NOMAD Rugged Tri-Folio – leather luxury at a cost

If you're looking for a case to last you longer than a couple years the NOMAD Rugged Tri-Folio leather cell phone case is excellent. Horween leather ensures the longevity of this case along with baseline features, but you'll pay for it.



If you’re looking for a case to last you longer than a couple years the NOMAD Rugged Tri-Folio leather cell phone case is excellent. Horween leather ensures the longevity of this case along with baseline features, but you’ll pay for it.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

When high quality leather can meet the transient market of cell phone cases, I get a little excited and NOMAD Goods with their Rugged Tri-Folio cell phone case does that. I review cell phone wallet cases with the phone I’m using, which is currently the iPhone 11 Pro. For compatibility with other cell phone models, please look for links on NOMAD Goods website.

It’s a tri-fold cell phone case wallet made from Horween leather. This is high quality and will last a while. It’ll last longer than you’ll probably keep your phone considering we swap out our phones every 1-2 years.

On the exterior, we have no particular features except for the cutout for the power button, as well as the cutouts for charging, microphone and speakers. As we get into the interior, first we see a long pocket with a single slot opening.  This can be used for cash, access cards, business cards, receipts, et cetera. Open up the wallet one more time, and we have additional pockets on the left, as well as four slots in the middle.

The frame is built from a raised polycarbonate, and it has a TPE bumper, which is bonded to the full rubber body. They indicate the Rugged Tri-Folio will prevent damage from drops from all angles, and will protect your screen when dropped face down. The bottom also provides two lanyard holes, one on either side, if you want to use it for a wristlet.  Overall, it’s a great wallet and phone case with lots of capabilities and functions.

Designed in the United States and made in China, it is made from Horween leather. That’s a full grain veg tanned leather. It’s excellent quality. I have a hard time finding this level of quality in cell phone cases or cell phone wallets, but that’s what NOMAD uses and it really is an excellent choice.

I’ve read about people complaining about scratches and dents in their leather. That’s how leather performs and is expected. It’s actually what develops the personality of the leather, starts to give it a patina and it’s not a defect. The interior material looks and feels like microfiber, which provides a very nice texture for grip and flexibility for storage and durability. Another thing to notice is the interior card slots, they all have their own step down in how they connect to the bottom. They don’t go down infinitely. So this goes down just enough for each card so they’re easy access.

Phone face protection is really good due to the case lip. It’s priced for $80, as a phone case it’s a little high for me, but if you’re going to keep your phone for several years, then this is definitely a great case to consider. If you keep a phone for a year and you’re always turning it over, maybe not, but if you’re looking for luxury and you’re looking for a great value by way of quality construction, consider this wallet.

Access to the interior volume buttons and power button on is a little tight because of how close it is to the hinge. It does work great with wireless chargers, which is not always the case with phone cases.
It weighs 78 grams. NOMAD produces excellent products. With this case, it has a two year warranty on it. Now to the final score. For quality a 5, price a 2, features a 3, usability a 3, perception a 5 which gives us a great score of 37 out of 50.

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Quality 100%
Features 60%
Usability 60%
Perception 100%

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Horween leather

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