Mr Lentz Mens’ Leather wallet; how does it stand up!?

Down to earth crafted, Mr. Lentz wallet is made to last, simply made to outlast you. Made from one piece of leather and secured with brass rivets, the elegance of the design makes this an easy wallet to handle and enjoy.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today’s review in on Mr. Lentz’s Men’s Leather Wallet. That’s the name, Men’s Leather Wallet. I’m not sure, but I think women could probably use it too. I live in the Rocky Mountains, in the Western United States, so I appreciate a good cowboy persona when you come across one, and Mr. Lentz, is one of those guys. The packaging is very unique. It comes with a small container of leather conditioner along with it, which is a nice touch and a great way of packaging. As we pull the wallet out of the wrap, there are some good instructions on the back.

This is a bi-fold wallet and is in the Western Brown color. It is made from really great leather and feels fantastic. There are rivets which hold it together and is constructed from one piece of leather. There is no stitching, this is only held together by rivets. This is an original wallet designed by Mr. Lentz himself, and I really like the look and design of the interior. There are no particular features on the exterior except the cool looking rivets. As we look into the interior, we get a great view of the design. There are two quick access slots, one on the left, and another one on the right. Right behind that, we have yet another card slot as well as another card slot behind it on the right. Immediately behind the card slots is where we have the billfold pocket for cash. This particular version will work with more than just US currency. It works with Yen amd Euro. Interestingly enough, on the bottom of the interior, there is a sequentially stamped number he places on each wallet. Each wallet is unique and has its own number. It takes a little more time and effort to do that but makes a great impression.

For the card and cash insertion test, I was able to insert six cards and seven slips of cash as well as Yen and Euro. For the minimalist I would say you could fit four to six. The company says it can hold six cards but can hold up to ten when it’s broken in. Which should take about a week.

From a quality perspective, it is made in the United States and is a full grain veg tan leather. Mr. Lentz uses his own dyes and conditioners on the leather for the colors that he produces. That’s an extra step you don’t usually see. Like I said, one piece of leather and the solid brass rivets really handles anything stitching would normally do and gives it durability that will really outlast anything you could do to it.

It comes in three colors and will develop a fantastic patina over time. There are also additional options like a snap closure instead of just the brass rivets to choose from, different sized wallets due to currencies. And of course you have the option to purchase a chain which can attach to it.

Card access is by cards facing in. Of course that’s by design and is common but something interesting to point out. The reason why cards generally extract from the interior instead of the exterior, is for the reason that when your wallet is closed, cards aren’t going to fall out as they’re backstopped by the fold in the leather. That’s a design feature on most wallets.

It measures 4.2 x 3.25 x 0.4” and weighs 48 grams. I’m sure the weight is due to the rivets as well as the quality of the leather. It has a hundred year warranty against defects, and I love the simplicity of their products and the brand that’s been established by their founder.

For the final score. For quality, 5. Price, a 3. Features, a 3. Usability, a 3. And, perception a 4. That gives us a final score of 3.8 out of 5.

Mr. Lentz Men's Wallet Bifold

Down to earth crafted, Mr. Lentz wallet is made to last, simply made to outlast you. 

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Quality 100%
Price 60%
Features 60%
Usability 60%
Perception 80%

Technical Details




4.2 x 3.25 x .4"

Notable Materials


Country of Manufacture

United States

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