Shell Cordovan rainbow? Lesbianedc Leatherwork’s bifold wallet REVIEW!

Lesbianedc Leatherworks Shell Cordovan Compact Bifold reaches new levels of excellence. As a custom bifold leather wallet made in the USA from Horween Shell Cordovan and Italian leathers, it stands out as a handmade wallet down to every detail.

Lesbianedc Leatherworks Shell Cordovan Compact Bifold reaches new levels of excellence. As a custom bifold leather wallet made in the USA from Horween Shell Cordovan and Italian leathers, it stands out as a handmade wallet down to every detail.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today’s review is a leather bifold from Lesbianedc Leatherworks. As I love supporting small makers, we have a great story about Stephanie Vasquez and how she sent me one of, if not the best, card bifold wallets I have ever reviewed on Walletopia, keep reading and I am sure you will love the story.

It comes in a packaging that brings all kinds of aesthetics to life. On the outside, it displays the different leather used in the wallet. This is really clever and shows the great job that Stephanie has done. Inside the box, you can find a cotton bag, tissue paper, and fantastic shell cordovan on the outside. It has a quick access card slot and the feature is absolutely beautiful.

A few months back, I was replying to comments on one of the videos that you and the community were talking about. And there was a conversation going on regarding Lesbianedc wallets and how great they were. Stephanie was involved and it made me curious, so I reached out to her to start a wallet order. That started a wonderful email conversation, and in the end, you will agree that this wallet is amazing, but so is her journey.

The exterior features involve a quick access card slot with the capacity of one to two cards. The interior has five card slots, and the back two could be used for cash as well. The slots capacity is one to three cards each, and probably five-plus notes folded once or twice to reach the accommodation aptitude that you wish to have with this wallet. It measures 4 x 3 x 0.6 and weighs 67 grams, a lot of leather goodness.

Back in 2016, Stephanie discovered the world of everyday carry via a what’s in my pocket type video, such videos that we have all seen. Walking through each of those items herself, she discovered that when she saw the wallet and how worn it was, showing the life it had lived with beautiful patina, she fell in love with not only wallets but all leather goods and all the possibilities that come with it. So why, and when did she start making wallets?

I have performed my insertion test with six cards, including the quick access card. Minimalist card carry is probably four cards and reasonable I think is eight. In addition, I got quite a bit of currency in here as well, 10 slips of cash which is a lot, and for this wallet, it was no issue. I folded the cash only once, as we prefer that, and it handled it very well. I did not try to put in the yen or the higher denomination euros because they are too big. You would have to fold them twice.
Going back to Stephanie’s story, after having seen everything, she opened up an Instagram and YouTube account to begin reviewing and engaging in what was being released into the market. Wanting to connect with others in the LGBTQ community, she started with the social media handle of Lesbianedc.

This wallet is designed and made in the United States, the exterior is made of dark green Horween shell cordovan with the exterior card slot made from a reversed raw natural Horween shell. The interior is a chestnut-colored Buttero from the Conceria Walpier tannery in Italy. It is hand-stitched using a cream-colored Japanese Vinymo thread, which has been treated with beeswax for added durability. It is well stitched, with straight, and small stitches which I love because it adds a lot of refinement to this particular wallet. In general, you would expect refinement when you are dealing with high-quality shell cordovan. On top of that, we have high gloss burnished edges. Besides, I love the fact that you see the layers of leather. Ben Bott, a personal favorite of mine, does the same thing.

There exists a non-shell version that uses Minerva, Buttero Pueblo, Dakota, those kinds of leathers. Furthermore, shell cordovan can often be stiff, but it also can be flexible. This wallet with its particular cut is incredibly flexible, easy to work with, it just has the right amount of weight. That allows it to break in quickly and to provide a great experience. Moreover, cards and cash slip in and out with so much ease.

In the final part of Stephanie’s journey of discovery, she was describing the perfect wallet she wanted to make to a friend, and he suggested she start her own leather-making company. After thoughtful consideration, she picked up some tools and began to learn the craft. This wallet demonstrates Stephanie’s vision, talent, and developed skills in this area. She also enjoys working with each customer to bring out what they are looking for in their wallet, which for me was a real pleasure and something I would recommend to anybody when you have the opportunity. Moreover, being an openly gay woman in a very traditional male-centric community, she has been very welcomed. We know that the leather-making community can be very tight, but also very welcoming. This is not surprising with the amazing makers in this community who love the craft they all participate in. Besides, it reinforces the love of leather and camaraderie that joins people from all over the world from diverse backgrounds.

The final score of this particular wallet is five for quality, after all, it is shell cordovan, fantastic Italian leather; price scores a three, which is reasonable for all the shell cordovan you get in it; features score a four, owing to the addition of the quick access for this type of design which makes it very functional; usability scores a five, because of the easy access to cards and cash. The wallet is almost virtually broken in, but it is still brand new. With four for perception, this wallet gets an amazing score of 4.4 out of 5. This puts it at the top with many other great wallets.

Lesbianedc Leatherworks Compact Bifold

This Compact Bifold is perfect for the minimalist that needs just a little extra organization. Featuring four pockets on the interior, this design is ideal for 4-6 cards and US currency folded only once. 

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Quality 100%
Price 60%
Features 80%
Usability 100%
Perception 80%

Technical Details




4 x 3 x .6"

Notable Materials


Country of Manufacture

United States44

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