Mitchell Leather Money Clip Wallet is as perfect a cash/card wallet you can get

When I bought it I thought, “oh, another simple billfold wallet…”. Wow was I wrong. The simplicity is actually elegance, wrapped in fine-tuned engineering, finished with decades of craftsmanship. Every millimeter of this wallet has been rethought over dozens of times over the years to reach this level of usability, quality and near perfection. Sometimes the most fabulous things are the simplest.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today we are reviewing the Mitchell Leather MCW. This is the money clip wallet they have been producing for over 30 years. It comes in a nice a black box with their emblem on the front.  There is a paper which gives us an introduction to the leather, how you carry it and the recommendations on number of cards. The clip is interesting. They have videos you can look at on their website. It is a nice quick way to give an introduction to the wallet. This is a beautiful roasted maple color and made from premium Horween Dublin leather. The stitching is on the outside. It is done so well and has a very interesting clip. It is a neat looking wallet. It looks very simple, but it is very complicated.

As for the feature review of the Mitchell MCW, money clip wallet. This thing is beautiful. The layout is wonderful. I love the look of the money clip portion of it. It has beautiful leather as always. There are no particular features on the exterior. When we open it up, we can see that on the left hand side there are two card slots with one that opens up clear to the bottom. This one opens up and you can see some fabric that gives you the actual pocket for the cards. In the middle, there is a non-mechanical money clip that has been designed and patented by them. On the right hand side we have a duplicate of what we see in the left hand side which are two card slots. There are four card slots total, as well as a money clip in then this particular wallet.

Fort the card and cash insertion test, we went beyond the usual and put 10 slips of cash because we are going to experiment with this money clip a bit. We also got six cards inside. As for the Yen and Euro, they do work but they do poke out. You really have to be careful with how you put them in, and if you’re off a little bit, they will poke out the other side. I would say that it’s not the first choice for those currencies. The company doesn’t recommend how many cards you can carry. The owner of the company has a video which shows it carries 12 cards. The leather will stretch to accommodate more cards. From a quality perspective, it is designed and made in the United States.

Mitchell leather has been making this particular wallet, the MCW, for over 30 years. The design and proprietary custom hardware is really associated with their company and they’ve established a performance record around this. Let’s look at this non-mechanical money clip. If we open this up, we have 10 slips of cash. The thing that makes this stand out for them and what they talk about, is that you can have a lot of cash in here. Let’s say I want to pull a $1 bill clear out here in the end. All I do is just pull it out and it doesn’t upset the rest of the cash, its placement or anything else. When you’re dealing with mechanical money clips, you have to flip it out and go through the cash then you have to put it back in. You’re always fumbling with the cash. In this case, you don’t have to. So let’s say you want to go to the back here and I want to grab $10. I can grab this $10 and just pull it out and it doesn’t upset the rest of the stack. That’s the beauty of it. Not only that, but let’s say you want to put cash back in. It is very easy to put in there. I just slip it in and away you go. It’s just a wonderful mechanism that they’ve obviously fine tuned over many years. This is wonderful Horween Dublin leather that is veg-tanned. It smells fantastic. It’s semi-firm and will break in nicely over time and will develop a wonderful patina.

As you can see, this is another one of those situations where if you crease this leather, we’ll pull these cards out so we can see that here, if you crease this leather, you can see that we’ve developed that crease in there. But because it’s bringing those waxes and tannins to the surface here that you can just rub that back out and that’s just an example of what’s been infused into this leather that makes it soft and pliable over time. The card pocket lining is a very strong polyester ribbed fabric which provides the pocket for the top level card. The bottom card actually hits bottom there and it will last as long as the leather does.

This is very easy to use. It is a wonderful front or back pocket wallet, something that fits well in both the casual as well as the formal setting. The measurements are 4.2 x 3 x .2”. The Mitchell Leather works with the best leather and most exotic leathers that you can find to create lines within their products, like briefcases, belts, and so forth. Some of the briefcases run around $9,000, that’s the kind of leather they work with. Their attention to quality and craft is what you would expect, and their products really show the talent and skill they have developed over decades of time.

So now let’s get to the final score. For quality, a 5, price, a 3, features, a 3, usability, a 4 and perception, a 5. That gives us a final score of 4.2 out of 5. This is on of our high scorers. The quality really drives this wonderful company.

Mitchell Leather Wallets

Enduring design that ensures large capacity while carry cash in a unique hardware insert using premium leather. One to add to your collection.

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Quality 100%
Price 60%
Features 60%
Usability 80%
Perception 100%

Technical Details




4.3 x 3 x .3"

Notable Materials


Country of Manufacture

United States

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