TOP 7 Unique Everyday Carry (EDC) Wallet – Round 3

We start round 3 of the TOP Unique Everyday wallets with something for everyone. Whether it's EDC minimalist, slim card holder or bifold, recycled, metal or leather, it's the best we've found.

We start round 3 of the TOP Unique Everyday wallets with something for everyone. Whether it’s EDC minimalist, slim card holder or bifold, recycled, metal or leather, it’s the best we’ve found.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

We bring you seven more unique wallets from Walletopia. We have in this review TOP 7 Unique Everyday Carry Wallets. 

Starting with the Vargo Titanium hinge wallet, this wallet comes with information on it and what it provides. It has genuine leather, a first pocket which is accessible, a card pull tab, a pull strap, a second pocket, and a titanium front part.

Next wallet is Walspin. Inside the box come some stickers beside the wallet. It seems to have a money clip, a little screwdriver that we can operate with, and a nice little card that will help us understand a little bit about it, it is somewhat similar to a wallet we have seen before

The Wolf Selection, called the Flexi Wallet, comes wrapped amongst papers. It has an interesting look. It has got the strap that goes along the front, a bunch of things among some cards showing us how this wallet works. This is made from Italian leather. 

Next, we have the SCUDO Slide version 5. This has gone through many iterations to reach today’s generation five. We are familiar with the SCUDO folks, as they were in one of our prior unique wallets. The wallet is made in the USA. It is all made out of aluminum and it opens a little easier. It has two Allen wrenches that we will talk about as well as how this provides other options.

Next we have the Dosh Luxe Wallet that comes in a plastic case. As you open that up, you will watch it come out of the riser. I love its money clip which is a unique integrated money clip. We will talk about this material as we get more into it, but it is just a sleek, minimalist, nice little wallet.

Next is the Zeroz Cayenne 3 that comes in many different styles. In particular, this is the Sticks design that I like and besides, you can highly customize this with your own designs if you would like to. It is designed and made in the US. It comes with some information explaining how to use it.

The next wallet is my favorite, it is from 2OfUsLV, Latvia and it came in a darling little packaging. It has got a sticker that readily just pops up and some tissue paper. It has an attractive look and some nice leather. This is the Copper Classic, very sturdy, and provides us with texture and variety.

At the end of the review, I will take you through the price of each wallet as well as their final scores. But first, we will walk through each of these wallets and I am going to point out their uniqueness, their features, quality, and usability.

The Vargo Titanium, why is this wallet unique? I personally like the introduction of metal into this wallet. I love this hex design that provides a kind of a heftier feel to a very slim wallet. If we look at the features of this particular wallet, it has a bottle opener, why not? It has two slots including the interior cash slot. The first one is off of the metal and has a slot at the bottom that captures it so it will not slide through, cash folds in either thirds or quarters. Then when we go to the back, there is the second slot, which is where your cards are inserted and the access to it is done via its pull strap. Like the Schnail Atlas wallet, I like the minimalist footprint with great functionality that comes with this particular wallet. The look at the titanium front is very attractive. This wallet is easy to use. The metal means you have rigidity in your pocket, so with that said, this is surely a front pocket wallet. From a quality perspective, this is designed in the United States and made in China.

The next wallet is the Walspin Spinner. Why is this unique? Well, if you like fidget devices then this wallet might be for you. It has a built-in spinner, which allows you to hold it in your hand and spin it. If you compare it to a regular spinner you can kind of get a feel for it. This wallet’s features include its exterior money clip, which is very much like we would see with other similar wallets, like the Ridge, as this is fundamentally the Ridge design. You do not have to unscrew this wallet to be able to remove this money clip, it just pops right out, but you have to put some significant force to get it out of the wallet. It is optional and you do not have to go through the effort of using the screws. Cash is folded twice, thirds or quarters to get in. The interior card slot has a capacity of up to 14 cards before you stretch the elastic of which it does come with a screwdriver and you can self-service and replace it. The concept is built off the Ridge Wallet, as I mentioned. Due to the metal, it does automatically block RFID and they guarantee a 45 or more second spin time, and it is not hitting my hand by accident. I believe that actually might work. It also comes with stickers that are kind of cool. And where do you think these stickers go? Yeah, you have guessed right. They go right in the middle of the spinner. They are raised a bit, which I think helps give a little bit of clearance.

The following wallet is the Wolf Selection Flexi wallet. What makes this wallet unique? Well, for me, it is a couple of things. First, the organization across the front which has nice finger slots that facilitate getting the cards out. Moreover, they are distributed between the front, the back, and the interior at the top. Not only it is functional, but it also looks cool. It does have a pass-through capability and a quick access card slot. The very bottom has a pen and a knife. This little package knife can be of use, but probably the pen is going to be more useful. I cannot tell you every time I fly into a country and I have to fill out all those tiring forms, I wish I had a pen and I do carry one, but something this small as part of my wallet would have been ideal. It fits in nicely and provides a great option. The wallet has an overall capacity of 14 cards plus cash folded once. It is made from Italian vegetable-tanned leather, a synonym of good leather. It has the stamp, which is for the guarantee and it smells good leather. This wallet, although it seems like such a small package, has a lot to offer. Besides, the cash and card capacity is high. It can be either a front or back carry, just keep in mind that it has some rigidity with the pen.

The next wallet is the SCUDO Switch Gen 5. So why is this unique? Well, it is the SCUDO. This wallet has a side opening, which opens fully while sustaining the wallet’s functionality, which makes it superb. It is not super thick and comes in two versions. From this perspective, you could actually use this as a weapon in a pitch. From a feature perspective, it has one exterior ID window which has the ability for a placement, and a blocking card that can be customized with colors, logos, whatever it might be. The exterior’s other side has a receiver for a money clip. It comes in a 12 or 18 card option and the cash needs to be folded twice. From a design angle perspective, this is designed and made in the United States. The base is made from a 6061 aluminum bar stock and the spring and hinge are a hardened stainless steel. It is easy enough to open with one hand, and using the thumb, you can go through the cards. Furthermore, with the included Allen wrench, you can put different colors or other plates that are offered. The version of this Switch is more functional to me because it is truly a one-hand operation unlike the original SCUDO, which was larger and came from the top down. The size of this one is more manageable with it being just slightly larger than the size of a card.

The Dosh Luxe is our next wallet. Why is this unique? Well, it is a hundred percent recycled material, which may not be unique as a lot of the wallets do, but it has very clean lines. What I like about this wallet, as I mentioned earlier, is the stainless steel money clip that sets the tone for the wallet, and for me, that nailed it. From a feature perspective, it comes with six interior card slots that are individually molded for the cards. As a result, you cannot get more than one in each of these slots. It also has a stainless steel money clip with a capacity of one to nine notes, but it does not work with tall currencies. This is made and designed in Australia, therefore, it is meant for short currencies. The recycled material it is made from is a TPU polymer, it is water-resistant, compact, and very durable. It has an RFID option that only comes in black. From a usability perspective, it is easy enough to use, it comes with its molding already in place, that is one card per slot. When the wallet opens out, there is always a potential that the cards could fall out, that is why with bifolds like this, having the cards enter from the fold in protects them because once folded they are not going anywhere. The money clip is very robust, it can barely move with my finger. I really like how this wallet functions.

Next wallet is the Zeroz Cayenne 3, cayenne like pepper. Why is this wallet unique? Well, the options for stamping are endless and you can have a custom stamp done for a nominal amount of money if you would like, and they will do that custom work for you. It does take on the burrito wallet style like we saw with the Nero wallet. They have placed sample cards that can show you the type of cards and how you would place them. Looking at this wallet from a burrito perspective, you would be thinking, “Well, geez, I can just get things in and out of there easily,” however, what makes this wallet work nicely are the features that come with the back. It has a cash strap, where cash folded twice can be placed under, or it could be a hotel key, an access card, an oyster card, or whatever it is, it can also be used to tap. The interior has a card slot that is this main burrito slot where you can push the cards in or out either way. Finally, it has quick access that slides in. This is a very functional wallet because it can give immediate access to cards or ID without any difficulty. It is designed and made in the United States from a certified full-grain vegetable-tanned Italian leather, but it kind of smells like glue. From a usability perspective, it comes in two to three, four to six, and eight to 10 models. With the cards sliding in and out from the top or bottom quick access slider, it makes it very useful for cards and ID. What is attractive is that you can get the cards simply by pushing them out, and then you are able to fan them easily by finding the cards you want. Once you find the card you need, you can easily pull it out and put it back in. However, you want to make sure that you have enough cards in there to avoid any kind of problem. I did have some issues with only five cards in there.

The final wallet is the 2OfUsLV or Latvia. This is the Copper Classic, but, why is this unique? Well, the connection to minerals and earth, and this rugged steampunk type wallet design is intriguing to me, and honestly, it is kind of a piece of art. It is a great conversation starter and it looks like it could have been created by the Vikings. From a feature perspective, it has a latch hook that keeps all the cards safe. Inside, it has a capacity of up to eight cards which go in from the top. You can also put cash that has no risk of sliding out of there and it has the thumb push to be able to get the cards out. It is designed and made in Latvia, hammered copper plate with black stainless steel screws and crazy horse leather. This will patina all day long and keep getting better with age. From a usability perspective, it is easy enough to use, unlatch the leather from the latch, insert your cards, fold the cash twice, relatch it, and you are ready to go. It does feel good in the hand despite being a little bit heavy, being that it is metal. Furthermore, it is better in the front pocket because of its rigidity.

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