Thread Elastic Band can carry a deck of cards!

Elastic band wallets are the epitome of simplicity!  But with Threadwallet’s band you get luxury with three slots and the strength to carry as many cards as you’d like.  Watch and see how awesome this simple design can be!

Let’s open up the Threadwallet elastic band wallet. As you can see, it’s just in this plastic bag. This is the fine line color.

As demonstrated it has three slots in this band configuration.  Two on the outside, one on each side and an inner slot. This should give us all kinds of capacity

You could tell from the test that I easily put 16 cards in there, I really stuffed them in, plus 5 slips of cash without a problem. The company says 2-6 cards plus cash, but it really can handle more.  It’s also a really good idea to keep the demo card in as you load it up for the first time as it makes inserting cards much easier.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Quality wise it has a one year warranty on it and it’s made of a tight knit elastic. We do have reports of the elastic stretching, losing it holding ability, along with reports of fraying and especially problems with light colored wallets getting dirty quickly, but that should be expected. So you might want to go with darker colors. But how long it lasts really depends on how hard you are on it. I really don’t like the key ring, it seems to get in the way. But it’s an integral part of their product line as they also sell lanyards.

For usability, it’s right in that easy range, but people have reported being unhappy as they’re afraid cards will fall out since there’s no bottom, the card protrude out of both ends.  I can see the rational, but that problem was solved with this design and that’s why it works. Once the cards are in the elastic it’s very easy to manipulate to pull the cards out, and the footprint is very small, but unless you use the key ring it could become annoying.

The measurements are 2.2” wide by 3” long, that’s not stretched. The company has created a great persona for themselves. It comes across as an easy, fun-spirited, adventuresome and playful.  They also present a lot of fun colors in their product line.

Now let’s wrap it up with the final ratings.  For quality we’re going to give it a 3, for price, a 3, features a 3, usability a 3, and finally perceptions a 3. Everything we expect from this wallet, it performs as expected and meets expectations. And so the final score is 3 out of 5.

Thread Wallets - Slim Minimalist Wallet

The perfect minimal way to hold all your cards, durable enough for all of life’s adventures. The signature elastic fits tightly on your cards and cash, keeping them secure no matter where you take them.

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Quality 60%
Price 60%
Features 60%
Usability 60%
Perception 60%

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2.2 x 3.1 x .1"

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