12 cards and 1-15 unfolded bills
  • Material: Premium full grain leather
  • Price: $109 on the Kings Loot website

Things we like:

  • Easy access to your most used cards
  • Lifetime replacement

Things we don’t like: 

  •  Taught leather makes it difficult to fit the maximum allotted cards
Kings Loot - Hybrid

Our mens wallets are handmade with the finest full grain genuine leather and fit 1-12 credit cards and plenty of cash.

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Is Kings Loot a Good Brand?

Simply put, yes, Kings Loot is a good brand. As of 2022, Kings Loot has over 2,500 reviews and a customer satisfaction rating of 99%. As more customers chime in and share their experiences, one thing remains the same: Kings Loot is a company that people are proud to support. With several high-quality leather wallets and a Lifetime Replacement program, it’s no wonder that the customer base is as enthusiastically loyal as they are. 

Lifetime Replacement

The Lifetime Replacement program offered by Kings Loot has kept plenty of customers satisfied with their original purchase. The program also gives potential customers peace of mind and confidence when shopping with Kings Loot. But how exactly does this replacement program work?

The Lifetime Replacement program was created as a way to ensure that anyone who shops with Kings Loot isn’t just a one-time customer, but rather, a customer for life. It’s a pretty straightforward process, too. There’s no catch — they pay for the wallet, and you only cover the shipping and processing costs. 

The Lifetime Replacement policy covers just about everything from natural wear and tear to sudden, unexpected damage.  

About Kings Loot

The story of how King’s Loot grew from one man’s idea to a million-dollar business is an inspirational one. The Founder and CEO of Kings Loot, Joshua Stephens, loves to share the story of how his company began back in 2019. 

Frustrated with constantly trying to dig cards out of his thick wallet, Stephens came up with a solution. Alongside his wife and daughters, Stephens first saw potential when making paper wallets. He then used a sewing machine for the first time to turn his idea into a reality. Because he had never used a sewing machine before, Stephens resorted to watching YouTube videos for help. With his wife and daughters cutting leather next to him, their paper wallets quickly turned into leather ones.

Eventually, Stephens created what turned out to be exactly the wallet he was looking for. It was then that he and his wife sold their home and invested their life savings into their goal of creating “the ultimate wallet for men and women.” 

Nine months later, six of which were spent on designing and three in manufacturing, Kings Loot was officially in business, and things haven’t slowed down since. In just the first year, King’s Loot grew to a seven-figure business.


How big is the hybrid wallet?

The hybrid wallet is slightly larger than a typical money clip or card holder but is smaller than most wallets. It is nicely compact and should fit into any pocket with ease.

Why can’t I fit all my cards into the wallet?

When you first receive your Kings Loot wallet, you will likely find that the card pockets are stiff. If you are having a hard time fitting your cards into the slots, give the wallet a few days to be broken in, then try again. Your cards should fit more comfortably.

Where are Kings Loot wallets made?

The handmade, hand-stitched Kings Loot wallets are constructed from several different materials that are sourced from all over the world. The company doesn’t specify where they source their materials from but said that they do assemble and ship their products from Colorado. 

What’s the difference between the men’s and women’s hybrid wallets?

There are no differences between the men’s and women’s hybrid wallets except for the color. The men’s hybrid wallet comes in steel gray, executive blue, classy brown, midnight black, and buckskin, while the women’s hybrid wallet comes in lavender and mint. The women’s hybrid is also currently less expensive than the men’s wallet.

How do I keep my Kings Loot leather wallet in good condition?

To maintain the condition of your wallet’s high-quality leather:

  • Use a soft brush or cloth to clean the leather regularly 
  • Whenever possible, allow the leather to air out
  • If the leather comes into contact with moisture, blot the moisture away as soon as possible
  • Air dry only — avoid artificial heat
  • Use a leather conditioner to prevent stretching
  • When necessary, use soap flakes and warm water to clean any spots or stains on the leather
  • Disinfect and remove any buildup from daily use with a steam cleaner

Taking proper care of your premium leather wallet also means:

  • Don’t use your washing machine to clean your leather wallet
  • Try to avoid getting the leather wet
  • Avoid using artificial heat, such as a hairdryer, to remove moisture
  • Don’t iron the leather
  • Don’t immerse the wallet in water, even when cleaning

Final Thoughts

Many Kings Loot wallet reviews describe the Hybrid as the perfect wallet. Whether it’s the perfect wallet for you is up to you to decide, but you can rest assured your money will be well-spent on a high-quality, minimalist leather wallet that takes the hassle out of retrieving your cards and bills. With many notable features, including a lifetime guarantee, Kings Loot deserves to at least be a part of the conversation when it comes to purchasing a new wallet.

If you’re looking for your next wallet and want to learn more about other wallet types and brands, you should check out some of the guides we have on Walletopia. We compare all different kinds of wallets with varying designs, materials, and prices so that you can find the best wallet for you. Good luck shopping!



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