TOP 10 Wallets Under $25; my favorite is $6

TOP 10 Wallets Under $25 brings the best of TOP wallets from Walletopia for 2021. Slim wallets, bifold wallets, velcro and zipper wallets are here along with a $6 wallet that I've bought several of, it all starts to come together now!

TOP 10 Wallets Under $25 brings the best of TOP wallets from Walletopia for 2021. Slim wallets, bifold wallets, velcro and zipper wallets are here along with a $6 wallet that I’ve bought several of, it all starts to come together now!

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

In this review, we will go over the top 10 wallets that are under $25 for 2021. This spans the last three years, not just one, and will be the first on Walletopia.

The price is something we always start with, and these 10 wallets are all safely under $25. But we do have one that is $6, which you will have to hang on to know more about as we walk through each of these wallets and reveal what makes them unique, what makes them interesting, and what makes them potentially problematic. The selected wallets come from a variety of vendors, involving different kinds of makes and models from different parts of the world. The common factor is that they are all inexpensive.

Starting with Moral Origin. It is made out of cork, a renewable material, and that is precisely what we like about it. From the features perspective, both the exterior as well as interior are good for coins. It is designed and made in the United Kingdom. It is a great wallet from that perspective, and from a closer look, it has a brass nut and screw that holds it all together and permits it to securely hold cards. Another fact is that you might think that being cork is a synonym of fragile, but it ages nicely and handles moisture, because it is made out of cork.

The next wallet, the Rustico Voyager wallet, is a thicker cut of leather. The sewing appears on the exterior and the interior holds two card slots, one on the left and the other on the right. In addition, it has cards with a quick access thumb push, and so it can accommodate six cards and five slips of cash, which is pretty good. I believe that the rivet plays a role in catching the cards when trying to insert them on that slot, so beware. It is made in the United States and exhibits simplicity in the design and high-quality materials, which ensure it’s long-lasting.

Our next wallet is the Kinzd slim wallet. For a slim wallet, this one has a lot of card slots that stack overlap. It has seven slots that can accommodate one to two cards each. The wallet has a quick access ID slot, and a slot in the center that can be used for cash folded once, or for additional cards. It undoubtedly offers a lot of capacity. It is made from crazy horse leather. This is designed in the United States and made in China. It is a little wider than typical wallets, but that helps make it more usable for cash. We performed a carry test on this wallet and it held up really, really well. Our experience has been that the wallet either does well or it falls apart.

The next wallet is the VBAX, a super thin wallet, yet it can get all kinds of cards and folded cash in this very compact wallet. It has an internal card slot on the top where the bulk of your cards go. If we look at the bottom, we have a pull strap to quickly pull out the cards you use the most. On the opposite side, there is another slot to put in cash after folding it twice. With all of its contents, it remains rather compact. This is designed in the United States and made in China. This wallet is your entry point if you have been interested in TROVE wallets, but not quite sure you want to purchase one yet, due to the inexpensive nature of this particular wallet. This is made from full-grain vegetarian Italian leather, and the elastic has a very premium feel to it. I did carry this one and I like the function. Moreover, I like its design, so it is something to consider.

The Huskk wallet is next on the list. It has two external card slots for quick access but also has an elastic pull strap to access internal contents. Cash folded twice can go either into the slots or in the interior pocket. It is designed in the UK and is made in China. It also has a lot of RFID involved. You can see from the sewing that it is a wrap of leather, it has the same function by way of usability as seen with other types of wallets. It is also made of crazy horse, and overall, a great wallet to try.

The next wallet, is the CountyComm. This one is amazing because it costs only $6. But first, from the features perspective, it has a reflective paracord loop and a big zipper pouch where you put everything. This wallet is very simple, it does not provide any organization on the interior. It could be used as an EDC pouch as well, I use it for cables and other types of things. It is designed in the United States and made in China from high-quality, 1000 denier ballistic nylon, PBC-lined, and uses a YKK zipper. High-quality for what you get for only $6. How can you go wrong with this? At this great price, you can pick up 10 of them.

Next is the Rainbow wallet, a wallet that takes you back to the 1970s with the velcro opening. It has all kinds of features, however, nothing on the exterior. The interior holds an ID slot and four card slots that can fit one to three cards each. In addition, the interior has not just one billfold pocket which can hold all kinds of currency, but a zipper compartment for additional currency, receipts, or whatever you want to carry. It is designed and made in the United States. The edge ribbon is sewn twice around all of the nylon so it is secure. Being that it has a Velcro opening, content security is good.

The Tom Bihn Nik’s Minimum Number One is our next wallet. It is a wallet that is very simple in nature, it has an external elastic loop to keep things in place. Once opened up, it reveals two interior card slots that can accommodate six to 10 cards or cash folded twice. It is designed and made in the United States from 210 denier and ballistic nylon. So, what do you think of this wallet? I really like it because it is simple. A lot of people do not like it because it is too simple, and the fabric is not rigid, it can crumple up. But the rigidity comes when you put cards in, which makes total sense. If anything, you can put all of your extra cards in it, then leave it in your backpack.

Before jumping to the final wallet, the Flowfold is one wallet that is quite attractive for its unique materials. Regarding features, however, it has one interior card slot and that’s it. However, it has a capacity of six to eight cards, or cash folded twice. It is designed and made in the United States from recycled sailcloth with X-Ply. Colors and patterns can vary, but it is very well-made and will last a long time. It can be problematic though because cards can come out of it if you are not careful.

Finally, we have the Schnail Atlas, a great little footprint with all kinds of functionality. In the front, cash that is folded in thirds or quarters goes underneath the elastic into the front pocket slot. It has a lanyard loop, which is great if you want to attach your keys or a lanyard for pickpockets. On the interior, there is a capacity for up to 12 cards. I put 20 in without any problem. Moreover, it has a quick access pull strap to get cards out quickly. On top, it has a small Velcro pocket, for miscellaneous items. This is where you can put keys, SD cards, etc. This is designed in the US and made in China. The size is amazing for all you get. Sewing is okay. It has RFID lining and a nice protective microfiber lining on the inside. For such a small footprint, I do not think you can get any better than this wallet.

For the final score, all of these wallets were pretty good as they all scored really well. The CountyComm, for $6, scored 41. Find one you like and make yourself happy. I hope this wrap-up of the top 10 wallets under $25 for 2021 will help you choose your wallet.

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