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Hide and Drink EDC Pouch Wallet

Hide and Drink’s EDC Pouch Zip Wallet; Good Enough?

The Hide & Drink EDC Pouch wallet is a great way to keep a few EDC items with you while still using it as an effective wallet. For the price it’s one of the best everyday carry leather pouch we’ve reviewed. Hide and Drink has a vast number of EDC, knife and organizer products at very nice prices.

Ashland Zip wallet

YES! Unlock the Beauty of the Ashland Leather Zip wallet!

How much? Well, let’s say more than you’d expect, but it’s totally worth it! The Ashland Leather Zip Wallet has quality and craftsmanship oozing from every handmade stitch on the Horween leather. Even the zipper is Riri, which is a cut above YKK. This review will show you why, despite its expense, is the best zipper wallet I’ve seen so far

Vaultskin Notting Hill and Mayfair comparison

Vaultskin wallet COMPARE; Notting Hill vs Mayfair?

Zip it YOUR way! The recent release of the Mayfair wallet complements the Notting Hill, which has set the standard for Vaultskin wallets with a zipper. So how do each of these slim, RFID, leather minimalist wallets compare? Well, the review is actually easier than you might think.

Bellroy All Conditions Pocket wallets

Bellroy ALL-CONDITIONS wallet; phone and card pocket REVIEW

It disappeared for years, but is finally back! The Bellroy All-Conditions wallet, both the Phone Pocket and Card Pocket. The All Conditions is made for activity and carry safety for travel during activities that could get wet, sandy, or dirty, these wallets are the best zipper options.

Vaultskin Mayfair wallet

Any good?? Vaultskin MAYFAIR Zipper wallet REVIEW

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video) The Vaultskin Notting Hill has been very successful, which prompted them to address more non-cash, non-card storage needs, things like air tags, coins and whatnot, and other sundries, which resulted in the recently released

Mr Lentz Pocket Zip wallet

Mr Lentz Zip wallet REVIEW; why so expensive?

Zipper wallets seem to be more expensive than regular wallets. Sure, I get that zippers increase cost due to the zipper and sewing, but 50% or more expensive? Maybe it’s because it’s a men’s leather zip wallet? The Mr Lentz leather zip wallet is one of those, well made, excellent materials, but expensive and I don’t know why.

ALPAKA Zip Pouch

Hard to access?? ALPAKA Zip Pouch zipper REVIEW

Many handheld pouches are making a debut as wallets. The ALPAKA Zip Pouch is minimalist and good for EDC gear. With a zipper opening it can operate as a mini tech or travel wallet for cash and card carry. Built using XPAC materiaL, the only thing this everyday pocket carry might have a problem with is access. The zipper placement is not optimal.

Bellroy Zip Wallet 1

Bellroy Zip – Clutch, Purse or Wallet?

The Bellroy Zip Wallet is a premium feel zip around wallet that handles lots of cards, cash and a SIM card holder. One of the best zipper leather wallets to review and look at if you travel or carry a high volume of items

Waterfield Finn Access zipper wallet

WaterField Finn Access wallet, too good to be true?

No matter where you search for a zipper wallet, the WaterField Finn Access wallet always floats to the top of the list. But does it really tick all the boxes for the near perfect zipper wallet for everyday carry?

BellroyCardPocketZip Website Thumbnail

Bellroy Card Pocket Zipper wallet might be too small

Pushing the limits, the Bellroy Card Pocket Zipper wallet designers made it as small as functionally possible. Outside of a one usability issue, it works pretty well and is a great front pocket wallet for cards, cash, coins and even a SIM card.

AerCard Website Thumbnail

Aer Card Holder wins as your rough and tumble daily carry wallet!

Made from durable Cordura ballistic nylon, the Aer Card Holder wallet can handle any abuse you can throw at it. Sophisticated enough to be used in a business setting, but tough enough to handle travel, camping or a day at the beach, you’ll love the capacity….if you’re okay with the length.

Undivided Wallet

Is Undivided’s zipper wallet too compact to be usable?

Undivided has a very simple, small and easy to use zipper wallet that is not your typical zipper wallet. But is something so small easy to use? The answer is a quick yes and that simplicity is what makes this not your usually bulky zipper wallet.

OKA Website Thumbnail

En Enishi’s zipper wallet is a great find from Japan

Available on the Etsy equivalent of Japan, individual maker En Enishi produces wonderful leather products including this Horween leather L-shaped leather zipper wallet. With extensive features on the interior, the amazing quality makes this a long-term durable wallet.

Nodus Website Thumbnail

Zipper coin wallet from NODUS has ample room in a small package

Cards, cash, coins, keys and more can be placed in the NODUS coin zipper wallet. In a small footprint, it can carry up to 16 cards along with anything else you’d like without acting like you’re a pocket hoarder. The full-grain, veg tanned Italian leather is soft, smells great and the zipper acts like it will be around for a while.

Anson Calder Zipper Website Thumbnail

Anson Calder lets us down easy on the Cash Zipper wallet

Excited to get into the Anson Calder Cash Zipper wallet, the lack of design thought on the interior, funky leather smell, and overreach on price turned me off a bit. That said, the quality of the exterior leather, craftsmanship and durable zipper still makes this one of the best zipper wallets on the market.

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