TOP 10 Bifold Wallets (2022 Guide)

Every year we present the TOP 10 bifold wallet selection of the bifold wallets we reviewed in 2022. Some are minimalist, most are leather and some have RFID, but regardless, they're the best we reviewed.

Every year we present the TOP 10 bifold wallet selection of the bifold wallets we reviewed in 2022. Some are minimalist, most are leather and some have RFID, but regardless, they’re the best we reviewed.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

In this review, we are going to look at the top 10 rated bifold wallets of 2022, according to their final Walletopia score. As we see them, I will point out what makes each of these wallets so highly rated.

Our Top 10 bifolds of 2022 are Lesbianedc, Craft & Lore Worry, the BM Leather Mercury, the Scudo Gen 5, the Trayvax Venture, Mascon Leather Rooney, Corter Leather, Johnny the Fox from Ashland Leather, the NODUS Hifold, and the Geometric Good Airtag Bifold.

The Horween shell cordovan leather is what boosts the price and makes Lesbianedc a rather expensive wallet. Besides, what set this apart for 2022 is the quality of construction, including the precision, the exterior that is a dark green Horween shell, the exterior slot that is made from reverse rod natural Horween shell, as well as the interior and the different leathers that are in there. It also provides a nice placement of the reverse shell cordovan, which is just fantastic. Furthermore, it is hand-stitched using a cream-colored Japanese Yynmo thread, which has been treated with beeswax for added durability. It is set beautifully and gives proper reinforcement in all the right areas. The edge has a natural very high gloss. The different striations of the leather in there, are very similar to Ben Bott’s wallets, it brings out the beauty of the leather. In addition, the weight of the leather used is perfect. Whether it is for the slots or the overall wallet, it allows ease of use and a quick break-in. Card and cash insertion extraction is easy thanks to the exactness of the dimensions, unlike some wallets that have a play by way of the dimensions for cards. Exact dimensions mean that it is not hard to push cards in and there is not a lot of play. The exactness of this wallet’s dimension is amazing.

The next wallet, the Craft & Lore Worry, is an AirTag-capable wallet. What makes it so high in the score is the leather, which again, plays a major portion of the score. Besides its nice weight, the supple nature of the Horween leather makes working with this wallet a dream. In addition, the placement of the AirTag compared to other AirTag wallets plays a big part, too. It is very unobstructed compared to other wallets, it blends into the wallet and is not obvious. Furthermore, while the snap is good security without a quick access card slot, which is not provided on this wallet’s outside, it would be nice if it had something similar to the JJ Leathersmith Lucais Wallet. I suspect the Worry Wallet would do just fine without the snap, but I am sure that Craft & Lore Worry folks had a reason behind why they did what they did, you can tell that from the one single separate piece that is folded over and taken care of, and which actually helps symmetry of cards as they push in and out.

The BM Leather is the patchwork wallet, as I like to call it. There is the regular mercury, but the patchwork was the one that caught my attention, and we have recently reviewed this one. So why such a high score? This is designed and made in the United States, just like the Craft & Lore as well as Lesbianedc Leatherworks. The patchwork version is made from various scraps of vegetable-tanned leather that were meticulously put together from tanneries all over the world. The high quality of vegetable-tanned contributed tremendously to the score as well as the price. This wallet is rather expensive, but it is unique because of the back panel, each one is unique, but the pricing of this amazing fully handmade, fully hand stitched and full-grain vegetable-tanned leather is $60. In addition, the burnishing work that is done on it is fantastic. All of this makes it an amazing wallet.

Scudo Gen 5 is designed and made in the United States. The base and lid are made from a 6061 aluminum bar stock and the spring and the hinge latch are made from hardened stainless steel. So what made this score so high? The version of the switch is more functional to me as it is truly a one-handed operation to get it open and closed. Obviously, two hands make it much easier, but you can use one hand if you would like. It also offers options for additional plates or for a money clip that you can put on the back. The size is just more manageable in my opinion than the other versions, and this is very light, being aluminum. Therefore, if you are looking for a metal wallet, this one is amazing. If you go to their website, you might have to ask to get this Gen 5 because they are producing the Gen 6 now.

Trayvax had a great release this year that is the Trayvax Venture Wallet. it is brand new, completely redesigned, and more traditionalist but still has the flare of Trayvax. It is designed and made in the United States, C&C’d machine from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. It has interesting little magnets, and a single piece of full grain vegetable-tanned Horween leather that is folded over with the back being riveted to the frame. So what made this a high score? Well, saddle stitch using heavy-duty braided nylon thread is what gets it there. Besides, the triple-plated neodymium magnets used for closure are really clever. It does not take a lot of cards and cash before you start to overwhelm its ability to close, but it provides great security. While unique in what they make, they do support the growth of local employment and product development.

The Mascon Leather, the Rooney Wallet is one of the wallets that took us a year to get. It used to be that way, but the owner has streamlined a bit so he can get orders out quicker, so that is not always the benchmark, but he does make fantastic wallets that are all done very carefully. The wallet is designed and made in the United States of Horween Dublin leather. So what made this such a high score? Well, sewing is hand done, it is very tight around all spaces, has proper reinforcement everywhere, it is painted completely, and the burnishing is very well done. If you are right-handed, you will know how you are going to open it up, it works really well. The leather is supple, which facilitates access and it will form to your body nicely over time. It does start to get a bit thick at 0.6 inches before you put anything into it, but regardless, if you are looking for quality, this is your wallet. I opted for the red thread, which I thought was quite nice. Moreover, this wallet has a lifetime guarantee against defects.

The Corter wallet is a really traditional one, it is designed and made in the United States of a full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from Hermann Oak. Eric, the maker, also uses Wiccan and Craigen Horween in his other offerings. The attention to detail makes this wallet definitely one you could get really close to. What made it a high score? Well, the custom sand cast and the solid brass logo concho with the plated brass snap give this wallet a distinction. This is all handmade, including cutting the leather, no press and no electric press were used in the shop. It is of a three-ounce weight to provide all the card slots that you need, despite it looking and feeling a bit thick. Besides, the leather on the card slots goes all the way down. They build on each other by putting a stitch sewn into the bottom of each that catches the card, a very clever and simple way to avoid your cards getting completely lost. This wallet has simple things like how pockets are notched making access to the cards easy as they are a little more revealed so you can grab them. The edges are lightly sanded and have a very nice burnishing to them. The leather feels good and is not a leather that will take a long time to break in.

Ashland Leather, Johnny the Fox is designed and made in Chicago from Horween English Dublin vegetable-tanned leather. Horween leather is incredible, no wonder NBA basketballs and NFL footballs are made from it. Why does this wallet score so high? Well, it is an excellent wallet. The sewing is fantastic, the weight of the leather is amazing, the corners and stress points are all strengthened, there is no risk that this is going to come apart or pull apart, and the pockets are creased at the top. Extra work gives great character. It feels very supple and the character in the hide that is used provides a foundation to take up to 24 cards and still not be too thick. As an operating wallet, it is all very smooth. Like with all Horween wallets, this will patina beautifully and hide any marks or characters. All that actually just adds to the character of particular wallets, just like this one.

The Nodus Wallet We have here is the Hifold wallet. It is designed in the UK and made in the European Union from a full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from a tannery in Florence, Italy. It does have some nylon pieces in there. What makes this frankly set itself apart from others is the quality and features. It is Italian leather and the pull strap on it is quite interesting, it is large and not just a wimpy little pull strap. It ensures your cards are carried into the slot and their easy extraction. What I do like is that it has a non-RFID slot on the exterior, which is great because you can actually tap while still having the security. If you think that it is important to have RFID cards on the interior, well don’t, I think RFID blocking is a scam in wallets, and if you are still concerned, then carry a blocking card or a sleeve.

Finally, the Geometric Good Airtag Bifold is another AirTag, but they are all coming out in droves and it is interesting to see what they are producing, and some of them are very good. This is designed in Poland and made in the European Union of a full-grain vegetable-tanned Italian Tuscany leather. This is a wallet that does not scream, “Here is my AirTag.” It is very much secure, you have to pull out the screws to insert it there. It provides you with a card slot in the front, which is a useful space. This is a really nice wallet, although it is a bit of a thickie at 0.6 inches. Once you insert the AirTag and put the screws back, they are going to keep everything in play and will not let your AirTag fall out. This wallet is a full billfold wallet, and the pull strap is fully functional. The only downside or the thing you may have to take into consideration is the thickness you get from including the AirTag.

These wallets occupy the top scores for 2022. They all did very, very well, and if you are looking for the details, you can find them in each of their individual reviews, or you can quickly go to wallettopiainfo/rankings, and you will be able to find all of them. You can sort it, it is best done if you are on a laptop or a desktop, but it will provide you a breakdown of all of these wallets.

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