From Ukraine with LOVE, Tactical Gear JU-17 trifold wallet REVIEW

Everyone loves tactical gear and the wallet from Tactical Gear JU-17, made in Ukraine is an EDC dream with all the pockets, zippers, mesh and molle to play with. With two billfold pockets for cash and a 10+ card capacity, it will hold what you want as long as you can handle the size it becomes.

Everyone loves tactical gear and the wallet from Tactical Gear JU-17, made in Ukraine is an EDC dream with all the pockets, zippers, mesh and molle to play with. With two billfold pockets for cash and a 10+ card capacity, it will hold what you want as long as you can handle the size it becomes.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

I went through my inventory to find a wallet from Ukraine to show support and I found one. The Tactical Gear JU-17 is a tri-fold, a very attractive wallet made by Sergei Huritsenko. As we do the review, we will slowly add gear to this wallet, so I invite you to watch the video for more details.

The wallet comes in a plastic bag, it is a tri-fold that we got in a coyote brown, and it also comes in black, olive, ACU, and woodland. Sergei sends a “Best regards from Ukraine,” and this “Ukraine is beautiful.” That was nice of him. I am sure it was, and I am sure it is in several places. As I mentioned, it is tri-fold and this is absolutely a great tactical EDC-type wallet. It is rather larger than what we would expect for normal wallets per se, but the capacity makes up for that. This is a fine little Etsy easy wallet to look at. 

In regards to this wallet’s features, we will start from the front and get into the specifics. First, the opening tab helps you grab it and open it if you do not want to grab it from the side to do that. Furthermore, it provides two MOLLE loops, however, I am not sure what could be put in the front because of the size and the dimension-wise, but I am sure there would be something. We also have the little group-sided Velcro panel, which is great for patches and you can put all kinds of different things on there. It also provides you with another way to customize your particular wallet and make it your own. Moreover, it has two paracord eyelets allowing you to loop the paracord through for a lanyard, attach it to something else, or something similar. When we flip this wallet over, we have an exterior zipper pouch that is a YKK zipper. We also have a parachute cord loop and an exterior ID slot. The card enters from the bottom and it comes with no security method to hold things in, therefore, be aware that items could slip out.  

Moving into the wallet, we have a very large hook and loop Velcro closure, which I like for several reasons. If it starts to get full and big, then you can move your way up through the Velcro or pull it tighter. You are not limited to just a certain strip of this, at which point if you are unable to close it you will be out of luck. The wallet has another quick-access pocket, and if we open it up, we quickly get to two mesh pockets. In addition, we have an interior pen slot, which fits pens nicely and, of course, it is a nice thing to carry. I do have this little pen, which is a bolt action and rather small. If you are interested and want me to work more on it, let me know and I will give you more information. This wallet is equipped with an elastic that can accommodate various sizes of pens. The only issue is that when you close it, it sticks in the fold, so if you have a larger pen, that might cause some concern because it will bulge out more. The wallet offers eight internal card slots, and four elastic slots that could be used for SIMs, memory cards, or whatever it might be. SIMs would be great if you travel and use multiple SIMs with your phone. Furthermore, we have an ID slot that can be used very nicely, and in the mesh area, I thought of putting my multi-tool.

The wallet is about 1.5” thick, measures 4.5 x 4.2 x 0.9” when empty, and weighs 109 grams. As mentioned, this is designed and made in Ukraine from a waterproof CORDURA fabric. The edge-taping all the way around is done very well, it is very solid and excellent, and all of the sewings are precise. Sergei has done and thought out very well all the different things that this wallet is meant to accomplish.

Even if this is a wallet that you would just put things into, throw into your backpack, or your bug-out bag, it is a fantastic wallet just because of its durability and flexibility. There are no issues with this wallet once you have accepted its large size, which as a daily carry could be inconvenient.

The final score of the Tactical Gear JU-17 tri-fold wallet is five for quality because it is simply fantastic, four for the price, which is almost verging on a five. Features score a five, as there is so much going on in this wallet, so many things you can do with it, and so many things you can put in it. Usability scores a three, as it works just fine. Perception scores a four because what Sergei has done in building his business out of Ukraine is impressive. This wallet gets a final score of 4.2 out of 5.

His tactical gear store in Etsy is currently on hiatus due to the war, but please keep him in mind and submit inquiries so he knows we want him back and he has our support.

Tactical Gear JU-17

An excellent choice for both daily use and for tourist trips

This will appeal to all fans of tactics because what can be better than thing wich done by hand using super-strong materials.

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Quality 100%
Price 80%
Features 100%
Usability 60%
Perception 80%

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4.5 x 4.2 x .9"

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