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Nothing like a well-made wallet multitool to make those small EDC problems easy to solve. The Lever Gear Toolcard Pro includes a money clip and includes 40 different tools, but some are a stretch unless you're a drafting student...

Nothing like a well-made wallet multitool to make those small EDC problems easy to solve. The Lever Gear Toolcard Pro includes a money clip and includes 40 different tools, but some are a stretch unless you’re a drafting student.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Multi-tools are great because they assemble together a number of useful possible functions into a small package. But what features qualify as most useful to you, and do you find that multi-tools vendors listen to their customers? In this review, we will be looking at the Lever Gear Toolcard Pro because it is a pro. 

The Lever Gear Toolcard Pro comes in black or silver, with or without a money clip. It provides a lot of great functions. It has measurements on both sides and wrenches in the interior, both in metric and inches. From the top, it has got a Phillips screw head, and on the opposite side, it has a smaller flat head and a larger flat head, which can work with larger Phillips heads. It also has the Phillips that is perpendicular across, as you hold it, it makes it easier to put pressure down keeping it perpendicular. The larger Phillips works just fine, fits in nicely, and gives you the leverage and force needed to push down. Moreover, it has closed wrench options, which, if you are not quite sure where it fits, you just move it in. Thus, giving you an option in case you cannot put it over. Furthermore, the same thing works for a bolt, a large nut, and an eyelet. It offers a lot of options and it is quite interesting that it provides the quarter-inch that you can use bits in it, and then use it to turn left or right. In case you do not have a lot of downward force, this makes it very practical. 

It is good to note that the open face will only lock on one side. It will only lock, in this case, going right. However, it can turn left without any issue. If you need to have it go left, you only need to flip it so it locks into place.

The bottle opener and the can opener are both provided, however, if you would be thinking of using the can opener on the bottle you would be wrong. With the can, on the other hand, it has got the grip on the back for the lip, and the actual point that opens a can is in the front, and then you move backwards. This is a rather amazing tool if you are used to carrying these little ones with you as part of your dopp kit. It is very easy to use, you hold on to the cap, open it up like you would as a bartender, and there you go. 

This multi-tool contains more drafting tools that can be accessed through the straight edge that will give you what you are looking for. Besides, it is interesting that it gives you the different dimensions for a 30, 45, 60, and 90 degree angle, which can also be used to create additional angles. You must be thinking, “Well, this is great if you’re drafting,” and if you are using this for something more rugged, you will be able to use it as a square, and as by way of a carpentry square, this is a, “Wow, I don’t have anything. Let me try that,” but it works. It also has some geometry that gives you a number of round drafting circles. It also provides a pry bar that allows to pry up nails, and it also has the ability to pry open cans instead of requiring a separate tool for that. Finally, it has the ability to open up boxes with the box opener that can cut cord. This one goes inside where you have the can opener and when you need to use the boxer opening, not a problem, you can cut it across or use the little can opener to get from side to side, as it works the same way. 

This multi-tool measures 3.27 x 2.09 x 0.06” inches, and it is very light. It only weighs 28 grams, which is basically one ounce even though it has a lot of metal.

Because of the money clip, it can also act as a wallet and it is easy enough to just put the cash in. It can take a number of cards on top of it, which will be facing down as you do not want your cards always showing. It is very minimal if you like to have a minimal carry.

It is designed and made in the United States from a 420 stainless steel with a hardness factor of 48. Thus, it is quite a robust multi-tool card. It has a satin bead blast finish, and you can have it customized. You can tell with the name, Toolcard Pro, that you can actually have additional verbiage if you buy this for yourself or you do it for an office gift or such. Moreover, it has a lifetime warranty against breakage or manufacturer defects. 

If you are about the money clip, it has two tabs that hold it, and in order to disengage these two tabs, you press down the two slots to slip it out. Getting it back in is easy enough, you push it in, you get it under, and then all of a sudden it clicks, and it is in place and not going anywhere. The Lever Gear Toolcard Pro is TSA compliant, so you can take this with you on the plane. Besides, the pointy bits are also well hidden. This is scooped in from the can opener and all these other bits, it is not going to cause a problem. Because they are all smooth edges, it allows you to get a good grip on it without any concern of getting yourself hurt, or damaging your pants or wallet. 

But how thin is it? Well, you hardly know it is there. First, I removed the money clip and then I had the Harvard London wallet, a large bifold that we will be reviewing soon, which had got several cards as well as cash, and the multi-tool slipped in just fine without adding any real additional bulk, it is very thin and I love the fact that I can have a multi-card available to me there. I carry a knife with me in this ProTech with the Tanto blade, and between my knife and a multi-tool, I have everything for 90% of the things I need to get done. So, let me know about this Lever Gear Toolcard. If this is not your favorite, tell me what is missing and what your favorite tool is for the multi-tool you might carry. 

The final score of the Lever Gear Toolcard Pro is five for quality because it is quality material; three for the price, it is not bad pricing for the material and where it is made; features score a five as it provides an extensive and very useful set of features; usability scores a five, it is very well thought out, has rounded edges, and no concern related to getting yourself hurt or your wallet or your pants damaged; finally, perception scores a four, this is a high-quality product. This gives a final score of 4.5 out of 5.

Lever Gear Toolcard Pro with Money Clip

The Lever Gear Toolcard Pro packs 40 tools into a credit card-sized multitool, so you can tackle daily tasks at a moment’s notice– open boxes, tighten screws or bolts, pry, measure, cut cords, pop open a beer and more.

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Quality 100%
Price 60%
Features 100%
Usability 100%
Perception 80%

Technical Details




3.27 x 2.09 x .06"

Notable Materials


Country of Manufacture

United States

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