Mark’s TOP 10 Wallets (2022 Guide)

I do this every year! For the wallets reviewed during 2022, I choose my top 10, the best. They're not driven by score, price or anything, just if I like them or not. Whether slim, minimalist, bifold or trifold, Mark's wallet is what I like to carry. So buckle up, you might be surprised by what you see!
Marks Favorite Wallets of 2022
Mark's TOP 10 Wallets (2022 Guide) 1

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

For 2022 we have the Lost Dutchman Franklin, Willow Craft Goods Swaddle Slim, Ekster Aluminum Cardholder, the XSTO from AKEENi AirTag version the NODUS Hifold, the Ansix Design Fantom X, the Peak Design Slim Wallet, Lotus & Layne Canyon Basketball, the Groove Life Groove wallet, and the Kings Loot Mini 3

Lost Dutchman Franklin
Let’s look at the Lost Dutchman Franklin. Designed and made in the United States, it’s made from a full grain veg tanned Wickett & Craig glazed harness leather, and it measures out to be about a 3.5 ounce leather, but is still incredibly light. The top flap is lightly burnished. There’s no stitching involved in this at all. Like the larger Lost Dutchman Big Finn, it allows cash to be folded once or used as a wrap. It’s easy to use, simple in design, yet very elegant. 

Willow Craft Goods Swaddle
Now onto the Swaddle. This is the Slim version from Willow Craft Goods, designed and made in the United States. There are three configurations: a Slim, which is this one, an Original, which is a little bit wider, and the Wide, model. The Slim can fit up to 10 cards. The ease of use is amazing. You can specify the color of the two leathers. It is a unique design, which I think is attractive but equally usable in its form and function.

Ekster Aluminum Cardholder
The Ekster Aluminum Cardholder is one I like as it’s the more slim, elegant version of the Ekste Senate which I did a carry test on and loved the back plate for keeping extra cards. This is design in the Netherlands, and made in China from extruded aluminum billet. The external plate is what really makes this the best wallet for me because you are limited in the number of cards you can put in the pop up box area.  You have protection and some privacy because of the backplate, so whatever doesn’t fit inside the box, like business cards, insurance cards, drivers licenses, transport passes, etc., easily fit under the plate. The trigger is not really the best in the market, with that honor going to SECRID, who invented the box wallet.  

Now to the AKEENI XSTO AirTag. This is designed and made in the United States. The phenomenon of AirTags on wallets really hit big during 2022, more like a fever pitch.  But the same problem exists, how to make a wallet look good when you decide you don’t want to carry an AirTag anymore?  Usually you can’t remove the AirTag feature, but with the AKEENI XSTO AirTag wallet you can.  Outside of the AirTag feature, the rest of the wallet is easy to use. 

NODUS Hifold
Unfortunately, the NODUS Hifold is no longer available to purchase as of this article. It’s designed in the United Kingdom, and it’s made somewhere in the European Union. It’s a full grain veg tanned Italian leather, similar in design to the Bellroy Slim Sleeve. I really like the big pull strap instead of the little, tiny pull strap.  While most of the wallet has RFID lining, it does have a non-RFID slot up front which allows for tap pay when the wallet is closed.  It has a capacity of up to 13 cards plus notes and a key.

Fantom X
The Ansix Designs Fantom X is designed and made in Canada. You purchase this wallet based on the number of cards you intend to carry. This model is the right size for me, easy to put in my pocket and protect cards. The larger Fantom R model is just too big for me. The Fantom X has an optional cash clip, which can be installed on the back, along with a fanning trigger to assist in fanning the cards out for retrieval. Overall, super easy to use.

Peak Design Slim
I carry tested the Peak Design Slim Wallet. Designed in the United States and made in China, it is made from 100% recycled nylon canvas, which minimizes bulk. It’s a MagSafe wallet, so it can attach to Apple iPhones. It can carry up to 7 cards, no more. And there’s a little magnet right at the top of the pull strap so when the cards are pushed in, it provides security with the flap folding over.

Lotus & Layne Canyon
Now onto Lotus & Layne Canyon Basketball wallet. You might be saying, “Well, geez Mark, you didn’t think too highly of that when you did the review.” Which is true, but it doesn’t stop me from liking the wallet. This is designed and made in the United States. It has a familiar wrap design to it, but I like the swoop element on the wrap around leather pieces. I did take issue with the sewing at the bottom, and once reinforced will make this a great wallet. It has four slots, with plenty of access for cards and folded cash. 

Groove Life Groove wallet
I may not have been kind to the Groove Life Groove wallet either, but I still personally like this wallet. This is designed in the United States, and it’s made in China. It’s aerospace grade aluminum. And what makes this wallet cool for me, despite the issue that I had during my review, is the engineering involved. The way that this is designed, using magnets to assist in pulling the face plate back down after you push it up, is slick. The feel of the wallet is premium, and feels great in your hands.

Kings Loot Mini 3.0|
And finally, we have the Kings Loot 3.0 Mini. This is the AirTag version, but is reminiscent of the Schnail wallet, which I really, really liked. The simplicity of this little wallet is what makes it attractive. It has strong elastic, which I really appreciate. It keeps your cash in place, and you can put up to 20 cards in the wallet with no issues. Designed in the United States and made in China, it is a full grain chrome tanned leather.

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