Slim Wallet Reviews

Groove Wallet

GROOVE Wallet is okay, but I’ve got something better!

We review the Groove Wallet from Groove Life. A result of a Kickstarter campaign, it provides a new take on pop up or box wallets like the Ekster or SECRID. But it has a usability flaw that is pretty annoying which a competitor solved (Ogon Slider) with little effort and for half the price.

Ochre Handcrafted FLIP wallet

Trekkies Unite! Ochre Handcrafted FLIP slim wallet REVIEW

Looking like a Start Trek communicator, the Ochre Handcrafted FLIP wallet is well balanced, easy to use and unobtrusive in your pocket. The perfect quick access card and emergency card wallet, the handmade leather case is slim yet sufficient to carry your daily needs.

Fantom X wallet

Fantom X wallet slim REVIEW; the BEST Fantom made SO FAR?!

Look no further, you’ve found the BEST wallet Fantom has created so far, the Fantom X. It takes all the learnings from the Fantom C MagSafe and Fantom R wallets into a small, easy to carry, minimalist wallet.

I compare the Fantoms R, Fantom C and Fantom X to show why the Fantom X wallet is the best Ansix Designs has ever made.

Mous MagSafe wallet

NO MORE Slip and Slide; Mous MagSafe wallet TECH

Mous is famous for their phone cases which provide excellent drop protection. They also provide MagSafe cases and have released a Mous MagSafe wallet in a card version with horizontal slots. Apple MagSafe wallets used on their iPhones, created opportunity for many vendors including Moft, Andar, Anson Calder, Distil Union, Ekster, Fantom and others.

What makes the Mous MagSafe wallet so different is how they solve the slipping and sliding that MagSafe wallets do when on an iPhone. Simple, but brilliant!

Lever Gear Toolcard Pro

USELESS features? Lever Gear Toolcard Pro EDC REVIEW

Nothing like a well-made wallet multitool to make those small EDC problems easy to solve. The Lever Gear Toolcard Pro includes a money clip and includes 40 different tools, but some are a stretch unless you’re a drafting student…

Lost Dutchman Leather Franklin

BEST Lost Dutchman wallet? The Franklin NO STITCH slim wallet REVIEW

The Franklin is the latest offering from Lost Dutchman Leather and it’s a winner! Being a non-stitch type wallet, there is no sewing, it’s all done through folds and clever cuts. As a minimalist wallet, it’s handmade and great edc addition and performs as a cash wrap for much less money than its brother the Lost Dutchman Big Finn.

Monbue One wallet

Can luxury be overpriced? Monbue One slim wallet REVIEW

What is luxury and what is a brand? We have a great example with the Monbue One wallet from Austria. A slim, metal, box -wallet similar to Ekster and SECRID, it handles cash, coin and cards via a spring loaded pop up mechanism.

Geometric Goods 4 Card MagSafe wallet

The iPhone is unworthy!? Geometric Goods MagSafe TECH wallet REVIEW

The Geometric Goods MagSafe wallet and CARRY TEST proves that full grain veg tanned leather is still a luxury above an Apple iPhone. Cutting no corners, this MagSafe wallet smells, feels and operates like you’d expect at this level of quality. It also has some problems which are discussed.

Blackinkk Two-Card Holder

Pay AND Protect? – 2 Australia Blackinkk wallet REVIEW

Made from kangaroo leather, the Blackinkk Bifold Card Wallet and Two-Pocket Card Holder sets the standard for minimalist wallet fashion with capacity. The outside slots allow tap pay, while the inside slots are RFID protected, EXACTLY what you want in a wallet.

Distil Union Wally Junior-v3

Distil Union Magsafe Wally Junior | Worth it?? YES!

As the only leather MagSafe iPhone wallet on the market, the Distil Union MagSafe Wally Junior uses a magnet to secure cards so they don’t fall out. Odd, but it works great. Maybe Apple could take a queue from Distil Union?

Schnail ATLAS wallet

Schnail ATLAS; is SUPER minimalist possible?

The number of features in the Schnail ATLAS wallet review for its slim size is mind blowing. Cash, lots of cards, coins, keys, and SD cards all in a super small, cheap, minimalist, leather wallet.

iCLIP Heritage Steel

I-CLIP Heritage Steel, stronger AND better?

One concern of the original i-Clip minimalist wallet review was the polymer body which could break. The new i-Clip Heritage steel wallet has a metal body, leather top, with a flexible card and money clip. It can even handle Apple’s AirTag!

Leathings Craft wallet

Leathings Craft wallet, what a Turkey!

If you haven’t guessed the Leathings Craft wallet is made in Turkey! It was one of our TOP Etsy wallets for 2021 and is one of the best leather, origami, folded, no sew wallet for review.


KUMU ZERO WINS the recycle and REPURPOSE game!

The KUMU ZERO wallet is impressive in that every component is recycled or repurposed, leaving a minimal environment footprint. With that foundation, the resulting wallet is impressive, finely finished and cleverly designed.

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