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Harland Handmade Archer wallet

To Cash Wrap or Not? Harland Handmade Archer wallet

Harland Handmade Leather already makes a wonderful wallet called the Emerson, it’s one of my favorites. Now, we have the Harland Handmade Archer wallet, a cash wrap, minimalist and slim wallet that simplifies how you carry cash. This review shows two ways to carry your cash while still carrying

Axwell wallet Damascus

Axwell Wallet REVIEW; the Ridge is DONE!

Changing names from Armour to Axwell, the Ridge -esque Axwell wallet has a unique transformation feature using magnets to change color plates and service the wallet. It’s a bit heavy due to that, but it’s still a nice offering. In the end innovation wins with Axwell being better than the Ridge as an everyday carry, minimalist wallet

Rustic Hierloom Hitchhiker wallet

Marketing GENIUS behind the Rustic Heirloom Hitchhiker Wallet

In this Rustic Heirloom Hitchhiker wallet review, let’s see why this wallet is so high in demand. Made from full grain veg tanned leather with a nice paracord tassle, this minimalist, everyday carry wallet, adds a nice slim option to your EDC gear. It’s made from a single piece of leather, which incorporates minimal sewing and a snap for card and cash security.

Carl Friedrik Secrid

Two Brands, One Masterpiece: Carl Friedrik x SECRID Collaboration

Bringing together the iconic SECRID Cardprotector wallet and the style of luxury travel goods maker Carl Friedrik in a single offering brings premium to everyday carry. The Italian leather used by Carl Friedrik in their Swanfield and Hatton wallets smells as good as it looks. And the operation of the Card Protector is incredible as you’d expect.

Aviator Slide Wallet review

TRANSPARENT!? FUSION, AirTag, Aviator Slide Wallet Review

The wallet is see through! In this Aviator Slide wallet review we see it uses acrylic and tempered glass to give it a transparent, clear view of the interior of the wallet. One of the best, minimalist and slim wallets comes with a unique material for truly a unique wallet.

Walter Wallet

Can you find it? – Walter Wallet REVIEW

In this Walter Wallet review, we notice it has been around for a few years so it deserves a relook. It’s a clever design, minimalist, available in both aluminum and plastic, it has a “stack and slide” system all built in, no mechanism is required. Overall it’s a nice slim card holder and if you can find it, grab one!

Speakeasy D'Avella minimalist wallet

PROVEN DESIGN? Speakeasy D’Avella minimalist wallet

The Speakeasy D’Avella minimalist wallet from Speakeasy Leather is a great balance providing slim, handmade quality with great usability, making it one of the best choices for a simple wallet that provides security for it’s contents. This design has been shown by others like Rustic Heirloom Leather, Sin City Leather, and Alpha Leather and continues to be a favorite.

ESR HaloLock Geo wallet

YES, and MORE! The ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet!

ESR HaloLock line just got a Geo wallet and it’s on Kickstarter! What makes it stand out is the certified Find My apple support, MagSafe wallet with vegan leather that shames the Apple 2.0 Wallet.

Harland Handmade Emerson wallet

IT’S THAT GOOD! Harland Handmade Emerson REVIEW

As soon as I think we’ve seen the pinnacle of the perfect slim wallet, I come across another one. Harland Handmade has the Emerson slim wallet. In beautiful leather, this no stitch, origami wallet has the perfect balance, but does it have the magic?

Pakt Mojito wallet

Mocktail? Pakt Mojito Wallet REVIEW

There’s something about naming a wallet after an alcoholic drink, but when it’s a mocktail, all the wind is taken out of your sail. With today’s Pakt Mojito wallet review, we do have an interesting minimalist design from a faux, synthetic leather presentation. Vegan friendly, the wallet easily handles cards and emergency cash.


Gil-tek RAW v2; yes, that’s all, MORE or LESS?

Stop your complaining! Simple wallets can be great! The Gil-tek RAW v2 wallet is made in the USA in aluminum or titanium. Gil tek produces some of the best EDC like the Ruk with many positive reviews. If you’re looking for a card only wallet, for a quick night out on the town, this wallet is a winner, but beware the amount of cards you carry…

Pularys Raven wallet

Pularys RAVEN Wallet REVIEW; Never More!!

The Pularys Raven wallet review looks at one of the pop up wallets in the Pularys collection. With an extruded aluminum box, a leather extension is attached which holds cash, additional cards and coins, keys or anything else small. RFID protected, it’s still a slim card holder at a very attractive price. So what’s wrong with it?

Lost Dutchman Franklin Mini

Lost Dutchman Franklin MINI wallet; why go smaller?

The regular Lost Dutchman Franklin isn’t that big, so why do we all like the Franklin Mini wallet? It’s because of minimalism! If we can make it work by going smaller, then we’re all in! And so how does the Mini Franklin perform? Let’s take a look!

Domain Leather Huey wallet

Domain Leather Huey REVIEW; roomy and functional!

It’s something you’d say about your kitchen, “roomy and functional” but with the Domain Leather Huey wallet, it’s true. Instead of snaps, it uses a flap, all handmade using Wicket and Craig leather. This slim wallet can hold AirTags, coins, keys, whatever, while sill holding

Machine Era Ti5 wallet-w

Titanium wallet or RUBBER BAND? Machine Era Ti5 REVIEW

This wallet has been around a few years, but the design is simple and elegant. The Machine Era Ti5 titanium wallet is minimalist edc at its best. With excellent flexibility and insanely low weight, you won’t find a slim, metal wallet that does better, except maybe a rubber band?

Ohsnap SnapWallet

Ohsnap SnapWallet! BEST in its class!?

This Kickstarter project has finally arrived. It started as the MagSnap wallet, but during development was renamed the SnapWallet or Snap Wallet, all from Ohsnap, best known for their MagSafe and magnetic phone holders.

The SnapWallet is very minimal and thin, using very small and precise magnet placement created a modular stack system to mix and match the wallet components you want to carry.

Ezra Arthur Japanese wallet

Ezra Arthur Japanese wallet REVIEW; why is it ALL about coins?

Ezra Arthur wallet options have been pretty standard, but the new Ezra Arthur Japanese wallet takes Horween leather and produces an origami style coin pouch with card and cash capacity. Being handmade in the United States, it’s a great front pocket wallet. And remember, it’s inspired by Japanese wallets so coins are king.

Mitchell Leather LWCW

Mitchell Leather Wrap Card Wallet (LWCW); simplicity IMPROVED!

Wrap wallet options are plentiful, but can you improve on this simple design? Mitchell Leather, who makes the popular MCW, money clip wallet has created the Leather Wrap Card Wallet (LWCW). Minimalist in design, made in the USA from Horween Dublin leather, this card holder provides the refinements to make this a must have wallet.

Peak Design Slim Wallet

Peak Design Slim Wallet; minimalist PERFECTION?

I’ve been carrying the Peak Design Slim Wallet for a few weeks and find it to be the BEST MagSafe AND in general minimalist wallet I’ve carried. Why? It works with my mobile phone and as a stand lone wallet without looking odd. Capacity is impressive, with usability and access being elegant.

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