Travelambo follows the same design game plan as other successful, low cost wallets

With 7 slots, Travelambo’s front pocket wallet has plenty of organization space and with plenty of material and color options, it’s a fun exercise for an easy to use front pocket wallet. At only $9, it’s a real steal.

Today we are reviewing the Travelambo Front Pocket Wallet. This is the slim version. It comes in a Ziploc bag, which is fine, unless you’re trying to charge me $100.00 for it. It also comes in a nice black box. Everything should come in a nice box. I got it in a faux carbon fiber navy color which is kind of cool looking.

On to the feature view of the Travelambo Front Pocket Slim Wallet. With the Travelambo, we have a front ID slot, with a quick thumb push with one slot. Right behind and next to it, we have another card slot for one or two cards. In the top down there is access for cash. As we flip the wallet over to the back, there is another card slot which can provide more quick access card capabilities. What you typically see, but don’t on this, is a quick access thumb push on the bottom, but it is not always required. There is a total of seven card slots.

As for the cash and card insertion, I did test the Yen and Euro, but it didn’t work as they stick out and fold over the top. This is a common design. I was able to get eight cards and five slips of cash inside with the cash folded over once. US, Canadian, and Australian currency would work great. The company says you can get ten to twelve cards inside. I was able to get eight, and it was really pushing it, so I’m not quite sure if that’s really going to work.

From a quality perspective, this was designed and made in China. It is made from a synthetic material, but they have leather versions that are made of genuine leather. This is the lowest common denominator of leather out there. It also has RFID all the way through. This is a very common design for the inexpensive wallets on Amazon. Similar products are like Buffway, Kinzd and NapaWalli. The designs are really all the same, barring a couple of different things. The construction is decent, but it’s really not a longterm wallet. This is not a bad wallet to experiment with. It is a little wider than a typical slim wallet, but is very usable. With this being man made material, it is very easy to work with. It is  slightly slimmer than its competitive offerings, but it could be because of the material itself. But regardless, it doesn’t put a big lump in your pocket.

The measurements are 4.1 x 3.3 x 0.12″, and weighs 28 grams, so it’s fairly light. The company has a one year warranty, but I don’t think it is a longterm wallet anyway. They only sell this on Amazon, so there’s really no understanding of their support or warranty model. Don’t expect this wallet to hold up for years and years, it’s not meant to. However, it is a great wallet for short term usage. The color and material selection is pretty broad on their site. You might not get what you want quality-wise, but you certainly have selection to go for, which makes it kind of fun.

As for the final score. For quality, a 2. Price, a 5. Features, a 4. Usability, a 4. Perception, a 2. That gives us a final score of 3.3 out of 5.

Travelambo - Front Pocket Leather Slim Wallet

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Quality 40%
Price 100%
Features 80%
Usability 80%
Perception 40%

Technical Details




4.1 x 3.3 .12"

Notable Materials


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