Nice blade, but…Zootility Wildcard Blades; HT-420 EDC REVIEW

The Zootility Wildcard Blades which include the HT-420 is an excellent pocket secondary blade or primary EDC knife in a pinch. Super thin at 0.08", it fits easily in any wallet like a credit card, but without the blade, there isn't much left to this multitool.

The Zootility Wildcard Blades which include the HT-420 is an excellent pocket secondary blade or primary EDC knife in a pinch. Super thin at 0.08″, it fits easily in any wallet like a credit card, but without the blade, there isn’t much left to this multitool.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

You want to carry a knife but don’t need quick access to it and/or don’t want to show the clip of your knife? Well… We have the Zootility Hyper Thin HT-420, I am not sure why it is 420, but I think you may get the drift.

It comes in a very typical retail packaging and comes with instructions but I don’t really care, so I leave it in there. The Zootility Hyper-Thin is stainless steel and has a lot of knives and a few things in there that might interest you. If you have used this multi-tool, share your experience in the comments. I can confidently say that it is not a good knife to throw. It has six tools, which is not extensive considering other tools we have reviewed, but it is still very useful.

On the side, we have a one-inch and a three-centimeter ruler; it also acts as your straight edge. I am not sure about how you would use it, but it is probably to measure something very small. It has, of course, the obligatory bottle opener. I have never met a beer that had not already been poured for me or at least has a twist top, and if I do meet one, I use the edge of a table for that. It does have a pry bar, which is great for cans of paint and pulling very small nails, maybe. It also has two screwdrivers, a micro head and a normal flat head that can be used for micro thingies and large screws. The star of the show, the knife, is very, very thin, and that is what makes it a multi-tool because it can fit in your wallet. The way it extends is quite clever, it is done by pressing it down to release the lock, then using your finger or thumb to pull, it comes around, and as you hear a clicking sound, it locks into place and now you have a usable knife. Its features are a serrated edge for mild sawing, a sharp blade for slicing, and as a utility knife, I think it would be just fine for small jobs and emergency jobs where you do not want to carry your knife around. Moreover, it provides you with a view of how it connects, in both directions, so when you want to move it back, a push down disengages the lock, and a flip around, employing the blade protectors, moves it back in place permitting you to hear the very satisfying click. Once it is in place, it will not move.

This little thingy measures 3.1 x 2.1 x 0.08 and weighs 33 grams or 1.1 ounces. It may not provide a lot of features, but if your primary utilization is a knife and, of course, a bottle opener, then you are all set.

We tried to see how this multi-tool fits into wallets, for that we selected a couple of wallets. First, we had the Distil Union Wally Agent wallet, a fairly normal little bifold. We simply tucked it away on the side, and it went in very easily without any issue. It obviously adds a little bit of heft, but it is still 0.08. This is pretty amazing from that perspective. For the second test, we wanted a little different wallet, something kind of a slim wallet. We next chose the Spreckels Leather Company wallet. The multi-tool went in easy enough, it is also easy to grab and pull. It does go in and out nicely, making it a not too bad thing to carry.

It is designed and made in the United States from a cold-rolled stainless steel, meaning that it will not bend or rust easily. You can also purchase a pocket clip so that you can just put it on your belt if you would like to.

The knife is the main feature of the tool, which can make it worthless for travel due to our TSA overlords. However, you can remove the blade using, what is called, their FlyOff technology, which is quite clever engineering. You push it down, twist it, and it pops off, and you put it on the same way. They provide extensive instructions on that. The advantage is that if it gets dull or breaks, you can replace it without throwing away the entire tool. But if you do that, then you might as well swap this for another multi-tool if you travel since the weight and size of what is left by way of its features are not all that impressive. It is not a good reward for hauling it around as you would with other multi-tools that have 18, or sometimes they claim 40 features. The company makes other tools, including the PocketMonkey, which will be in our top multi-tool roundup coming up in the near future. They also make other eclectic things like 3D animal puzzles. If you ask me, well, I don’t know, go figure on that.

The final score of the Zootility Hyper Thin HT-420 is five for quality, three for the price, two for the features, four for usability, and three for perception. It still gets a good score of 3.8 out of 5.

Zootility HT-420 Multitool Knife

Made in the USA from heat-treated stainless steel, the WildCard is one of the easiest multi-tools for convenient storage due to it's ultra-thin design and patented FlyOff technology. The knife body also features built-in screwdrivers, pry bar, rulers, and bottle opener.

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Quality 100%
Price 60%
Features 40%
Usability 80%
Perception 60%

Technical Details




3.1 x 2.1 x .08"

Notable Materials

Stainless Steel

Country of Manufacture

United States

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