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Ekster Tool Card

Magnets on multi tools? Ekster Tool Card EDC Review

What jumps out at you about the Ekster Tool Card is that this multi tool is built for the Ekster wallets like the Senate and Parliament. It’s not a full card sized multitool for your wallet, but has a number of features that you would use every day. Made from stainless steel, it’ll last a long time. But is simple too simple when you use a multi-tool?

Wallet Ninja Multicard Tool

Wallet Ninja Multitool Roundup! Original, 2.0 and Pro EDC REVIEW

As one of the most ubiquitous multitool wallet EDC cards, the Wallet Ninja Original, 2.0 and pro fit most needs. But there are differences between them, some very big, but as a multi tool card that fits in your pocket, this unboxing, review and comparison is revealing. It gradually moves from an 18-in-1, to a 20-in-1 to a 26-in-1, adding more tools like a can opener, peeler and cell phone stand as it goes.

Zootility Wildcard Blades

Nice blade, but…Zootility Wildcard Blades; HT-420 EDC REVIEW

The Zootility Wildcard Blades which include the HT-420 is an excellent pocket secondary blade or primary EDC knife in a pinch. Super thin at 0.08″, it fits easily in any wallet like a credit card, but without the blade, there isn’t much left to this multitool.

Lever Gear Toolcard Pro

USELESS features? Lever Gear Toolcard Pro EDC REVIEW

Nothing like a well-made wallet multitool to make those small EDC problems easy to solve. The Lever Gear Toolcard Pro includes a money clip and includes 40 different tools, but some are a stretch unless you’re a drafting student…

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