Night Heron Great Heron SLIM wallet REVIEW; Simple Excellence!

The Great Heron wallet from Night Heron Leather is a handmade slim, card wallet from Horween leather. Simple excellence!

The Great Heron wallet from Night Heron Leather is a handmade slim, card wallet made from Horween leather. Simple excellence!

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

The Great Heron or the Ardea Herodias, is a very large and beautiful wading bird, a majestic bird. If we were reviewing a bird classification, the Great Heron would be a fine choice. But this review is about wallets so instead, I will be presenting the Great Heron Leather Slim Wallet. A looking, smelling and feeling wallet from Night Heron Leather.

It is made from natural brown nut leather and natural leather. The sewing is done nicely, and the burnishing is very light. The thread is green, which, again, was my choice, and it looks good. Although, I am a little color blind when it comes to light and dark shades of reds and greens, still it is not that bad.

In regards to the features of the Night Heron Leather Great Heron, there are two external card slots, via a piece of leather that wraps around, and one internal card slot where cash or cards can be inserted to provide easy access.

The card and cash insertion test was performed with six cards and three slips of cash folded in thirds or in quarters. Six is reasonable carry, and the minimum is probably four cards. The company recommends up to eight cards plus the folded notes. From a quality perspective, this is designed and made in the United States from a full-grain vegetable-tanned Horween leather. Honestly, it is hard to get any better smelling leather than Horween, and this is lightly burnished on the edges.

It is not a glossy finish like we see with other wallets, but it is still burnished all by hand and the sewing is incredibly tight, quite amazing how it was done. It is not uncommon for wallet wallets to have much wider holes for sewing and thicker thread. But this is a very tight thread and not as obtrusive or prominent as seen with other wallets. The one comment I have on quality is that the holes in this sewing do drift a little to the right, but other than that, it is fine because it is not something that you would really worry about unless you are concerned about those kinds of aspects. As mentioned, it is made from two pieces of leather and you can specify the color of the leather that you would like to be used.

From a usability perspective, the quick access is not disappointing, it meets the expectation in this regard and the rounded pieces located at the top facilitate opening the top.

This wallet measures 4 x 5 x 0.3” and weighs 41 grams. Jason who has built his business in Bedford, Texas, got his start in the leather business by making a sleeve for his fountain pen. I like to use fountain pens and Jason is a person of my own heart. He makes a variety of nice-looking everyday use and EDC products beyond just wallets, which are on his site begging you to look at.

The final score of the Night Heron Leather is 4 for quality, that wandering stitch was a little concerning, price and features score a 3 each, usability scores a 4, because of the extra compensation for leather that makes it easy to get in and out, another 4 for perception and that gives the wallet a final score of 3.7 out of 5.

Night Heron Leather Great Heron Minimalist Wallet

3 pocket minimalist wallet made from full grain Pueblo Leather from Badalassi Carlo. This combo has gray and violet. Measures 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Can hold 6-8 cards and folded cash.

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Quality 80%
Price 60%
Features 60%
Usability 80%
Perception 80%

Technical Details




4 x 3 x .3”

Notable Materials


Country of Manufacture

United States

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