Top 5 Unique Wallets // Round 1!

Wallets come in all types and varieties, they're not all the same. The Top 5 Unique Wallets Round 1 presents 5 of the best 5 unique wallets we've found so far.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

You might be asking what makes these particular wallets unique? Well, it’s really based on what I thought. This particular review is not being done in our typical way, using ratings as the basis. I just think they are cool looking.

The first wallet is the SCUDO Switch. The next one is the Lo Esencial Bifold Wallet II which is a leather wallet. Next is the Moral Origin Minima which is made from cork. We also have the VICE Hardware F1, meaning Formula 1. And finally, we have the Form Function Form, the Trislot.

Even though we are talking about unique wallets, everyone still wants to know the price. The prices are pretty diverse between the five wallets. The SCUDO is $88, but can change depending on the configuration, therefore the price can be higher or lower. Lo Esencial Bifold II is $34, a great deal. Moral Origin is $20. The Vice Hardware is $98. And finally, the Form Function Form Trislot is priced at $48.

The SCUDO Switch is designed and made in the United States. The durability is amazing. This is the first wallet that I have confidence can really outlive you like wallets we have mentioned that are full grain veg tan leather. Even though it is a metal wallet, it still doesn’t feel heavy in your pocket. This will last, due to the high quality materials that are used. In the full review, I didn’t have the cash clip, but I do now. It is inserted on the back where you have the ability to attach the money clip. You can also get a case that does not have this option. If you are not sure, then get the money clip option so you can add it later if you would like. With the money clip, cash must be folded twice to either fit in the clip or in the interior. Putting the cash in the middle is a way to reduce the noise of the cards rattling around inside. If you are wondering why it is called the Switch? The switch is because they offer a plate that can actually be replaced and modified by unscrewing the 4 screws on the inside that hold the plate in position. The company recommends 14 cards for this wallet and they also offer a 10 and 18 card version. Only opening up as far as a “V” shape, I am able to thumb through the cards and move through them very easily and effortlessly. It is really easy to use and something to consider for your collection.

The next wallet is the Lo Esencial Bifold Wallet II which is designed and made in Mexico. It is made from one piece of full grain veg tan leather. It is a really great design due to the one piece, which reduces its complexity and prevents deconstruction due to broken thread or edge wear and tear. This will develop a great patina over time when it is used. It fits in your pocket in a very slim and flat way. The company recommends three to ten cards. On the back, we have the ability for a quick access card slot. You can get a couple of cards in here pretty easily. On the interior, if you want to put cards in, they have slits that are used as slots which thread in between to hold them in place. The company suggests and demonstrates that the slots come from behind. It goes in the first slot and then it secures itself in the bottom. The same concept exists for the opposite side and can obviously hold more than one card. Aesthetically, this really looks nice. Despite the card placement method, it is easy to get in, find the card you want and pull it out. It also holds everything very securely. The recommended way they show you is really the best way to pull your cards out in order to get to your cash since by unclasping the leather secured at the top, the entire wallet unfolds revealing where cash is laid. When done, it’s best the cards are secure or they can fall out.

Our next wallet is the Moral Origin Minima, made in the United Kingdom. It is quite unique because being made of cork it’s a renewable product. We are starting to see more products and wallets being designed and made out of cork. However, the design of this particular wallet is DIY, that’s right, do it yourself. This is also the reason why I felt it qualifies as a unique wallet. Once you put it together in a certain way, it is a wrap wallet. You can also buy it already assembled. It is all held together by one brass clasp. Another clever piece to this wallet, is that you can actually increase the capacity of the wallet by making an adjustment through a clever design slot. This slot moves back and forth where the rear screw rests. If you want capacity to be less then you tighten it by moving the wallet slot more to the right. If you want it to be more open and create greater capacity, you move it further to the left. Once you discover the space you want, you simply put the clasp back on and tighten. If you want to adjust it, it’s a matter of just unloosing the screw and moving it back and forth. With this increased space, it allows this to expand to include more cards, cash and coins. Yes, coins fit in here too. There is also a quick thumb push in the card slot on the back which makes getting card access easy. As we open the wallet, we can actually put a few more cards inside. I was able to get four more cards, two slips of cash and a few coins. Because of the integrated fold where the flap comes down, it helps keep the coins from escaping. This can hold three to eight cards. They launched this and other products via Kickstarter and have had very good success. Moral Origins started first as an experiment by John, the creator, who was also an astrophysicist graduate to conduct business ethically through conscious decisions and how they approach production packaging and the materials they use. This is a wonderful design and is very sustainable.

The next wallet is the VICE Hardware F1 which stands for Formula 1. Honestly, what is not to like about the carbon fiber panel on the front of this wallet? It has an interesting design where the tension is created by unique elastic bands secured at the bottom holding down the top piece which is attached by pivoting hinge points. This is not the way we typically see elastic used, but this is a great way against these hinge points. It opens up at the top which is where cards fit inside. This will fit in the palm of your hand. It is easy to extract cards. The easiest way to extract cards is to place the wallet in your palm, face up, place and hold your middle finger in the slot at the top, while simultaneously using your thumb to push up on the top plate on the bottom, to release the tension hold on the cards. This allows you to slip your cards in and out very easily. It is made in the United States. The design has several layered components to it. On the back is a cash clip which is maintained by a magnet. If you opt for a customized plate, it screws into the front plate underneath a secondary plate. On the back, there is a band which holds the elastic plate and cash clip in place. There are several layers to this very time consuming wallet by the number of screws involved. However, it provides so much interest and texture. The unique part of this is the way the elastic bands function, and the money clip in the back is held by magnets and maintained by a metal strip. This is smooth to the touch with no sharp corners and it certainly has a great look to it. They also produce a titanium version, the F22. Obviously after the jet. It is brighter and different in design, but definitely innovative. You will enjoy this wallet if you think this is something that might work for you.

The final wallet for review is the Form Function Form Trislot. This wallet looks odd and there are others out there like it that are similar, but none that have a clever middle slot. There are three slots, which is why they call it the Trislot. One on the exterior, the one in the middle, and another one on the opposite exterior. The clever piece of this is not that it has three slots, it’s how it presents your cards. The card in the middle slot does not go down all the way. That is the beauty of this and by design. The middle slot provides a bump point. It leverages it up so you don’t have to work to get to the middle card. All you have to do is just grab it and pull it out. This prevents you from having to remove the front or back cards to dig out the middle one. It is a clever design. It is designed and made in the United States. This is laser cut from a single piece of Horween horse front Mustang leather. This kind of leather gives you a very thin, strong, low stretch and very durable leather for an ultra low profile front pocket fit. It is hand-stitched with burnished edges. It comes in various colors and can be monogrammed. I love the smell of this. The company recommends up to six cards, which totally makes sense and they make uniquely designed and expertly crafted products.

That wraps up our Round 1 look at the top five unique wallets. I can’t wait to find more interesting wallets to look at and keep these reviews going!

Moral Origin Cork Wallet

Cork is used in all kinds of thing like flooring, but as a wallet?  Would it be durable enough? With the Moral Origin cork wallet, the Minima proves it has what it takes to not only work as a great slim wallet, but thrive!

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