TOP 5 Slim Wallet of 2021

Of all the wallets reviewed in 2021, we sorted out the TOP 5 slim wallet for review. These are best slim, minimalist, leather wallets.

Of all the wallets reviewed in 2021, we sorted out the TOP 5 slim wallet for review. These are best slim, minimalist, leather wallets.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

With the end of 2021 approaching, it is time to review the TOP 5 Slim Wallets of 2021. However, rather than a one-to-one comparison, this is a review based on their final Walletopia score.

Our selection includes the Lost Dutchman Big Finn, the Tauruscamp Base wallet, Willow Craft Goods Luxe, Wingback Winston Card Holder, and the Benjamin Bott Frankengull Double Wren. We begin with the price, as everybody wants to know how much they cost and the prices are as follow, Lost Dutchman is priced at $75, Tauruscamp Base at $67, Willow Craft Goods at $99, Wingback Winston Card Holder at $76, and the Benjamin Franklin Bott Frankengull Double Wren priced at $ 75. Next, we will review these items by quality, features, cards and cash, size, weight, and the final score.

Starting with the quality, the Lost Dutchman Big Finn is designed and made in the United States from a full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from Wickett and Craig. That would be another tannery that you might have heard of before. It is saddle stitched for longevity. From a quality perspective, this is a wonderful wallet.

The next wallet, the Taurus Base Camp wallet, is made and designed in Singapore. It is hand-dyed in orange color on both sides and goes all the way down. It did receive some concerns and complaints from folks mentioning that it does not go all the way down, but maybe halfway down. Besides, it comes in 19 colors, which is a lot to be cranking out by way of variety. Talks about this wallet have been saying it is a single piece of hand-cut full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, others have been telling me it is two. But since I have not really tried to take it apart or determine whether it is one or two pieces, it is hard to tell. But regardless, it is very thin. It is saddle-stitched sewn at the very bottom, waxed, burnished, and painted very nicely. This is considered a nice wallet as well.

The following wallet, the Willow Craft Goods, is designed and made in the United States. Every part of this wallet is done by hand, like some other similar makers, and that includes cutting, which is much easier to do with a clicker press. If you are curious about how it looks done by hand, you can head to his website and see the details. You can see how incredibly difficult it is to apply the stitching. The edges are lightly burnished all the way around, which gives a nice touch. All of his wallets are made from full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather. He uses different tanneries, which is nice because it gives you different outcomes. For example, he uses Wickett and Craig along with Italian producers, NPG Industria Conciaria, Conciaria La Perla Azzurra Badalassi Carlo, and the Conceria Walpier, which is one of the often makers that we are familiar with.

Moving to the next wallet, the Wingback Winston cardholder is designed and handmade in England, the United Kingdom from a full-grain, vegetable-tanned environmentally certified leather. It is a perfect weight at 1.4 millimeters, and it is burnished and saddle stitch by hand. It has a symmetrical design, meaning, a pocket on each side that provides quick access. If you have your thumb on the edge, you can flip around and use that. It is quite nice and has some stainless steel inserts, which we will get back to later.

The final wallet, the Benjamin Bott Frankengull Double Wren, is designed and made in the United States. What I like about this wallet is that they use several different kinds of leather, very comparable to the Willow Craft folks. They use a lot of varieties, whether it is Buttero, Pueblo, Dublin, Harness from Horween, or Wickett and Craig Tanneries. The reviewed wallet, for example, uses two different types of leather that give a good texture and a good visual. It gives attractive multiple layers of a nice gloss burnishing that really adds texture. This is a Russett Harness from Wickett and Craig as well as a Horween. The thread is a Japanese poly cord, extremely strong, and very tight and clean-looking. It is also fair to add that the beveling around the corners is rather fetching and provides access as well as interest.

Our next analysis is the features of these wallets. Starting with the Lost Dutchmen, it has one external card slot for quick access with a capacity of two cards. That is a satisfying feature, it does not require opening the wallet, but when done, it reveals additional three slots, one in the front and two in the back. The two inner leather pieces are not attached to the side and provide flexibility which means that if you insert more cards in the front, it will push to the back and vice versa. The capacity is somewhat limited, but the insertion preference is up to you.

The Taurascamp Base wallet, on the other hand, is different from the coin wallet that has less capacity in my mind due to the dedicated coin slot in the back that goes halfway down. However, this version can be used for coins. After inserting and closing, no coin is getting out. Moreover, it provides a nice shelf if you want them to come out. The wallet has got a quick exterior card slot with a capacity of two cards, in addition to an interior cash slot. It also has a push angle where the cash goes in folded once, and then can be pushed out with a finger and would come out on the side quite nicely. Moreover, it can accommodate a lot of cash, and has a capacity of five cards and coins, with the ability to store them safely. The multi-functional capability of this particular wallet cannot be beaten.

The next wallet, the Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet, is one wallet I did a carry test on and I really liked it. It has one external quick access card slot that can fit up to two cards. This wallet has a flap as well as a cross-strap that keeps things in play and provides good security for the contents. The wallet is equipped with additional two interior card slots, in the front, and the back. However, the back is where the cash goes after being folded once, or it can be put in so it is a cash wrap and folds over. It fits all the currencies vertical and horizontal, and as mentioned, it performs as a great cash wrap.

The following wallet, the Wingback Winston Card Holder, has two symmetrically placed card slots on each side. In addition, what makes this wallet interesting is that it has stainless steel inserts, which help protect the leather from being stretched. This means that you can load up to five cards on both sides, carry for a week, reduce the card’s content to one, and the wallet would go back to normal without overstretched leather, interesting technology, and interesting experiment. We will just have to see how this works over time. Besides, being stainless steel, there is no risk of getting rusted as it gets wet.

Moving on to the next wallet, the Benjamin Bott Frankengull Double Wren, it has one internal card slot that can accommodate one to three cards plus cash. It also has two external card slots, one on each side, and the way it has a separate entry makes it very convenient. Besides, you could use the color for example to color code where you put the cards, very brilliant. It can carry about all the number of cards you want, and still gets a nice carry.

From a capacity perspective of these wallets, the Lost Dutchman is a big winner that carries six cards and 10 slips of cash, while the company recommends up to 12 cards and cash folded once. The Base wallet from Tauruscamp carries eight cards and 12 slips of cash, and the company recommends up to eight cards that fit comfortably. More content can be added and will fit in just fine. Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet can get seven cards and six slips of cash of all currencies either folded in or as a wrap, thanks to being wider. The company recommends up to 12 cards. The Winston cardholder can carry eight cards, or two cards, or jump back and forth in between thanks to its non-stretchable feature, in addition to two slips of cash. The company recommends up to 10 cards, which can be fitted as five cards on each side. It is a wonderful wallet which you should consider and give a try. Finally, Benjamin Bott can carry five cards and three slips of cash without a problem. The company recommends six to eight cards and cash folded twice.

The next review perspective is the measurements of these wallets. They are of different sizes, especially width-wise. The Base wallet from Tauruscamp and the Willow Craft Goods are a little wider, and the Winston cardholder is probably the smallest, measuring 3.1 to 3.6, but its closest companion is the Double Wren.

From a weight perspective, the Lost Dutchman weighs 51 grams, Tauruscamp weighs 46 grams, which is kind of surprising. Willow Craft Good Luxe weighs 63 grams for it contains lots of good leather. The Winston Wingback Winston cardholder weighs 47 grams because of the metal addition, which when compared to the Benjamin Bott that weighs 36 grams, you can see how that stainless steel does make an impact.

Lastly, the final score comparison of these five wallets. The Lost Dutchman Big Finn scores 44, Tauruscamp, 44, and it goes down from here. And we wrap this up with a Benjamin Bott at 41. These are our top five, all excellent wallets.

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