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KUMU ZERO WINS the recycle and REPURPOSE game!

The KUMU ZERO wallet is impressive in that every component is recycled or repurposed, leaving a minimal environment footprint. With that foundation, the resulting wallet is impressive, finely finished and cleverly designed.

Lost Dutchman Big Finn

Lost Dutchman Big Finn, the PERFECT Finn?

Of all the Lost Dutchman Finn wallets, I’ll stake my reviews that the Lost Dutchman Big Finn is the sweet spot, the perfect Finn of the whole bunch. Excellent balance and the quick access slot is what saves it.

Apple Wallet

Apple Magsafe Wallet – Review and 6 month CARRY TEST

We’ll do a review on the Apple Magsafe Wallet then I’ll take you through my 6 month long term carry experience!  I was a bit skeptical and ended up a bit skeptical at the end, but the Apple wallet still proved a good idea.

NOMAD wallets

NOMAD, NOMAD, NOMAD new Bifold, Card Plus and Card wallets!

We’ve got a three-fer! NOMAD, NOMAD, NOMAD, the new NOMAD Bifold wallet, NOMAD Card Plus wallet and NOMAD Card wallet.  All tree provide Horween leather goodness in an innovative design to keep the wallets thin, durable and stretch resistant!

Fantom C slim wallet

Fantom C wallet, the slim, small, MagSafe card holder!

Fantom wallets have always been tall, but the Fantom C wallet finally brings the proper sized wallet to the Fantom family along with being MagSafe capable. Cash takes a backseat, but if you’re looking for a card wallet with style, this is it.

Bellroy Flip Case

Bellroy Flip Case, fun, but frustrating

As the only hard case wallet in the Bellroy line, there were high hopes for the Bellroy Flip Case, but after using it for just a short time, it became disappointing.

Fantom R Wallet Accessories-1

Fantom R Accessories; need them? worth it?

AnsixDesign’s Fantom R Accessories were planned when it was originally created, great forward thinking. But is the ID Holder, Cash Holder, Coin Holder and Key Holder worth it?  Do you really even need it?

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