Popov 4 Card wallet leather is fantastic, but does the billfold cause problems?

The Popov 4 Card Billfold wallet is made with the best leather you can find, smells incredible and will last longer than you’re wiling to carry it. But there’s something about the billfold slot that’s problematic.

As we open up the packaging you can see that this is a hefty hefty wallet in the sense that this is fantastic leather. The color is English Tan and I had it hand sewn using Navy thread.

This is an example of full grain leather, which means it still has all of the goodness of life’s marks in it from the original animal it came from, it’s got this unique character to it, that will develop a wonderful patina over time. And you can smell the vegetable tanned goodness that comes from this. It is hand-sewn using Horween leather from Chicago, Illinois.

Fantastic quality, the thickness of the leather is very telling compared to other wallets where they strip back the quality and the thickness. And when I talk about thicknesses, this is why if you look at this here, you can see just how thick these particular pieces of leather are. And this just adds to the longevity of this wallet. This wallet will outlast me. I mean this, this will still be available to be used and in great condition way after I’m dead.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

On the inside pockets, I have a little bit of concern. If you look at this here, this particular piece of leather on the inside pocket doesn’t go all the way down, you can pop this out and can tell that it’s only sewn here on the very edges on both sides, there is a possibility, despite it being leather that that could come loose over time, rip or tear at which point this piece will fall out and you’ve lost the functionality of a card slot. On inside leather design, thinner pieces of leather could have been used there to go all the way to the bottom.  Alternatively, keeping the outside pieces of leather as thick as we see, and using thinner pieces of leather on interior. It doesn’t demote the quality or longevity, but makes it more secure.

As we can see from the card insertion test, it can hold 12+ cards. And you can likely get more after the break in period. Once broken in over 2 to 3 weeks, you’ll be able to get more in.  In the cash billfold, you get 10 plus slips of cash, but they’re very hard to get in as you might have noticed. And it looks like the reason might be that the back leather cut piece, and the wallet overall, may be just a few centimeters too short for ease of use in getting cash in there. I think it’s a fundamental design problem with this particular wallet they make.

It’s 3.35” tall, 4.17” wide and .4” thin. The quality of the leather, the fact it’s hand sewn and feels so good really allows it to meet expectations. They have other awesome looking slim and bifold wallets that we’ll review in the future. Customer service is amazing as you would expect from a maker organization. They love what they do. And they will fix any problem I’m sure.

Let’s get into the rating. For quality, we’re going to give it a 4, this is wonderful leather and it is from an old time tannery. The smell of it is fantastic. Pricing is a 4, features are what you’d expect from a bifold like this, so it gets a 3. Usability is a 2 because of the problematic cash slot  and perception is a 3.

The final score is 3.3 out of 5.

This wallet has been discontinued. Below is a close replacement.

Popov – Traditional Billfold

Convenient billfold for quick access to your cash. Our minimalist design allows you to carry all your essential cards and cash without the bulk. 

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Quality 80%
Price 80%
Features 60%
Usability 40%
Perception 60%

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3.3 x 4.17 x .4"

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