Rareform’s Highland wallet takes recycled material to a new level!

Rareform’s Highland bifold wallet uses recycled billboard material to make one of the most durable, colorful and fun wallets we’ve ever seen…with a high rating to go with it.

Looking at the Rareform packaging it’s a great recyclable brown bag, it’s what I would expect and it mentions on the back that it’s made from repurposed billboard vinyl.

And here it is. Immediately, we can notice that as it is built from billboard vinyl, that this is a very clever idea and the fact that they’re able to recycle this material which is a PVC, vinyl.  PVC vinyl is UV protected, tear resistant, waterproof, and anti mildew, which makes it perfect for sports and outdoor use, as well as your people who are very active. It has a denier interior lining, which is a heavy nylon rip-stop material that can take a ton of abuse.

It’s a very well thought out design if you look closely as it provides the ability for maximum content carry but we’ll get into that as we review the features and to the insertion test. This can take years of abuse and is very well made, they do have a lifetime limited warranty on it as well. And from what i’ve my research, I can tell that they take care of their customers which should be relatively easy this wallet will be able to take a lot of abuse.

As you can see, it can handle up to three cards in the exterior mesh ID slot where you’d typically only use one. Mesh is a great material choice for this wallet as we all know the old plastic window will go yellow, get hard and crack over time.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

This was well thought out to ensure that it would have good durability and longevity.  It makes seeing your ID a little more difficult and with that I’m sure those asking to see your ID might still ask to have it removed, which then begs the question, why use it at all.

Four cards in each of the interior card slots were easy and it easily accepted 10 slips of cash, folded over and placed in the expandable pocket, which is something you see on a number of wallets but it isn’t really used enough and I like this idea here.

So overall 15+ cards, along with 10+ slips of cash, this little wallet can hold a lot. Not that we like that when we’re talking about minimalist wallets, but the fact is if you want to put a lot in, it can handle it.

Usability is great and what you’d expect, I don’t see any deficiencies here. The wallet measures 4.25” in height by 3.25” in width and it’s .5” thin. It is handmade out of recycled material that we talked about, is waterproof, vegan, eco friendly, lightweight, and unique, which is important to many people.

I’m always a fan of not only unique designs but also unique materials. If you go to their website, it may appear that the wallets are all the same design, but they’re not. Each one comes to you as one of a kind. And the reason why is because they take recycled billboard material from all over the United States, and cut it up into wallet size pieces for sewing. Understand that each billboard can be 20 foot by 90 foot in size.  And due to that uniqueness, you can’t buy this on Amazon, you will have to go to their website, that link is down below in the notes.

Most people don’t understand or appreciate the extra work that goes into using recycled materials instead of throwing a design to China where they make everything and send it back in a nice box.

The company references that they source their materials from all over the United States and then cut it in California. I’m going to venture and guess that after they cut it they ship it to China for final assembly and sewing. But I don’t fault them for that because I know many makers and vendors that do that. And it’s still a ton of extra work to get something that is unique like this.

Let’s get to the final ratings. For quality, we’re going to give it a 5, this wallet will last a long time.  For features, it’s a 4, pricing is a 4, this is a perfect price for what you’re getting in this particular wallet, especially the unique uniqueness of it. Usability is a 3, and finally perception is a 4. That leaves a final score of 4.1 out of 5.

Rareform Anderson

Using recycled billboard material, the Rareform wallets is a spacious wallet with excellent pocket placement for cards and cash.

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Quality 100%
Price 80%
Features 80%
Usability 60%
Perception 80%

Technical Details




4.3 x 3.3 x .5"

Notable Materials


Country of Manufacture

United States

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