Top 10 Wallets // Price doesn’t matter!

Removing the "price" variable in the Walletopia rating formula, we review the Top 10 Wallets we've reviewed over the past year!

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Have you ever wondered what wallets are, the best wallets, when price isn’t something you consider? We’re going to do a review of the top 10 wallets where price doesn’t matter!

We’re going to talk about the rating formula really quick, and explain the adjustments we made and where those extra percentage points went. With the “normal algorithm,” the usual breakdown is Quality is 30%, Price is 20%, Feature’s is 10%, Usability 25%, and Perception is 15%.

For this particular review we took out the price variable and redistributed the price percentage points. Quality goes up to 40%, Features 15%, Usability 20% and Perception 25%. This begins to reflect what you would think when you’re going for something other than price. You’re looking for more quality, not necessarily features, or usability, but more around the perception of the company, who you’re buying from means a lot more. That does drive our perception of value, which we try and stay away from, but value is what we’re looking at.

The top 10 wallets, in order are, the Craft and Lore Port wallet. Anson Calder Card Plus wallet. They recently reviewed One Star Leather 6 pocket horizontal. The abrAsus Small Wallet, handmade Japanese multifaceted, really, really good. Recently reviewed Aviator Slide, the only band wallet that made it to the list. We have the Mitchell Leather MCW, classic design that has become a loved bi-fold wallet in a very slim footprint. Another Anson Calder, the Cash Wallet, consistency by a brand really demonstrated in this particular review. Of course, our loved Das Offene Meer Gundeck Quickdraw, their unique designs and functional excellence. We have another Das Offene Meer with the Houbei. And finally the Lost Dutchman, The Jackson, all fantastic. All of these wallets are handmade, with wonderful quality.

Let’s talk about price. I know prices aren’t what we’re looking at in this review, but everyone always wants to know about price, but since prices change, please click on the links below if you’re interested.

As you can tell, the price was pretty significant on some of the wallets, others, not so much. But ultimately, when the price was removed, these all floated to the top. When prices isn’t an issue then the other factors come into play.

Let’s talk about the quality of each wallet and highlights. Looking at the Craft and Lore, this is a fantastic wallet that uses Wickett and Craig veg-tanned full grain leather. It is saddle stitched by hand. It smells wonderful and a wallet I recently did a carry test on.

I did a carry test using the Anson Calder Card Plus wallet too. This French veg-tanned calfskin leather is butter smooth to the touch and has nice burnished edges. This also has a great smell and feel to it.

One Star Leather, 6 pocket horizontal. One Star Leather’s full grain veg-tanned Horween leather exudes quality. And the crease features on the top of every pocket is done well.

With the Small Wallet from abrAsus you have a well designed wallet. Handling cards, cash and coins in a well balanced way in a small footprint, it’s made from Italian Buttero leather, it’s all made in Japan by hand.

The Aviator Slide wallet is manufactured and assembled in Germany. The top and bottom pieces are aluminum and of course the coin tray is the unique feature offering. With all kinds of options you can design a version that suits you.

With the Mitchell leather MCW, it’s designed and made in the United States. Mitchell Leather has been making this particular wallet for over 30 years and has an established performance record. The hardware is unique to this design and operates seamlessly.

We have another Anson Calder. This is the Cash Wallet. Also made from French veg-tanned calfskin leather it has a side opening for cash, plus two card slots on either side with a generous thumb push for card extraction. here that kind of flip around.

Moving to the Das Offene Meer we have two, the Gundesk Quickdraw and Houbei. Both are made from Italian Buttero veg-tanned leather and feel and smell great! Excellent saddle stitching on both wallets. Michael, the owner, continues to create his particular and unique designs.

Finally, the last wallet is The Jackson by the Lost Dutchman. Made and designed in the United States, it’s made of full grain veg-tanned Horweens or Wickett and Craig leather. Great design. Great leather.

Each of these has a review that’ll be down in the notes that are perfect for a feature review, so I encourage you to watch them.

For maximum card capacity, here is how each wallet stacks up.

  • Craft & Lore, Port Wallet – 10 cards
  • Anson Calder, Card Plus Wallet – 12 cards
  • One Star Leather, 6 Pocket Horizontal – 8-12 cards
  • Abrasus, Small Wallet – 5 cards, 15 slips of cash and 15 coins
  • Aviator, Slide – 20 cards
  • Mitchell Leather, MCW Standard – 12 cards
  • Anson Calder, Cash Wallet – 12 cards
  • Das Offene, Gun Deck Quickdraw – 10 cards
  • Das Offene, Houbei – 10 cards
  • Lost Dutchman, The Jackson – 12 cards

Now let’s look at the measurements of each wallet. It all depends on what you want to carry in your pocket. Those are the sizes.

Craft & Lore, Port Wallet
2.75 x 4 x .75 “
70 x 102 x 19mm
Anson Calder, Card Plus Wallet
2.4″ x 3″ x .13″
61 x 76 x 3mm
One Star Leather, 6 Pocket Horizontal
3.9 x 3.1 x .3”
101 x 78 x 10mm
Abrasus, Small Wallet
3.54 x 2.36 x .4”
90 x 60 x 10 mm
Aviator, Slide
4.25 x 3.25 x .25”
108 x 83 x 6.35mm
Mitchell Leather, MCW Standard
4.2 X 3 x .2”
107 x 76 x 6mm
Anson Calder, Cash Wallet
2.5 x 3.75 x .13”
64 x 95 x 3mm
Das Offene, Gun Deck Quickdraw
3 x 4.25 x .5”
72 x 108 x 13mm
Das Offene, Houbei
3.8 x 3.2 x .3”
96 x 83 x 8mm
Lost Dutchman, The Jackson
4 x 3 x .2”
102 x 76 x 5mm

And of course we follow up by the weight of each. Of course, these weights are unencumbered with coins, cash, or cards. These weights are with them being naked!

  • Craft & Lore, Port Wallet
    • 44g
  • Anson Calder, Card Plus Wallet
    • 13g
  • One Star Leather, 6 Pocket Horizontal
    • 36g
  • Abrasus, Small Wallet
    • 32g
  • Aviator, Slide
    • 45g
  • Mitchell Leather, MCW Standard
    • 41g
  • Anson Calder, Cash Wallet
    • 15g
  • Das Offene, Gun Deck Quickdraw
    • 47g
  • Das Offene, Houbei
    • 40g
  • Lost Dutchman, The Jackson
    • 32g

Let me take you through Mark’s opinion of each of these as I’ve had them in my hands, worked with them, carried some of them as well. The Craft and Lore. You can’t help but love the wallet for its genuine quality. The company is all about the quality they create by hand. Their motto is heritage, heirloom, quality and durability. And their logo is a Swedish ax, which represents one of the oldest tools of our ancestor makers. The support organization is wonderful from the owners, and their customers love their products.

Next is the Anson Calder Card Plus wallet. Small, thin, very small, very thin. I love the footprint and the feel. Attention to detail, and quality of the materials is really top notch. And there’s a top white thread that’s one of their calling cards. Presentation is 100%. You feel like you’re really getting what you’re paying for with this one.

Now the 6 Pocket Horizontal One Star Leather wallet. Keegan, the owner of One Star Leather, started the company in 2012 as a way to support his filmmaking habit, which is a great habit. You should go look at his website, see what he’s done, and you’ll come to understand how he approaches his products based on the quality of his film making. In the end, his work in leather demonstrates how he’s bridged his skill in visual, auditory, and emotional film work to the physical goods side of things. Very well done.

With the abrAsus Small Wallet, you get a handful of features and capacity. This little wallet, hase various material options with this one in particular being made of Italian Buttero leather. The capabilities for cards, cash, and coins really is fantastic as a well-balanced carry option. The design is very innovative as all of abrAsus’ products are. All made in Japan.

The Aviator Slide is our next wallet. Unlike other band wallet companies, Aviator continues to innovate on their designs. You’d think, “what more can you do with a sandwich wallet like this?” Well, they keep innovating and coming up with new features, which really makes them stand out.

The Mitchell Leather MCW. Mitchell Leather works with the best and most exotic leathers to create their line of products including belts and briefcases that can run over $9,000. Their attention to quality and craft is what you’d expect and their products really show that, and demonstrate the talent and skill of their maker over decades of time.

The next Anson Calder is the Cash Wallet. Like it’s brother, the Card Plus, I love the footprint of this wallet. It feels very thin, but is very durable. Attention to detail and quality are part of all Anson Calder products.

For the two Das Offene Meer wallets; Gundeck Quickdraw and Houbei. Their style is very unique, with interesting designs, textures, color combinations and feature overlays. Loved by his customers and built expertly by the owner. Customization options include the leather color and thread color, which provides an amazing number of wallet options. Once you purchase one, you’ll be back for more.

Then finally, the Lost Dutchman, with The Jackson. Great handmade leather making from a very skilled maker. Nate, the owner is a young man, who makes each product completely by hand. That shows a dedication to the craft.

In conclusion, you can see, when price is removed from the equation, quality, features, usability and perception float to the top. So what’s the difference between the original score and the adjusted removed price score?

The first score is the adjusted score, what we get when we remove the price. And the second is its original score, which included the adjustment for price. You can see that some took a considerable jump. Some, where price wasn’t so high to begin with, didn’t adjust as much, but overall they all still came out fantastic.

  • Craft & Lore, Port Wallet – 47/44
  • Anson Calder, Card Plus Wallet – 47/41
  • One Star Leather, 6 Pocket Horizontal – 47/41
  • Abrasus, Small Wallet – 46/40
  • Aviator, Slide – 46/39
  • Mitchell Leather, MCW Standard – 45/42
  • Anson Calder, Cash Wallet – 45/40
  • Das Offene Meer, Gun Deck Quickdraw – 44/41
  • Das Offene Meer, Houbei – 44/41
  • Lost Dutchman, The Jackson – 43/39
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