Willow Craft Goods Luxe, the last wallet you’ll ever need?

Handmade in every step, the Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet exudes quality materials, craftsmanship, design and thoughtfulness of usability.
Handmade in every step, the Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet exudes quality materials, craftsmanship, design and thoughtfulness of usability.
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Willow Craft Goods is a new Texan wallet company in the world of handmade wallets. Their visually engaging Luxe wallets, along with being very functional in design, also have a great external appearance.

The wallet comes in a box, contained inside a bag which feels kind of burlap-ish. What is attractive about this wallet is that it is custom-made; therefore, the design can be specified. It also offers a main and secondary leather color and thread which can be selected according to taste. As pulled out, it reveals a russet, olive green and olive green thread. Over time, this will develop a patina that will become amazing. The owner, Hunter Harkin, is also the operator and maker of every wallet.

When having a closer look at the threading, it seems that it is not easy to make. The challenging sewing is done even on the quick access slot, which is not just a slit in the leather. As opened up, multiple layers are seen, accommodating cards as well as a front strap, with an olive green leather as an accent.

The sewing can be found everywhere, reinforcing all areas needed to prevent tearing away. In most wallets this can only be seen right at the top. But in this wallet, everywhere that could possibly pull apart through use is reinforced. In a way, this endorses the guarantee that the wallet will last for a lifetime. It has a pleasant smell and the leather makes an agreeable squeak.

In regards to the feature review of the Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet, the exterior has a flap which is a security mechanism to keep things from falling out. Flaps are generally not a problem if done right, which seems to be the case in this wallet. The wallet rear has a quick access card slot, which is great. Quick access card slots should always be available when possible. When opening the flap, the front interior of the wallet has an insert leather piece and provides two additional card slots, one in the front and another one right behind it. The cash can be placed right behind that. It can be placed folded once or it can even work as a cash wrap.

The wallet can fit six cards and around five to seven slips of cash comfortably. The most exciting feature about this is that all currencies fit, whether it is a 100 or 200 Euro note or even the Yen. The testing excluded the 50 pound sterling note because it is not commonly used anymore. A reasonable number of cards for this wallet would probably be four to seven, yet the company recommends up to 12 cards or more. Hunter mentions that, if the wallet is carrying less cash, more cards can be inserted. The flap demonstrates that the cards’ capacity can increase as the wallet stretches out.

One of the particular features about this wallet is that it is a little wider than normal wallets. This is demonstrated by the different currencies and the amount of cash it can accommodate. Besides, as more cards are inserted, they kind of spread a little bit more and increase the capacity. This does not really mean you get more capacity for less, it is rather a matter of distribution of cards that is very similar to other wallets that have been reviewed in the past.

An advantage with the cash is that the wallet actually accommodates bills sideways. An interesting design element is how it accommodates the fold of currencies. If a lot of cash is inserted in a wallet, it forms a bulb at the bottom where the cash fold is located, which often is a cramped space and makes insertion difficult. In this wallet, extra room is left in the bottom, providing space so cash can be put in easily. Another design element is seen in a piece of leather in the back that separates the cards and passes through into the back from cash.

Every part of this wallet, like other similar makers, is done by hand, including cutting and beveling. A lot of these steps, especially cutting, are more easily done with a clicker press. But when done by hand, it shows the commitment to the process despite the possibility that it is difficult to do.

It is made from a full-grain vegetable tanned leather from different tanneries, depending on the colors, and the particular outcomes desired. The colors are rich and the combinations are amazing, which can be selected when making an order. The quality and the extensive nature of the sewing stand out remarkably. Hunter uses a Vinymo thread that is used all through the wallet and is sewn tightly, which looks great considering that these are thick pieces of leather and that he does this work by hand.

The measurements of the wallet are 3.9 x 3.6 x 0.6” in thickness, and weighs 63 grams. It might surprise you that Willow Craft Goods just started up in 2020. However, it is obvious that Hunter had been planning the right time launch with these designs in his mind. The craftsmanship he has demonstrated could not have resulted from just wanting to start in 2020. He has been investing a lot of time on this for quite a while.

The wallet scores 5 for quality, 3 for the price, this wallet is not considered expensive, because it is all handmade, especially when pursuing the custom-made option. Features and usability score a 4 each, and perception scores a 5. This excellent wallet final score is 4.3 out of 5.

Willow Craft Goods - Luxe

Handmade in every step, the Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet exudes quality materials, craftsmanship, design and thoughtfulness of usability.

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Quality 100%
Price 60%
Features 80%
Usability 80%
Perception 100%

Technical Details




3.9 x 3.6 x .6"

Notable Materials


Country of Manufacture

United States

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