2019 Top 5 Slim Wallets

Anticipated Top 5 Slim Wallet list of 2019! Craft & Lore Port, Anson Calder Cash Plus, Das Offene Meer Gun Deck Quickdraw, Mamut Brut and Anson Calder Cash wallet.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today we are going to review the five best slim wallets for 2019.

The first one is the Craft and Lore Port wallet. Next is the Anson Calder’s, card plus wallet, followed by Das Offene Meer’s Gun Deck wallet. We then have the Mamut Carteiras wallet as well as the Anson Calder Cash Wallet.

With these wallets, there was no price limit. This is not going to be a one to one comparison, but a review of the top five rated slim wallets by their final Walletopia score. Each will strike you differently based on your likes and dislikes.  However, you can be assured that all of these wallets are excellent in their own way. As you are familiar, the Walletopia scale is out of 50, and these are our top wallets for the slim category for 2019.

We will start with the price of each of the wallets. The Craft and Lore Port is $50, the Anson Calder plus is $125. The Das Offene Meer Quickdraw is $69. The Mamut Brut is $24 and the Anson Calder cash wallet is $145.

We will now summarize the card capacity we did in our tests from the individual reviews from these wallets. We put six cards in the Craft and Lore Port wallet, but it can handle more once it’s broken in. No direction from the company on capacity.  We put in six cards for the Anson Calder and they held just fine. The company says it will stretch up to 12, just remember that once the leather stretches, you can’t get it back. For the Das Offene Meer, we got six cards in just fine. The company says it can get up to ten, which I don’t doubt. It is a matter of stretching and what  your desire is on how thin you want to keep your wallet. With the Mamut, the Brut wallet, we got eight cards in just fine. The company recommends one to seven cards. With the Anson Calder cash wallet, we were able to get eight cards inside. The company recommends up to 12 cards.

The following are the different measurements. The Craft and Lore Port is 2.75 x 4 x 0.75”. The Anson Calder is 2.4 x 3 by 0.13”. The Das Offene Meer, the Gun Deck is 3 x 4.25 x 0.5”. The Mamut is 4.3 x ⅜ “ . The Anson Calder cash wallet is 2 ½ x 3.75 x 0.13”.

The following are the weights measured in grams. Each of these were weighed while empty. The Craft and Lore comes in at 44 grams. For such a small wallet, that demonstrates a nice split of full grain leather. The Anson Calder is 13 grams. One of its call signs is how thin it is. The Das Offene Meer is 47 grams which is a nice thick wallet. The Brut is 30 grams and the Anson Calder is 15 grams. With the Anson Calders being made from very thin French calfskin, they are meant to be very lightweight.

We hope you enjoyed the quick review of our top five slim wallets for 2019 and hopefully you’ll check out some of them for yourself or for friends and family for the holidays.

To order Mamut products please send an email to Maic Noguiera at contato@mamutcarteiras.com.br

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