TOP Trifold Wallet of 2021

We review the TOP 10 Trifold wallets of 2021.  TOP Trifold wallet are a neglected category deemed to be an old-man wallet, but the options we provide will make you think again.
We review the TOP 10 Trifold wallets of 2021.  TOP Trifold wallet are a neglected category deemed to be an old-man wallet, but the options we provide will make you think again.
(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Trifolds have been largely neglected on Walletopia compared to slim and bifolds type wallets, they do not have as many reviews. But that changes as we present the top 10 trifolds.

We have the nivisto Redfern trifold, Popov leather trifold, the DUN wallet which has been previously reviewed, Frenchie Co. Speed Mini wallet that looks smaller compared to every other wallet, the Flat Leather III wallet, the Slimpuro ZNAP wallet, which was reviewed recently, the Exentri trifold, as well as the Holy Cow Walter Mitty wallet, Bullhide Belts trifold and the Aurochs Infinity. These wallets come from all over the world, which is fantastic. Not everything is made in the West, the United States or China, for that matter.

From a price perspective at the time of filming, the nivisto Redfern costs $75, the Popov leather trifold, $99; the DUN wallet, $70; the Frenchie Co. Speed Mini wallet, $89; the Flat Leather III, $111; the Holy Cow Walter Mitty, $38; the Bullhide Belts trifold, $80; Aurochs Infinity, $55; the Slimpuro ZNAP, $45; and finally the Exentri trifold costs $60.

What makes each of these wallets special varies from one wallet to another. Looking at the entire set, there is a mix of unique and classic designs in addition to notable functionality and proper usability, something that every wallet should have.

The nivisto Redfern trifold is a full-grain veg-tan kangaroo leather. From a feature perspective, it has nothing on the exterior, on the interior it has four card slots with the fourth being hidden inside the billfold pocket. They work with slits and seem to function just fine. The combo pile of currency for testing will show if there are any issues, and in this case, all currencies fits beautifully, and if tucked down a little further, extra room can be made for another card. From a design perspective, it comes in 10 colors, it is hand-sewn and a wonderful wallet.

The Popov leather trifold is designed and made in Canada, it has no features on the exterior, but on the interior, it has five card slots, plus an ID slot, which can function as a card slot as well. The billfold pocket depth is one of the advantages of trifolds, and it does appear to have a lot of extra room for additional cards if needed, along with fitting all currencies. This wallet is made from a five ounce Horween Derby leather. It is a thick wallet and comes in four colors. It can be hand or machine sewn, the distinguishing feature is that hand sewn uses a tan colored thread, while the machine sewn uses a cream colored thread. For what it provides, it is obviously a wonderful wallet, although a bit thick.

The DUN wallet is designed in the Netherlands and made in Turkey. Unlike the previously seen trifold wallets, it has a quick access card slot on the exterior, which is not RFID and is tap capable, which is attractive and the leather smells great. As the wallet is opened up, two additional card slots are found, one on each side which are RFID protected. Across the interior lays the cash wrap, and handles all currencies just fine.
The company states that it can handle up to eight or more cards, ten-plus notes, as well as coins, which are protected from falling out by the fold, all while in a compact footprint. The DUN wallet is the thinness of the reviewed wallets to date.

The Frenchie Co. Speed Mini wallet is very mini as its name states. It is made of a full grain veg-tan, Italian leather, and smells awesome. It is designed and made in Columbia, this is a very small footprint, and the magnetic closure, which is nice, has been designed to not interfere with where cards are placed as we know magnets can be problematic if not done right. The currency cash wrap resides in the interior. All currencies work just fine, even the taller Yen and Euros. They’re easy to pull out without needing to open up the wallet completely. It can handle up to 12 cards because of the pull straps, with up to 6 cards in each slot, and the reason why it works so well is because there is no sewing on the bottom, the straps are what acts as the backstop for the cards.

Another special wallet is the Flat Leather III. The uniqueness of the Flat Leather III starts out with the elastic on the exterior, which holds it together. This is quite pleasant knowing that everything is secure on the interior. When opened up, two card slots are seen and another card slot reveals itself after the second fold, however, that is where the cash wrap begins. The currency stack, which includes some British pounds is inserted in the final slot for security, the folds over twice to close. It is made from a Horoween Dublin veg-tanned leather, which smells great. It can hold up to ten cards, eight notes, and works with all the currencies. It is all handmade, looks beautiful, and is an excellent wallet.

When talking about the Holy Cow, it has to be the Holy Cow, Walter Mitty wallet designed and made in Kazakhstan. The wallet reflects on the movie and Walter Mitty himself. It has laser engraved designs of the world’s continents, and a wonderful quote from Walter Mitty. From a features perspective, there is nothing on the exterior. When it opens up, a compartmentalization is seen, with the billfold pocket on one side, sewn separate from the card slots on the other. The card slots have two slits for organization and one slot from the top. It is all one pocket instead of separate pockets. That really helps assist with the bulk of this wallet, keeping it quite thin. The wallet smells like full-grain leather, and is full-grain veg-tan and feels really good. The currency test demonstrates that inserting the currency bills appear to be a little tight lengthwise, but all fit just fine. The height is good with all of the currencies, and the access is easy. It is hand-sewn, and as mentioned in the pricing, is very inexpensive, yet really high quality. Something that should be considered if this combination is liked, also it has a security flap, which folds over the card, which prevents cards from falling out when closed.

Our next wallet is the Bullhide Belts trifold. Obviously from their name, they make a lot of belts, but they also have this very interesting trifold wallet. It is designed and made in the United States, it is very traditional in what it has. It is a full-grain veg-tan premium bridle leather, and smells good, not as pungent in a good way as other wallets, but it is still quality. It comes in four colors, and can accommodate up to eight cards and ten notes. It has no features on the exterior but when moving towards the interior, a shiny piece of plastic is immediately spotted , it is an ID slot with a Marine-grade plastic. On the rest of the interior there are four card slots. One might be thinking, “Well, is that it?” The answer is no as underneath each slot is a rear accessible slot. It has six slots for cards in total, in addition to a very generous interior billfold pocket. Cash is tucked down towards the bottom and it allows an opportunity for extra cards or receipts in the top thanks to the great capacity. This wallet is machine-stitched with a very heavy nylon thread, and the edges are burnished and dyed black. When going through the effort of creating such a wonderful wallet with high quality materials, these little touches and finishes do take time, but they are also very appreciated.

The Aurochs Infinity wallet is designed and made in Pakistan. We’ve reviewed several of their wallets previously. This is the Infiniti design, while it might not seem very special, it has an interesting design. It has four card slots as well as a billfold pocket. Even though it is a tight wallet it handles cash and cards as expected. It accommodates up to eight cards and ten slips of cash, and despite the flimsy internal, the leather does smell good. The wallet is a full-grain veg-tan leather from Southeast Asia tanneries. The leather on the corners is wrapped as it comes around on both sides, which is something observed in all of their wallets. The one unattractive feature is the liner that comes through from the billfold pocket into this card slot, but it does apparently wear very well.

The Slimpuro ZNAP wallet, with its very peculiar name, the ZNAP comes from the sound made when. It is designed in Germany and made in Europe, and can hold depending on the model, 8 or 12 cards. The chassis is a CNC aluminum base with the billfold, made of leather and other materials attached to the top of the chassis. The cash insertion functions just fine, folds twice like a true trifold, and snaps into place. The footprint is really impressive. With just a thumb push, the cards are available for access. The entire wallet is no larger than a credit card with the thickness compared to the number of cards and cash included. We’ve reviewed similar products such as the Dango A10 and XSTO that use an aluminum-type capture. This wallet also comes with a coin tray that is okay, but there are better options.

Finally, the Exentri trifold wallet, designed in Norway and made in China. It has an interesting stainless steel clip closure. You pull it open, then when ready to close it clips into place to keep the wallet secure. One thin you notice is it has pockets everywhere on this wallet, inside and out. Access is via diamond cutouts where a thumb push will give you the assist needed.

On the interior, it has four slots and a little slot meant for storing tickets or other things which can be kept temporarily, according to the company. On top of all of that, there is the trifold component with the billfold pocket. It handles the combo currency pack without any issues. This is a great little wallet that can hold up to 12 cards, six in the different slots plus a little bit more, and the company says it can take up to five notes. The stainless steel clip could be a bother, but many people who have it do not mind it, and of course it can be adjusted to one’s liking. It has a great clean presentation, a very small wallet with impressive capacity.

From a weight perspective, these wallets are interesting because a lot of their weight reflects the amount of leather that has been used in making them. Some of the leather is stronger than others, the kangaroo, used in the nivisto is a good example, or the Popov which is 123 grams. This gives an idea of the leather as well as other included materials such as the nylon in the Aurochs. It gives a serviceable way to compare and contrast between the wallets before starting to add things to it.

That wraps up our look at the top 10 trifold wallets. We hope you found them intriguing enough as you can watch all the reviews in the links above.

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