TOP 10 Wallets – Viewers Choice Awards 2022

With over 2,000 entries, the Walletopia TOP 10 wallets viewers choice awards for 2022 is in the books. These are the best leather, magsafe, smart, bifold, and airtag (all of these made it one way or another) that you, the viewers of Walletopia, voted for. Most I expected, but there was one surprise.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Open Sea’s Leather Gun Deck Quickdraw 

Designed and made in the United States, Hawaii to be exact. The Open Seas’s Leather Gun Deck Quickdraw wallet It is made from Italian Buttero veg tanned leather. The stitching on all Open Seas wallets are unique. It is made from two pieces, one that goes horizontal around and one that goes vertical around. It has a quick access card slot in the back.  The interior is where more cards and cash, folded once, are stored.

Lost Dutchman Big Finn 

Designed and made in the United States, the Lost Dutchman Big Finn is made from full grain veg tanned leather from several tanneries.Capacity is high with quick access and ease of use. Security is important and this has a generous flap that holds everything into place. And if you’d like another quick access card slot besides the one in the back, you can slip a card right under the front flap.  I also like the flexibility between the dividers in the main area. They are not secured on both sides, so they move, providing better organization. If you’re a heavy cash person, you can actually fold your cash once and put it in or treat it as a cash wrap so it can fold over, using the flap to cover your cash, while holding it in place with the strap the flap tucks under.

Base Wallet from Tauruscamp 

Designed and made in Singapore. There are two versions of the Tauruscamp Base Wallet, one for cards and cash and another that actually handles coins by providing a shorter little pouch at the top. There are also two sizes available in this design, a small and a standard. The one I have is a standard width size. This handles all currencies and up to nine different cards. The small will not handle taller currencies like Yen or Euro, but has all the same features otherwise. The wallets are hand dyed, orange for this one and it’s dyed on both sides and comes in 19 different colors. If the wallet is closed and you want to access things, your cash slot is readily available. It’s made from a single piece of hand cut, full grain, veg tanned leather then saddle stitched.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Designed in Australia and made in either India or the Philippines, the Bellroy Slim Sleeve is crafted from premium environmentally certified leather, sourced from gold-rated tanneries in the Netherlands. We can see several areas where we have double stitching happening, which is required due to the thin cut of leather to prevent tearing due to use.  There’s several versions of this wallet as Bellroy is always experimenting with different designs and materials.  This design set the standard by which hundreds of other wallets launched similar designs.  It’s incredibly functional and has been very successful in the  marketplace.

Singular wallet from Singular Leather

The Singular Wallet is designed and made in Portugal using a full grain veg tanned Portuguese leather. There are six leather colors and 10 different colors of elastic to choose from. The weight of the leather is very generous and I think it is the perfect weight for what’s being accomplished to hold things really well without being flimsy. While it does not have a quick access card slot, you can slip a card right underneath the front flap, which is held in place by the elastic and it works well. 

Benjamin Bott Frankengull Double Wren 

Benjamin Bott is in the United States where it is designed and made. I love the burnishing, it’s a high gloss and you get to see all the beautiful layers of leather. Different tanneries are also used,  whether it’s a Buttero, Pueblo, Dublin Harness for Horween or Wickett and Craig Tanners, it really doesn’t matter. A lot of color options and textures that you find are seen by combining different leathers from different tanneries. This one is made from two pieces of leather sewn together. The black, the Horween Dublin, and the naturals is Russet Harness from Wickett and Craig. The thread is a Japanese poly chord, very light, very strong and clean looking.

Dango A10

The only metal wallet to come out from the votes. The “A” in the Dango A10 stands for adaptable, which the wallet does very well and Dango provides accessories to utilize. Designed and manufactured in the United States, it’s machined from a 6061 aerospace grade aluminum. Very light. And you can do a lot of add-ons all because of the slider mechanism which evolved from the rail design and comes in five colors of the metals.

Ashland Leather, Tony the Ant

We had to get in the Ashland Leather in here somewhere and the voters chose a really good option with the Tony the Ant. Design and made in Chicago, from a Horween Dublin veg tanned leather, it smells amazing so good. The Horween Tanner is in Chicago so it’s really a short trip to acquire the leather needed. And you get really nice burnishing, again, thicker, higher weight leather that we have here. The sewing is excellent. I think it works really well and you can personalize this also if you want.

Port wallet from Craft and Lore

It’s made in Northern Idaho, in the United States, a beautiful part of the country. You should visit that place if you get a chance. The Port is a wrap wallet using natural veg tanned harness leather from Wickett and Craig from Pennsylvania. Saddle stitched by hand. You can just tell it’s beautifully done. Just the right amount of burnishing as well. Really love this simple but elegant design.

Pularys Hobby

And finally, one we have not reviewed before. This is the Pularys Hobby. It’s a very simple, full grain, veg tanned, lightweight leather from Italy. It is designed and made in Poland and is practical with space for eight cards and cash folded twice. It’s made from a single piece of leather that’s folded then hand stitched. It has a small slot on the inside for coins or an SD card, but, it’s not big enough for keys.  Two snaps fold over to secure the wallet and provide interest, but they do take some effort and coordination to get it open. 

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