TROVE’s Swift wallet perfectly marries capacity and minimalism!

The clever design of TROVE's Swift band wallet provides 3 unique slots to store almost anything you want to carry. Maintaining an amazingly small footprint with superior materials and capacity make this a must have wallet if you’re really seeking a minimal wallet.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today we are reviewing the TROVE Swift band wallet. As we open the TROVE Swift band type wallet it comes in a nice clear box. This is a custom made wallet. There is a nice insert card which shows you how you can use it, because, unless you kind of experiment with it, it’s a little hard to figure out. This one is the Swift, so it has the pull tab to pull out the cards. It is handmade and made from leather. They do have non-leather options for folks looking for a vegan option. This is a lovely made, little minimalist band wallet. Trove means store of valuable or delightful things. With this particular wallet, it has a front where the stamp of the name of the brand, TROVE exists. If you lift it up, it has an entry point in the top. This is where you’ll place the bulk of your cards. It does have a loop catch in the bottom. There are three distinct slots. Similar to the Swift’s brothers TROVE Cash Wrap, and TROVE Coin Caddy, elastic is the foundation for flexibility and additional features.

Now, onto the card and cash insertion test. I was able to get 7 cards in there, 3 slips of cash and 2 coins without a problem. The company, recommends not more than 10, but really, this is a minimalist wallet so you shouldn’t get too many in there anyway. The product is designed and made in England which is in the United Kingdom. It has two layers of bonded, full-grain, Italian veg leather.  It smells and feels awesome. The elastic is Italian, and the high quality pull tab is rubberized for the grip. You can actually monogram this if you want to customize it further even beyond the color combinations which you can put together with this.

It is very easy to use, and surprisingly, not a lot to worry about regarding items falling out of the wallet, not even the coins that I put in there.  I really like the footprint of this. It’s nice and small and holds onto things really well. It measures 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.3”. This is a collaborative design with the ability to totally customize it, I think is very attractive.

For the final score. For quality, a 4. Price, a 3. Features, a 4. Usability, a 5, and perception, a 4. That gives us a final score of 4.1 out of 5.


TROVE products have produced amazing capacity in a slim footprint and the Swift is the balance between them all with card storage with quick access as well as cash carry in a flexible package.

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Quality 80%
Price 60%
Features 80%
Usability 100%
Perception 80%

Technical Details




3.4 x 2.1 x .3"

Notable Materials

Leather, Elastic

Country of Manufacture

United Kingdom

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