Trifold Wallet Reviews

Slimpuro ZNAP

Slimpuro ZNAP wallet has arrived in the United States!

For years you could only get the Slimpuro ZNAP wallet from Europe, but that’s no longer a problem with the launch of their 8 card and 12 card wallets in the United States!  With a full billfold pocket, card slot and coin tray, all in a small footprint, it’s a winner for features and all currencies fit!

Does the Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet design work?

The Frenchie Co.’s compact, magnetic closure, trifold has a unique design and makes good use of quick access pull straps for the “speed” portion, but do those things make it efficient or clumsy?

England’s Flatleather delivers a unique handmade trifold; but would you carry it?

Made in England of full grain leather, the completely handmade Flatwallet III model has a unique take on the traditional trifold wallet. Flatleather doesn’t rush anything, and the resulting wallet shows by delivering a clever, functional design that is fun to use. You’ll get plenty of inquisitive looks and questions when you pull this wallet out.

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