Pirna’s Carbon Fiber wallet blows price vs. value out of the water!

Pirna continues to make very acceptable quality products at incredible prices. They’re either under-cutting, or we’ve all been paying way too much for competitor products. Either way, for a carbon fiber band wallet, Pirna’s wallet more than meets needs, providing a robust solution that won’t make you question if you can make your next car payment.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

This review is for the PIRNA carbon fiber band wallet.  It comes in a nice big box. As we open the box, we notice that we have what appears to be a money clip. As we pull it out we have the wallet itself. As a bonus It looks like we have additional colors of straps that can be replaced if you prefer. The wallet itself looks to be two pieces of carbon fiber that I am going to put together with a strap. The strap is not integrated. The money clip doesn’t look like it has any specific integration point. It is basically standalone.

The following are the features of the PIRNA carbon fiber band wallet. With the PIRNA wallet, it is a band wallet that cash goes in the band or in the front folded over twice. Cards are actually placed in between the two pieces of carbon fiber, and they would primarily go in the top.

It’s also worth noting that the money clip it came with can be used separately, or it could be used as a way to attach on the back of the band.

I was able to put 10 cards in here. I also put 7 slips of cash under the front strap. Folding over foreign currencies wasn’t a problem. That’s why I didn’t test it because just folding over twice and putting it in, but folding currency over twice, I just have never liked that. It’s just kind of a pain to have to get it out and use it, but that’s really the case with really almost all band wallets.

For quality, this is very light, which is a big plus versus heavier metal versions that are out there or other carbon fiber competitors which are charging up to five times the price of this. This is almost a raw carbon fiber. If you get a quick look, it’s really hard to see because it’s black, but there’s really no finished edges on this carbon fiber, but it’s not super sharp. I don’t think there’s a chance you’d get splinters from this at all. This wallet is as entry-level as you can get, but if it meets the needs and is durable, that’s what really matters. Since the band holding the two parts together is not integrated, it can be removed. That’s why we have the additional colors provided in case you want to use them. If it ever frays, or breaks, or loses its elasticity, you just replace it with another. You don’t have to use a screwdriver to take things apart or put back together so maintenance on this really should be very low.

From a usability perspective, you have a very generous push slot in the bottom that is very simple. You push the cards up, and you can either pinch it to get to the card you want, which is a method a lot of band cards use, or it is flexible enough that you could just fan it to pull the card out and put it back in. It’s built very well by way of tolerances, and what it can do and provide. The money clip does not integrate very well.

It measures 4.13 inches by 2.94 by 0.375 inches, and as a perception of the company, it only sells on Amazon. Their main site is one-page that promotes their latest and greatest products, and it has a buy button to Amazon. They really have no mention of this wallet even though they’re selling it on Amazon. They have a contact form, and it appears they have a one year warranty if you register. That raises support questions in the event you have issues, but at this price, honestly, I don’t know if I’d be really that concerned.

They’re really pushing additional products with metal versions if you go to their website, which look identical to other competitors out there that I have reviewed before and that people are really enamored with, but it’s at a quarter of the price. So if cost with a decent build is what you’re looking for, I’d give these guys a try because customers really appear to like them.

Here is the final score. For quality, a 3. Price, a 5. Features, a 3. Usability, a 4, and perception, a 3. That gives us a final score of 3.4 out of 5.

This wallet has been discontinued. Below is a close replacement.

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This Mens Wallet is designed to accommodate, securely holds up to 15 credit/debit cards. The external notch ensures easy card retrieval. AirTag allows you to locate it with your iPhone via the Find My app.

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Quality 60%
Price 100%
Features 60%
Usability 60%
Perception 60%

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3.39 x 2.13 x .24"

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