TOP 7 AirTag Wallets; Good Idea or Not?

Whether the wallet is carbon fiber, a card holder, minimalist or leather wallet, the Apple AirTag wallet is the best for carrying your AirTag accessory. But beware, if you don't want to scratch your AirTag or be able to use your wallet if you're not carrying the AirTag, then your choices will need to be careful.

In this review, we are going to take a look at the top seven wallets that have been designed to work with Apple’s AirTag tracker puck. However, I will not be reviewing the wallets, only their functionality, how they incorporate the AirTag, and their usability. 

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

The list includes, of course, the Tauruscamp Grain Wallet AirTag, the Spigen Wallet S, the Hawanik AirTag Wallet, the Frenchie Company Mini AirTag, the Geometric Goods Bifold AirTag, the BOSBOX Slim AirTag, the WXM AirTag, and finally the Ridge AirTag Accessory

The Tauruscamp wallets are fascinating, and the owner, Sajid, continues to address market needs by coming out with the Grain Wallet, an AirTag capable version. The AirTag is a piece of leather that is sewn on and kind of snaps into place. It has an opening that is fitted specifically for the little groove area on the AirTag.

It is held in by the leather that you might think could burst out, but that is not going to happen, it is not going to slip out on the side, and we could see how it folds down. Furthermore, this will continue to mold. Sajid also tweaked this design a bit by adding three stitches on either side, which, he says, give a little more stability than you would expect. When you look at this wallet from the side you can see the thickness profile, it does not look too bad, but it is obvious that you have an AirTag attached to your wallet. In addition, because the top of the AirTag is exposed, this will garner a lot of scratches over time.

The Spigen S, a RIDGE variation, has got metal on the inside and plastic on the top plates. As we open it up, the AirTag just pops out, and when we put it in, the external plate is plastic and a very tight fit for the AirTag. I wish they would have provided a second plate to replace the whole plate if you decide not to carry your AirTag anymore and use the wallet without it. 

Next wallet, Hawanik, has a snap at the top and is sewn halfway around, which helps keep the base in place while the insertion point is up with the snaps. The leather scoops itself around the top edge so it holds it into place and you snap it in. This is a slim model but they also have a hard shell version and a bifold version, kind of like the Spigen. 

The following wallet is from the Frenchie Company, the Mini AirTag. I have previously reviewed it and I have liked this wallet and its implementation. If you look at its profile, you would find it not too obtrusive. That said, once you put cards in, that will add a lot of pressure. One of the concerns with the cards is that they will not just pop out like that. However, while you are using your wallet, you are not going to have the problem with scratching in your pocket, and over time, the leather will form and conform to your body and your pocket.

The Geometric Goods Bifold AirTag Wallet we have had problems with in the past where it scrapes things up, this one disappears into the wallet. So, where is the AirTag here? Well, the thickness should give away what is going on here. It has a bolt in the back and two very small screws, and I can pretty much guarantee this is it. If you fold back the leather, you have another flap that goes up and down, and when it goes on top, the screws are in the back. The AirTag has its little home in this little flap, and there is no way it is getting out. But if we open up the billfold area, we can see it from the back nice and solid. The cards fit nice and have a quick slide. The only thing that you actually see is the big bulky area which makes this wallet 0.6 inches thick just to begin with before you put in additional cards or cash in the billfold area. But you know what? I like this wallet because it does not exhibit that it has a tracker unless you like to do that.

When you look at the next wallet, a Slim Wallet for AirTag by BOSBOX, you will go, wow, Mark, I thought we already saw something like this. I know we have seen one just like this, but stay with me. What I wanted to point out in this wallet are the little pieces that demonstrate their understanding and recognition that exposing your AirTag means that it could get scratched. Thus, they provide a protective film for the front and the back, which I think is a nice thought. All manufacturers that have exposed AirTags should be thinking about this. And while it is very similar to what we saw, it does have a half-sewn moon and a snap where you put your AirTag in, and this is what I wanted to point out. Now we have got a manly AirTag wallet.

The next wallet, WXM AirTag Wallet,  is that tactical version that is built similar to the RIDGE platform. I like this wallet because it is an insert. If you would like to see the insert piece and how this functions, do watch the video. It has open tabs on the back so you can just peel this off. To be completely secure, they do come with four screws and a little screwdriver that you can use to secure these down. Personally. I think you should because otherwise, this back can fall off. Besides, it is integral to the way it attaches, it holds it into place and does not let it come out, unless this is not screwed into place, then it would have a tendency to do that, especially if you drop it. But what I like the most, let’s say, I do not want to carry my tech today, I got tired of it, or I moved on to some other new technology, you just remove it and you will be left with a very functioning wallet that does not look bad at all.

Finally, the Ridge Carbon Case for AirTag, a wallet that is a bit involved with some great instructions. The pieces involve the actual holder of the AirTag that goes in on your RIDGE wallet and the carrier component, which is what attaches your new AirTag to your wallet. We also have some additional samples in case you want to do it again. They are always so kind to provide you with an extra elastic in case the one you have is wearing out so that you can replace it. A bit of stickiness is found where the AirTag is placed permits to keep it in place, so it will not rattle around. The top is what connects the holder to what connects to the base. Furthermore, you want to provide enough room on the opposite side of the thumb push. And all you need to do is grab one of the screwdrivers that you have with all the many different RIDGE wallets you own, something you should never throw away, you will loosen it up just a little bit, and it comes out great and you can see how it begins to separate right at the top. It fits nicely in between both of the screw holes, we put the screws back, and you are in business. It looks really good on a carbon fiber wallet. If you were to put this on any other wallet, it would look like a big wart. It only comes in carbon fiber, therefore, if you like the combination of carbon fiber and some other color, then fantastic, but I think it works best with the whole blackout as the case with this carbon fiber wallet.

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