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TOP 10 Viewers Choice 2022

TOP 10 Wallets – Viewers Choice Awards 2022

With over 2,000 entries, the Walletopia TOP 10 wallets viewers choice awards for 2022 is in the books. These are the best leather, magsafe, smart, bifold, and airtag (all of these made it one way or another) that you, the viewers of Walletopia, voted for.

Most I expected, but there was one surprise.

Marks Favorite Wallets of 2022-w

Mark’s TOP 10 Wallets (2022 Guide)

I do this every year! For the wallets reviewed during 2022, I choose my top 10, the best. They’re not driven by score, price or anything, just if I like them or not. Whether slim, minimalist, bifold or trifold, Mark’s wallet is what I like to carry. So buckle up, you might be surprised by what you see!

Top 10 Slim Wallets-2022

TOP 10 Slim Wallets (2022 Guide)

Best 10 slim wallets of 2022. Walletopia rated TOP 10 wallets bring out the rankings for the 100+ wallets we reviewed this year. Several are favorites, others are unique and new. Whether by a single creator, something from Amazon, minimalist or possibly one of Mark’s favorites, one of these wallet should interest you.

TOP 10 Bifolds of 2022

TOP 10 Bifold Wallets (2022 Guide)

Every year we present the TOP 10 bifold wallet selection of the bifold wallets we reviewed in 2022. Some are minimalist, most are leather and some have RFID, but regardless, they’re the best we reviewed.

TOP 7 AirTag Wallets

TOP 7 AirTag Wallets; Good Idea or Not?

Whether the wallet is carbon fiber, a card holder, minimalist or leather wallet, the Apple AirTag wallet is the best for carrying your AirTag accessory. But beware, if you don’t want to scratch your AirTag or be able to use your wallet if you’re not carrying the AirTag, then your choices will need to be careful.

TOP 10 Stitchless Wallets

TOP 10 No/Low Stitch Leather Wallets; +3 NEW

Handmade stitchless or low stitch leather wallet are popular as there’s no sewing to break to make the wallet useless. Using folds, tabs and glue, the designs are clever, while being fully functional.

TOP 10 Wallets Under $25

TOP 10 Wallets Under $25; my favorite is $6

TOP 10 Wallets Under $25 brings the best of TOP wallets from Walletopia for 2021. Slim wallets, bifold wallets, velcro and zipper wallets are here along with a $6 wallet that I’ve bought several of, it all starts to come together now!

Mark's TOP 10 Favorites 2021

Mark’s TOP 10 Wallets For 2021

Mark goes over his Best Top 10 Wallets 2021. Mark prefers minimalist wallets, but you will find a few bifold wallets, metal wallets and of course leather wallets in this lineup of Walletopia’s best wallets!

TOP 8 MagSafe Wallets

TOP 8 Apple MagSafe Wallet Review for 2021

We’ve taken the TOP 8 Apple compatible MagSafe wallets and put them into a comparison review. It’s the MagSafe wallet review, the only way to know which one works best for you!

TOP 5 Slim Wallets 2021

TOP 5 Slim Wallet of 2021

Of all the wallets reviewed in 2021, we sorted out the TOP 5 slim wallet for review. These are best slim, minimalist, leather wallets.

TOP 6 Rivet Wallets

TOP 6 Rivet Wallets of 2021

Whether sewn, folded, stamped, or cast from metal, wallets are made in many ways. The rivet wallet is another way and we’ll present the TOP 6 Rivet Wallets of 2021. Usually you’ll see a TOP 10 wallets review list, but we wanted to focus. All are bifold wallets with money clips, coin pouches dwcraftuk handmade and even the ability to carry keys and include the American Bench Craft Caliber, Cocuan Coin, Colville Leather, Mr Lentz, Murdy Creative and DWCraftsUK wallets.

TOP 10 Etsy Wallets

TOP 10 Etsy Wallets of 2021!

A treasure trove of wallets is on Etsy which hasn’t had much attention so we’ll look at the TOP 10 Etsy Wallets of 2021.

Top 5 Unique Wallets

Top 5 Unique Wallets // Round 2!

Wallets come in all types and varieties, they’re not all the same. The Best Wallets that are unique, Round 2 presents 5 of the Top 5 unique wallets we’ve found so far.

Top 10 Trifold wallets

TOP Trifold Wallet of 2021

We review the TOP 10 Trifold wallets of 2021.  TOP Trifold wallet are a neglected category deemed to be an old-man wallet, but the options we provide will make you think again.

MarksTop2020 Website Thumbnail

Mark’s Top 10 Wallets of 2020

Mark goes over his Top 10 Wallets 2020. Mark prefers minimalist wallets, but you will find a few bifold wallets, metal wallets and of course leather wallets in this lineup!

TOPUnique1 Website Thumbnail

Top 5 Unique Wallets // Round 1!

Wallets come in all types and varieties, they’re not all the same. The Top 5 Unique Wallets Round 1 presents 5 of the best 5 unique wallets we’ve found so far.

TopBifolds2019 Website Thumbnail

2019 Top 5 Bifold Wallets

Anticipated Top 5 Bifold Wallet list of 2019! Mitchel Leather MCW, Rareform Highland, Allett Ultra ID, Deal Nora Slim and TUMI Gussett wallet.

Top5Slim Website Thumbnail

2019 Top 5 Slim Wallets

Anticipated Top 5 Slim Wallet list of 2019! Craft & Lore Port, Anson Calder Cash Plus, Das Offene Meer Gun Deck Quickdraw, Mamut Brut and Anson Calder Cash wallet.

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