Trifold Wallet Reviews

Tactical Gear JU-17 wallet

From Ukraine with LOVE, Tactical Gear JU-17 trifold wallet REVIEW

Everyone loves tactical gear and the wallet from Tactical Gear JU-17, made in Ukraine is an EDC dream with all the pockets, zippers, mesh and molle to play with. With two billfold pockets for cash and a 10+ card capacity, it will hold what you want as long as you can handle the size it becomes.

Slimpuro ZNAP wallet

ZNAP Slimpuro test carry was a no brainer!

Everything I expected when I started the ZNAP Slimpuro test carry turned out to be true…it was worked as expected and reinforced that it’s a great option if you like metal wallets.

Slimpuro ZNAP

Slimpuro ZNAP wallet has arrived in the United States!

For years you could only get the Slimpuro ZNAP wallet from Europe, but that’s no longer a problem with the launch of their 8 card and 12 card wallets in the United States!  With a full billfold pocket, card slot and coin tray, all in a small footprint, it’s a winner for features and all currencies fit!

Does the Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet design work?

The Frenchie Co.’s compact, magnetic closure, trifold has a unique design and makes good use of quick access pull straps for the “speed” portion, but do those things make it efficient or clumsy?

England’s Flatleather delivers a unique handmade trifold; but would you carry it?

Made in England of full grain leather, the completely handmade Flatwallet III model has a unique take on the traditional trifold wallet. Flatleather doesn’t rush anything, and the resulting wallet shows by delivering a clever, functional design that is fun to use. You’ll get plenty of inquisitive looks and questions when you pull this wallet out.

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