Slim Wallet Reviews

i-CLIP wallet review

 I-CLIP wallet, deliberately built or built cheaply?

The I-Clip wallet was deliberately built using a material many believe is cheap and hurts the wallet.  But after an evaluation, it’s the only way this wallet can work as well as it does and is due to its solid design!

FOCX C.02 Advanced wallet

FOCX Advanced wallet (C.02), cards, cash, coins and an NFC chip?

FOCX recently finished up a Kickstarter campaign on a new offering called the FOCX Advanced wallet.  Offering diverse capabilities to carry cards, coins, cash and keys, etc. it also has an NFC (near field communication) chip to program and use, how cool is that!?

Grip6 wallet v2, high quality, continuous improvement

Despite a difficult Kickstarter, the Grip6 wallet finally hit the market. Overcoming specific problems from the version 1 wallet, the final version, with it’s different models, offers something for everyone

Tauruscamp Grain Wallet, design and functional excellence!

The effort that went into designing the Tauruscamp Grain Wallet demonstrates that watching and listening to customers provides great returns when creating leather wallets in Singapore! The carry balance and functionality makes this a must have wallet.

Trayvax OG 2.0 tactical EDC excellence!

Building off their first successful OG wallet, the Trayvax OG 2.0 is feature packed in a simple footprint that makes you smile every time you take it out.

Rose Anvil Claude wallet

Rose Anvil Claude wallet, too simple to be useful?

When you first look at the Rose Anvil Claude wallet you wonder if it’s too simple to be useful. The answer is no as it provides the right amount of carry capacity while not getting in the way.

STR Shroud wallet

STR Handmade formulates the perfect card holder

Made in Lithuania by a skilled leather maker, STR Handmade’s card holder balances the perfect weight of leather, simplicity of construction for durability, all at an excellent price point!

Dango M1 Rail review // solid, wide, low card capacity?

All Dango products hit the spot with creative designs and excellent quality with their metal (leather is meh). The Dango M1 Rail review shows the new rail kit added to the M1 design to increase card capacity, but with capacity being low to begin with, does it really help?

Andar Pilot Wallet, v2 TEAR DOWN and review!

The v2 of the Andar Pilot wallet is innovative with a wheel to push cards out of the box. It’s a fun wallet to use, albeit with a few issues, but the tear down of the wallet to see how it works is the best part!

Pitaka MagEZ wallet // an expensive way to demagnetize your cards

The Pitaka MagEZ wallet brought carbon fiber and magnets together in a modular form for ultimate flexibility. The only problem is that it demagnetizes your cards. Not cool. And the way they fixed it was to release another wallet that isn’t compatible with the layers you purchased in the first wallet. Double not cool.

Firebox Stove Wallet cooks up all kinds of capacity!

Simply designed and looking like it’s missing something, the Firebox Stove Wallet achieves a great mix of capacity, security, simplicity and design elegance. Card capacity is amazing, cash wraps up nicely and is private and there’s still room for business cards and receipts.

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