STR Handmade formulates the perfect card holder

Made in Lithuania by a skilled leather maker, STR Handmade's card holder balances the perfect weight of leather, simplicity of construction for durability, all at an excellent price point!

Made in Lithuania by a skilled leather maker, STR Handmade’s card holder balances the perfect weight of leather, simplicity of construction for durability, all at an excellent price point!

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

We have the STR Handmade card holder, made in Lithuania. Packaging definitely has an influence on your perception of the brand, never underestimate the quality of packaging and how it influences you. This particular wallet comes packaged in an envelope with a melted sealing wax on the front with their stamp on it. This wallet is called the Shroud. I was able to choose the color of leather as well as the thread, so I chose a blue leather and orange thread. It feels and smells really good and the stitching is nicely done.

There is an external card slot for quick access to cash or cards. The remaining card slot is on the interior. This wallet is primarily a card holder, but you could fold cash twice and put it inside.

From a minimalist perspective, this is really a card wallet and could hold two cards. I think you could reasonably fit three or four cards. The company says it can hold up to six cards plus cash, but that would happen after giving the leather time to stretch.

One thing to remember is this wallet is handmade. It is designed and manufactured in Lithuania. It is made from a full grain veg tan, buttero leather from the Walpier tannery in Italy. It has Ritza Tiger thread which is very strong and is commonly used by leather makers. It also has a great painted edge on it. The weight of the wallet is perfect. It is not too thick that you struggle with it, but it is not so thin that you’ll be concerned about it. The weight of this leather was an excellent choice.

The pricing is $43 which includes shipping from Lithuania.

The measurements on the wallet are 3.54 x 2.75 by .3”, and it weighs 20 grams.

Thomas, the shop owner, is very easy to work with and has a number of different wallet designs to choose from as well as DIY patterns. Based on comments from other customers, if you want some custom features or changes to the wallet, he is willing to do that. Therefore, if you see something that you want to have different on one of these wallets, get in touch with him, and I am sure he can accommodate you.

For the final score: quality, a 5, price a 4, features a 3, usability, a 3, and perception a 4, That gives us a final score of 40 out of 50.


STR Handmade Shroud

Bringing excellent craftsmanship from Lithuania, the Shroud card wallet is a simple, but elegant front pocket minimalist wallet.

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Quality 100%
Price 80%
Features 60%
Usability 60%
Perception 80%

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3.54 x 2.75 x .3"

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