Share Your Wallet Experiences!

Likes, Dislikes, Tips and Tricks, all published on Walletopia’s Youtube channel!

We’ve noticed an ever increasing number of comments from community members who own the wallet being reviewed and have excellent insight in the usage, usability and durability over time.  This kind of experience enhances the wallet review for everyone and so, why not allow those with additional insight the opportunity to share with the community and those searching for their next wallet?

We thought about it and said, let’s do it!  Getting started is pretty simple!

  • If you’ve owned the wallet for 3 months or more.
  • Are not affiliated with a wallet brand and can share your constructive experience.
  • And can set your camera or phone to High Definition (1920×1080), which all phones have, then you’re all set!
What’s the process and end results?
  • Go through the survey, answer a few questions
  • You’ll receive an email with all the detailed instructions
  • We provide you the place to upload your files
  • We will edit the video to make you look good and even put your name on your segment
  • Your segment will be anywhere from 2-5 minutes and might be paired with other community members who have experience with the same wallet

Already registered and want to send another review?  Scroll to the bottom of the page!

Want more details? 


  • Change your camera settings (phone, DSLR, etc.) to at LEAST 1920 x 1080 at 60fps (frames per second) with an aspect ratio set to 16:9. If you’re not sure, Google how to do it for your particular camera/phone.
  • Film in landscape, NOT portrait. That means if you’re using your phone, turn it on its side.
  • Show us your face for a few seconds for use in the thumbnail, video editing makes everything easy :).
  • No offensive language.
  • After editing, your segment will be 2-5 minutes so please be concise, or ramble, it’s all good, we’ll do the editing to make you look good!


  • Talk faster than you normally do in real life. Think about how annoying it is when you’re watching a YouTube video and the person is talking slowly, don’t be that person 🙂
  • Don’t worry if you make mistakes, don’t worry about needing to get it perfect. If you need to start something over, just do it and we’ll take care of it in post production editing.
  • Stick to the likes, dislikes (if there are any) and the issues/concerns, recommendations/tips and tricks. Avoid commentary unless it educates about the wallet
  • Focus on the wallet not your face. Have someone hold the camera/phone for you (or use a tripod/stand) so you have both hands available.
  • Demonstrate what you’re talking about, more showing than just fiddling with the wallet.
  • Use a lighter colored table or background space so the wallet stands out from the background.


  • You’ll need to export the file from your camera/phone, check that it’s not compressed, OR upload it directly from you phone
  • Easy options include using Dropbox, Google Drive or some other free tool and email a link to the file to [email protected], OR
  • Another option is to upload the file at, sending it to [email protected]
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