Mamut’s Brut wallet from Brazil is soft, supple, slim and amazingly priced!

Mamut’s wrap-around designed Brut minimalist leather wallet is roomy, compact and made from beautiful Brazilian leather. The leather is supple and soft, usability is great and the price is amazing!

Let’s open the Mamut Carteiras Brut slim wallet.  The color is caramel and comes from Brazil, similar to the Delanora Slim wallet.

As we showed you can easily get 8 cards plus 5 slips of cash folded over twice with no problem. And once the leather is broken in, you can get more without a problem. The company recommends 1-7 cards and they say it fits the odd shaped Brazilian ID, which comes as an example so it demonstrated that it will easily fit any other cards or ID you might have, I have no concerns about what it can hold.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

On quality it’s a full grain leather sourced in Brazil and smells great. It has a one year warranty for any manufacturing defects. I love this design. I enjoy the leather wrap that makes up the slim wallet design. And the leather is really soft and supple. The edges are hand painted with Italian paint, which gives it a nice touch. The product is made in Brazil and usability is easy to use. There’s no problem inserting or extracting cards, the depth is perfect for the cards and it’s really a joy to use. The wallet measures 4” by 3”. It’s a very basic wallet that has a great, design, look and feel to it. This company has been selling for a couple years in Brazil, with great craftsmanship. Their name is “mamut” which means “mammoth”, their full name means “mammoth wallet”.  The Brut also was one of the Top 5 Slim Wallets of 2019.

Let’s get into the final score, for quality a 4, for price a 5, features a 3, usability a 4, and perception a 3. That gives us a final rating of 4 out of 5.

To order Mamut products please send an email to Maic Noguiera at



Quality 80%
Price 100%
Features 60%
Usability 80%
Perception 60%

Technical Details




4 x 3 x .3"

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