Popsockets Best Seller: PopWallet+ Review

The Pop Sockets company has been around for quite a while and has become very well-known. They are best known for their very successful pop socket, which is a small circular phone accessory that sticks to the back of a phone, allowing the user to easily hold the phone and stand it up on flat surfaces. 

Now, their latest product has taken over the world of smartphone accessories, with every leading tech blog and magazine focusing on letting the world know what they think of the new PopWallet+. In this PopWallet review, we’ll go over everything you need to know about this innovative phone accessory. 

So, What Is Pop Sockets’ PopWallet+?

popwallet review
Popsockets Best Seller: PopWallet+ Review 1

For those of you who don’t know, the PopWallet+ is a small collapsible cardholder-style plastic device in the shape of a wallet designed to stick on the back of your smartphone with a sticky adhesive. It is quite similar to the regular pop socket but claims to have enough space to hold up to three credit cards.

Popsockets PopWallet Review (Swappable and Repositionable Wallet)

One of the key features of a PopWallet+ is that it enables users to get a better grip on their phones, especially if they have small hands. Moreover, it enables users to stand their phones upright to watch videos, shoot with the camera, or even Facetime without using their hands at all.

Apart from being made out of silicone, the PopWallet+ is rather easy on the pocket, costing less than $30 and weighing roughly 1.28 oz.

  • The sleek Pop Wallet Plus is available in more than eight exciting colors.
  • Pop Sockets’ PopWallet+ offers a secure means of carrying your cards by placing them within the envelope on your phone casing.
  • If you wish to remove the wallet and charge your phone wirelessly, simply push the bottom left corner and slide it right. The wallet, however, must be removed for wireless charging.
  • Pop Sockets claim that the wallet is big enough to store up to three credit cards, a driving license, an insurance card, and even six business cards depending on the thickness of the cards.
  • iPhone users must have a casing on their smartphones for the PopWallet Plus to stick to it.

What we like:

  • Secure and easy-to-use wallet
  • Cost-effective
  • Available in a range of different colors
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS

What we don’t like:

  • Casing needs to be removed for charging
  • Problems in compatibility with Apple users
  • Wear and tear after just a few months
PopSockets PopWallet+: Swappable and Repositionable Wallet
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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a PopWallet+

Let’s face it, in today’s technologically advanced age, we all seem to be mesmerized by the latest gadgets and accessories flooding the market from time to time. However, irrespective of how savvy an accessory may be, it isn’t always necessary for you to follow the masses and rush into buying it. So, before you decide whether a new accessory like the PopWallet Plus is worth investing in, try reading through this PopWallet review and ask yourself the following questions:

Is This Accessory Worth the Price?

You often come across smartphone accessories that may seem extremely important, but upon closer inspection, the price tag reveals that it will cost you an arm and a leg. While the PopWallet+ may cost under $30, it is important to think about whether spending that much money is realistic for you or not.

Is It Durable?

Many smartphone accessories that may sound useful last only a few months before they wear and tear or even break. Make sure to research whether the accessory you have your eyes on is durable enough or not.

Is It Compatible With My Smartphone?

Whether you are an Android or an iOS user, this is perhaps one of the most important questions you should ask before making a decision. After all, what good is an accessory if it isn’t compatible with your phone? So, look into its specifications and ask around. When you are assured that it is compatible with your phone, move ahead.

PopSockets PopWallet
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Do You Really Need This Accessory?

Of course, everyones wants to flaunt their latest smartphone with the coolest accessories. However, you need to ask yourself whether or not every new accessory is worth investing in. For instance, with the PopWallet Plus, one can store a few important cards like credit cards and licenses in the attached casing. This relieves the pressure of walking around with a wallet or even the fear of leaving your wallet at home. This makes the PopWallet+ both attractive and useful.

So, now that you have all the facts, you definitely have a few things to think about before investing in a PopWallet+. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the PopWallet Plus work with Samsung devices?

Yes, the PopWallet Plus will work with almost any phone.

How many cards can one carry in the PopWallet Plus wallet?

The PopWallet Plus has been designed to store a minimum of four credit cards. However, many clients have reported that the PopWallet_ can take several more.

What material is the PopWallet Plus made of?

The PopWallet Plus is made out of silicone.

Is PopWallet Plus made in the USA?

No, the PopWallet Plus is made in China but is sold worldwide.

How strong is the adhesive on PopWallet Plus?

The PopWallet Plus has great adhesive and doesn’t shift on your phone.

Final Verdict

In the world of pop wallets, the PopWallet+ by Pop Socket definitely offers promising features and isn’t too expensive. What’s especially great about this one is that the casing comes in a range of different colors and can hold all your important cards. Plus, the adhesive is strong enough to protect your cards from falling and allows you to wirelessly charge your phone. In this PopWallet review, we’ve given you tons of reasons to go ahead and buy this accessory. However, make sure to do your own research first and read customer reviews before making a purchase!



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