I wish it were better. Pelican Protector MagSafe Wallet REVIEW

With an attempt at entering the Apple MagSafe market, Pelican has produced the Pelican MagSafe wallet review.

If you’re no stranger to Pelican cases, you’re already aware of their reputation for toughness and durability. But did you know that Pelican also offers wallets? Today, we’re diving into the Pelican Protector MagSafe wallet, a robust addition to their product lineup. 

Pelican Magsafe Wallet Review: Unboxing and First Impressions

The packaging is easy to open and includes basic instructions, catering to users of all tech-savviness levels. The wallet itself is a no-nonsense, rugged piece of gear, a characteristic typical of Pelican products, including the Pelican G5 RF Field Wallet. This is available in a sleek black color.

MagSafe Compatibility

The standout feature is its MagSafe compatibility, specifically tailored for Apple iPhones from the 12 series onwards. Equipped with a strong magnet that ensures secure attachment, this wallet doesn’t mess around. Opening it up reveals a hinge-operated door on the left side, unveiling two internal slots for your cards and cash. You can comfortably fit up to four cards and folded cash. However, it’s essential to note that this wallet doesn’t come with a robust IP rating, and it lacks a sealing gasket for added protection.

The wallet measures 3.9 by 2.8 by 0.6 inches and weighs 70 grams. Its sturdy hard-shell case construction makes it a little over half an inch thick. 

Flexibility and Build Quality

I successfully managed to fit three cards and three folded notes inside the wallet. Its rubber-like texture provides some flexibility, though the lower portion is less pliable. The size isn’t up for negotiation due to its hard-shell construction. As Pelican aficionados know, functionality and durability take precedence over aesthetics. The protector wallet features the signature bump design we associate with Pelican gear. While designed in the United States, it’s manufactured in China, using a proprietary polypropylene blend that allows it to withstand extreme temperatures, from 160 degrees to minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pelican Protector MagSafe wallet
Card and Cash Insertion Test

One notable drawback of this wallet is the absence of a gasket, as mentioned earlier. Adding one could have offered essential water and dust resistance, a feature commonly found in other Pelican products but regrettably missing here.

Moving on to the magnet array, it’s exceptionally strong, surpassing even Apple’s MagSafe wallets. When attached to my iPhone, it proved impressively secure, resisting detachment during vigorous shakes. However, there are some usability considerations. The clip on the right side primarily caters to right-handed users, requiring a bit of dexterity to access. A fingernail is more effective than your thumb. Enhanced accessibility, especially for glove wearers, would have been a welcome addition.

Ease of Use and Card Slots

Once opened, the rubberized texture offers a secure grip, especially on the side with card slots. Inserting and removing cards is generally trouble-free, although squeezing in a fourth card can make retrieval a bit challenging.

Pelican offers a wide range of phone cases for various makes and models, extending their commitment to protection to your mobile device.

Final Verdict

On a rating scale, I’d give this wallet a quality score of 4, with the caveat that it would have earned a perfect score if it included a gasket for added protection. Price a 3, Features a 3, Usability gets a score of 2 due to the latch design, while the overall perception of the wallet earns a rating of 4. This results in a final score of 3.2 out of 5.

Pelican Protector MagSafe Card Holder

Super Strong Magnets: The Pelican protector Magsafe card holder & wallet uses a strong magnet that provides a robust connection between the wallet and your MagSafe compatible phone, holding up to 3X your phone's weight

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Quality 80%
Price 60%
Features 60%
Usability 40%
Perception 80%

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3.9 by 2.8 by 0.6"

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