Tenuis 3 is thin, functional, but GOAT SKIN and canvas?

The Tenuis 3 wallet from Solahanpu was designed with thinness in mind; thin leather, and thin, durable canvas that can hold cash, cards, coins and a key with ease.

The Tenuis 3 wallet from Solahanpu was designed with thinness in mind; thin leather, and thin, durable canvas that can hold cash, cards, coins and a key with ease.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

The Tenuis 3 from Solahanpu, with all kinds of features, is another interesting Japanese wallet with a very thin profile. The wallet has a canvas type feel and its blue color, apparently, will eventually turn very vivid because of its construction.

On the interior, it has a flat zipper, which is another thoughtful consideration towards thinness.

In regards to the feature view of the Solahanpu Tenuis three wallet, there are no appreciable features on the exterior, moreover, it can be noticed how it starts to make marks from use, which shows how it breaks in. On the other side, two card slots are located on the left-hand side and they have a card or an edge exit on both sides that helps get in and out. The zipper is on the right-hand side and reveals a gusseted space where coins as well as other things such as SIM cards or keys can be stored. As previously mentioned, coins are used very heavily in Japan and in many other places around the world, outside of the United States. In addition, not to be left out, it has a full featured billfold pocket, which has a couple little hidden gems within. The billfold pocket space has another card pocket that is a little hard to get into due to the plastic inside that helps it sit down. Another hidden gem is a tiny little pocket right on the flip side that can be used for keys, since coins already have a coin pouch.

This is a really good wallet, it looks lace thin but can handle cards, cash, coins, keys and still feels very thin.

The insertion test was carried out with four cards plus one in the hidden slot. It is really handy for a bus pass or a subway pass for example. Minimalist carry on cards would be two and reasonable carry is four, while the company states that it can accommodate up to six cards. Moreover, it fits all the currencies just fine, which is great to see.

From a quality perspective, this is designed and made in Japan. There is no RFID and the exterior is made from a yacht sailing canvas, while the interior is made from goat leather, very strong and very thin. It is kind of hard to see how thin this really is, but it is just a thin cut and super durable, comparatively very similar, but does not surpass kangaroo leather. There are a few bits of polypropylene and PVC in the wallet. Some great coins were inserted to provide some bulk, and the result shows that it handled them just fine, including of course, the two and one pound coins from the UK, which are rather hefty and sizable. This wallet has a YKK zipper, which is a high quality zipper. On the interior, there is one of the PVC or polypropylene pieces sewn right in, this actually helps separate coins when they come in to one side or the other to prevent them from stacking so that they lay flat, which makes it much easier to keep the wallet down. Same thing goes for the hidden card slot area, if held back, some plastic can be spotted in the lip. The same lip construct is present on the key little slot, and frankly, that is okay as its purpose is to keep it rigid, so it allows it to be inserted and extracted properly. Furthermore, there is a flap that protects the card, but also does not interfere and helps facilitate cash going in and out. It is very well-designed in that perspective.

As the material used in the design was purposefully very thin, the wallet is only six millimeters thick empty. The billfold pocket is rather deep as it was meant to accommodate all the currencies, which is awesome. Moreover, considering that it is a Japanese wallet, the price is not bad. That may seem a lot, however, this is pretty reasonable compared to some prices of the other Japanese wallets reviewed previously. The thin nature of this wallet is very attractive, and while the interior leather may feel very thinly cut, it is solid with a good ease of use for card selection, access to coins and especially to the cash. The yacht canvas is dyed in blue, and the color has a very thin layer of wax paraffin on it, which over time will actually be used to polish it and make the blue color come out and be more vivid. The wallet measures 4.3 x 3.5 x 0.3 and weighs 54 grams.

Compared with Japanese wallets reviewed in the past, this wallet is very inexpensive, but still very innovative in design. As clearly, lots of thought went into how to create it to keep it thin
while making it useful and making the materials most appropriate for the targeted purpose. The company also produces backpacks and notebook covers.

The final score of the Solahanpu Tenuis 3 wallet is 4 for the quality, 3 for the price, the three is due to the previously experienced Japanese encounters. Features and usability get a 4 each and perception gets a 3. That gives it a final score of 3.7 out of 5.

Tenius 3 from Solahanpu

The Tenuis 3 wallet from Solahanpu was designed with thinness in mind; thin leather, and thin, durable canvas that can hold cash, cards, coins and a key with ease.

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Quality 80%
Price 60%
Features 80%
Usability 80%
Perception 60%

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4.3 x 3.5 x .3"

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