Top 5 Unique Wallets // Round 2!

Wallets come in all types and varieties, they're not all the same. The Best Wallets that are unique, Round 2 presents 5 of the Top 5 unique wallets we've found so far.

Wallets come in all types and varieties, they’re not all the same. The Best Wallets that are unique, Round 2 presents 5 of the Top 5 unique wallets we’ve found so far.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

This is round two of the top five unique wallets. If you haven’t seen the round one wallets yet take a look.

Unlike most of the top reviews where the top wallets are based on final scores and their ratings, it is based on personal observations.

This round’s unique wallets include the American Bench Craft Caliber Money Clip wallet, followed by the Alpha Leather Wraptor wallet, with the Novel book wallet, the Fusion 4 wallet and the Alicia Klein Taxi wallet. Individual reviews can be found in the links above.

Starting with the price, the American Bench made Caliber is priced at $29, the Alpha Leather Wraptor wallet at $82, the Novel bookwallet at $33, the Fusion 4 wallet, a chunk of metal, at $100, and the Alicia Klein Taxi wallet costing $49. What makes each of these wallets unique and clever is how they function? Keep reading.

The American Bench Craft Caliber Money Clip wallet, when ordered, gives the option to be personalized up to three letters or numbers. And from a feature perspective, it has an exterior money clip, which requires cash to be folded twice. On the back it has a slot that allows putting something underneath. Cards are not recommended because it is metal, but maybe additional cash. On the top, there is the card slot and it goes in down from the top, and because it has a backstop at the bottom, some of the card remains exposed and helps pushing it up or pulling it out. Moreover, this nice little wallet can carry up to four cards. The rivets are absolutely amazing, providing a secured aspect compared to sewn threads that’s incomparable, meaning that it will never fall apart. The back is probably a good placement for loyalty cards, a bus ID, a pass, and such kinds of things. This wallet is designed and made in the United States from a full grain veg-tanned leather and solid brass rivets or another optional type of metal as well as for the money clip, which is not too tight and easy to use. The wallet sits nicely in the front pocket with a very low profile.

The Alpha Leather Wraptor wallet is designed and made in the United States from full grain veg-tanned leather, specifically, from English bridle leather. It is hand sewn using a nylon UV thread that helps keep it strong and comes in five colors. Rather than a gimmick, it has an attractive clean and functional design. Four features make this wallet stand out for usability. The first is the quick access card slot in the back, which has a thumb push. This is common but critical in the design with the capacity that is built in because of the flap that comes around. The flap opens up to reveal where additional cards can be placed, less used cards would be placed here. Card security is excellent with the flap that comes around, preventing them from falling out. The cards go in at an angle and then slide in because it is sewn up to a point on the top and to a point it is open on the bottom.

The cash is stored in the front, slid under the cross-leather strap, and can be folded once. The flap that comes around goes under the leather strap and on top of the cash. This wallet is very slim and has a lifetime guarantee.

The next wallet is the Novel book wallet, which has 28 cover options and literally looks and functions like a book. For this review, the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes was selected, the exterior is cloth, and is bound over a hard backer board. The interior components are a vegan non-plastic leather and the interior wallet is glued to the backer. It costs $33 and is easy enough to use, but the hard backer board and the spine of the book can make this hard in the pocket.

The story about how this wallet was created came from the owner chronically misplacing his wallet and then eventually finding it in his car. As most of us would have realized, a wallet out in the open in a car makes it a tempting target for thieves. Therefore, the idea was that, if a thief is looking for something to steal in a car, it is not going to be a book. So it was a camouflage way of hiding his wallet. The interior is not very impressive, it is on the exterior where most of the effort was placed. It shows the attention to detail with it being cloth, so it will age like a book. In this case, judging a book by its cover is what drove the work.

The Fusion 4 wallet is next and it comes in a wooden box, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, especially from its heavy weight, which is 232 grams! This is a half pound of CNC’d aluminum, and it should have come with a screwdriver. From a feature perspective, cash is folded twice on the two exterior sides, requiring precision to get them in there; otherwise, it is difficult. On the interior, there is a card slot, which can hold up to 12 cards, however, when tested it seems that its actual limit is about eight to 10 cards or so. The bottom, if unscrewed, pops open to reveal storage slots for micro SD cards. Therefore, if this is going to be used, a screwdriver should be added to your EDC in order to facilitate this. The wallet is created in 14 separate pieces, and put together with 32 different screws. The cards require effort to be pushed in, because there are two plastic rollers on both sides that provide friction to hold them. But if that does not pose any issue besides its heavy weight, this wallet also could be provided as a weapon.

The final wallet is the Alicia Klein wallet, the Taxi wallet. It comes in a full metal tin, which can be reused, this is a wallet that has been created and sold since 1987, back when taxis used a lot of coins to provide change to their customers. It is designed in the United States, manufactured in China from Italian leather. It has some cloth lining, especially not only in the interior, but also on the snap billfold space, of which there are two. It fits all currencies, it is quite nice and it has a number of available slots. But in the main compartment area, the exterior slot becomes almost useless when too many cards are inserted on the interior. It certainly can carry coins and a lot of cash, but cards are somewhat limited.

That wraps up this quick look at the round two of top five unique wallets. More interesting wallets are out there and recommendations are welcome for the next round.

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