Compact with capacity, Walleteras’ Solo 2 is a great slim wallet value

At a great price point, the Walleteras Solo II slim wallet is designed right with deep slots for cash, which only needs to be folded over once. With capacity for 8+ cards, this slim, front-pocket wallet meets needs and is a great carry.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

As you saw, I was able to place 10 cards and 5 slips of cash in this really compact wallet. The company recommends 6 ards and “some” cash.  There are 2 places you can put cash and fact it’s folded over once is excellent.

You can certainly get more cards in as the leather breaks in. As we mentioned in the opening, it’s made a Crazy Horse leather.

And it is a chrome tanned leather, you can tell from the smell of it. The price is $28, which is excellent and it appears to be made in China. For a small wallet it has plenty of organizational places in here to work with it, it does packs a lot of features in such a small space.

It measures a tight 4” x 3” x .2” thin, very small front pocket slim wallet. And our perception of this wallet is that it’s solid for the price and features provided.  It has great capacity for its size and especially its price.

Now for the final score, for quality a 3, price a 4, features a 3, usability a 3 and perception a 3. That gives us a final score 32 out of 50 or 3.2 out of 5. Please invite your friends to the channel.

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Quality 60%
Price 80%
Features 60%
Usability 60%
Perception 60%

Technical Details






4 x 3 x .2"

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