RFID Men’s Bifold Wallet + Leatherology Reviews

Classic design. Sleek yet durable construction. High-quality, full grain leather. Optional customization and added security. Beautiful packaging. With all these features and more, it’s no surprise that the hundreds of Leatherology reviews for the RFID Men’s Bifold Wallet are filled to the brim with compliments. This popular wallet boasts all the features of a high-end designer wallet but with a much more affordable price tag. So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about why you should spend your hard-earned money on this beautiful product designed to hold all of your bills and cards.

RFID Men’s Bifold Wallet From Leatherology

Leatherology Reviews
RFID Men's Bifold Wallet + Leatherology Reviews 1

The RFID Men’s Bifold Wallet features eight card clots, one bill compartment, and two interior pockets. With a classic design and a thin yet durable construction, this high-quality leather wallet measures 3.5 inches in height, 4.5 inches in width, and 0.6 inches in depth. 

The RFID Men’s Bifold Wallet by Leatherology resembles a classic leather bifold, but feels much slimmer and lighter. This sleek wallet is part of Leatherology’s Timeless collection, which uses finely grained and ultra soft leather in classic colors. There are slight variations in the textures of the wallets in the Timeless collection, but they are subtle. The texture depends on which part of the hide it was sourced from. 

You can personalize your Leatherology bifold wallet with a monogram hand-debossed into the leather. You can choose from blind or foil color, but be aware that there is an extra charge for personalization. You can learn more about Leatherology’s personalization options below. 

Another feature you will notice, or perhaps won’t notice, is the logo on the product. Leatherology products, like the bifold wallet, are kept clear of branding so that you can use that space for personalization. This was done intentionally because the founders of Leatherology designed their products “to be a personal expression of who you are.” 

When it comes to packaging and shipping your wallet, Leatherology pays extra attention to the details. At no extra cost to you, when you purchase a wallet from Leatherology, it will be shipped to you in their signature gift packaging. Each wallet is then packaged inside a durable bronze gift box.

RFID Blocking Lining

RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification, is used in many credit card chips and scannable IDs. An RFID product, like the Leatherology RFID Men’s Bifold Wallet, protects your credit cards and IDs from illegal scanning. Leatherology’s RFID blocking wallet is made of full-grain leather and an “electromagnetically opaque lining.”  

This lining is similar to foil in that it is made of woven aluminum. Because of this lining, the material tends to make more noise than other products made with softer linings.

Things we like:

  • Premium leather wallet at a reasonable price
  • RFID lining protects you and your cards
  • Customization available 

Things we don’t like:

  •  Slightly bulky for a minimalist wallet

It’s hard not to be impressed by Leatherology’s Men’s Bifold Wallet. With the option to add RFID protective lining and personalization, this wallet is so much more than it appears at first glance. Although still a classic leather wallet by traditional standards, Leatherology reviews of the RFID Men’s Bifold Wallet have been notably positive, earning it recognition as one of the best leather wallets money can buy. 

Leatherology RFID Brown Men's Bifold Wallet
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Is Leatherology a Good Brand? Company Rating and Leatherology Reviews

About Leatherology

Before making your first purchase with a brand, it’s helpful to get to know more about the company. Customer reviews and other bits of information from reliable sources can tell you a lot about the kind of experience you can expect with a particular company. 

For nearly 30 years, Leatherology has produced high-quality, luxury leather goods at reasonably affordable prices. Leatherology products, including their popular bifold wallet, are only available online. 

Leatherology products are frequently included in conversations about noteworthy leather goods. In a review of the best slim wallets published in the Wirecutter by the New York Times, the Thin Bifold Wallet from Leatherology was named the best classic leather bifold. Forbes named it the “best overall wallet for men.”

Leatherology has established itself as a great brand offering everyday luxury at affordable prices. The Leatherology bifold wallet is just one of the high quality leather products that’s giving this company some well-deserved attention. 

Leatherology Products

To add to the appeal of their products, Leatherology offers customization options that allow you to personalize each product. Personalized products are custom made to order, ensuring you receive an item that is truly one of a kind. 

As mentioned previously, the RFID bifold wallet can be customized by adding a monogram that is debossed by hand into the leather. Along with debossing, Trapunto and hand paint are available as customization options for customers. 

*Note: Personalization is only available for Leatherology products purchased directly from the company’s online store.

Deboss Personalization

Debossing is Leatherology’s most popular monogramming style. It relies on the careful craftsmanship of artisans who do all of the debossing by hand. Leather debossing involves heating brass dies and then pressing them down into the leather. This technique results in a deep deboss that ensures your monogram will last for years. 

You can choose from three fonts (Serif, Sans Serif, and Block) and four foil colors (22 karat gold, rose gold, silver, and matte black). 

Trapunto Personalization

Trapunto personalization is an old-world quilting technique with a modern twist. It involves creating a monogram by raising your initials up from the leather before sewing them in place. Each Trapunto personalized product is made custom to order and is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

Hand Paint Personalization

You can also add a hand painted monogram to many of Leatherology’s products. Careful brushstrokes define each hand painted monogram as part of a lengthy process to make sure the customization is durable enough for daily wear. Every letter is painted layer by layer, and it takes about an hour to paint each one.

Hand painted monograms are available in two font sizes and 14 colors. You can select a text color and a shadow color to suit your personal style. 

This type of personalization is currently available for over 20 products. Unfortunately, the men’s bifold wallet isn’t one of them. Personalization for corporate gifting is also available.

Is Leatherology Legit?

Many first-time customers are understandably uneasy with purchasing products from a company that only exists online and that they know little about. Fortunately, Leatherology has earned a reputation for producing high-quality, top-rated products, leaving the majority of customers satisfied with their shopping experience.

In terms of the business’ trustworthiness, Leatherology has been a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business since 2013. As of 2022, Leatherology has a BBB rating of A+. However, it should be noted that customer reviews aren’t considered when determining the BBB’s Letter Grade Rating. The BBB rating is instead based on the following factors:

  • Business’ complaint history with the BBB
  • Type of business
  • Time in business
  • Transparent business practices
  • Failure to honor commitments to BBB
  • Licensing and government actions known to BBB
  • Advertising issues known to BBB


What is the best way to clean a Leatherology wallet?

When necessary, spot clean your Leatherology wallet with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals that may permanently damage the leather. To help maintain the natural texture of the leather, you may want to consider using a leather cleaner and condition.

What is the difference between debossed and embossed leather?

When leather is embossed, the monogram is pushed above the surface of the leather to create a raised effect. Leatherology’s debossed monograms are created by pressing dies into the leather.

What’s the deal with full grain leather?

Full grain leather is the highest-quality leather, which is why it is chosen for premium leather products. Full grain means it was sourced from the toughest part of the animal hide and hasn’t been sanded or buffed. This allows the leather to maintain many of the natural characteristics of leather. Full grain leather products tend to be stronger and longer-lasting than products made with other types of leather.


Anyone looking for a stylish, classic leather wallet with traditional features is sure to be impressed by Leatherology’s RFID Men’s Bifold Wallet. As proven by the endless positive Leatherology reviews, other leather wallets simply can’t compare to this one. It is slim enough to keep in your back pocket without creating a noticeable bulge yet contains enough pockets to store your cards, bills, and more. It is an ultra functional wallet that makes a beautiful gift, but you’ll probably like its luxury features so much that you’ll want one of your own. 

Customers who purchase this wallet have the opportunity to personalize it by adding a debossed monogram to the high-quality leather. Leatherology’s custom made to order personalization options are yet another feature that make this brand so excellent.

Leatherology makes it easy to own a designer wallet without the hefty price tag. To get your hands on your own RFID Men’s Bifold Wallet from Leatherology, click here. To explore the other luxury leather goods sold by Leatherology, browse their website.

Leatherology RFID Men's Bifold Wallet
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