Flap Wallet by John Brandon – KING of Capacity!?

The small footprint Flap Wallet by John Brandon has a propensity to hold way more cards and cash than it looks. Could this be the King of Capacity for such a small wallet?

The small footprint Flap Wallet by John Brandon has a propensity to hold way more cards and cash than it looks. Could this be the King of Capacity for such a small wallet?

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

This review’s wallet is part of our Top 10 Leather Makers on Etsy. It is another hidden gem from John Brandon called the Flap Wallet.

I decided to opt for a stunning blue color and I believe that they fulfilled that choice. The wallet is one piece of leather that wraps down and up. The sewing is nicely done and reinforced where necessary. Dying is very nice and done well. This wallet has some stiffness to it, which is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it is great for being able to carry cards and cash.

In regards to the features review of the John Brandon Flap Wallet, on the exterior, it has the flapped slot, which is what makes it the Flap Wallet. It is for cash and can accommodate up to 10 notes folded only once, or it can be used for additional cards. It would be suitable for quick access cash, or maybe one card. The main card slot is located on the interior and it can accommodate up to 10 cards. It is designed to provide capacity, which is noticed in how it does not tighten up, allowing a lot of capability for cards.

The card and cash insertion test was performed with seven notes and six cards. Unfortunately, it did not fit the larger and taller currencies, they just stuck out a bit. The wallet would reasonably carry about four to six cards. While the company says that it can fit up to 10 cards, which seems pretty good, they do not recommend that. Still, six cards were inserted and fit without a problem, and probably, a few more cards can be added.

It is designed and made in the United States, by John in Columbus, Ohio. It is made from an absolutely amazing full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. It uses bee wax for burnishing and an Irish linen stitch court for sewing, which is also done by hand. The patina on this wallet will become amazing as it develops over time. The little crease on the exterior is one attention to the detail that is not always found, but it is done by hand, as a demonstration of how John excels at putting great detail and attention into his work.

Custom stamping is available when making an order, John is happy to do that. The size of this wallet is very pleasing, it looks smaller than its ability to accommodate cash folded once. It has an attractive simplicity, and fits easily into either the front or back pocket. The leather being cut a little thinner than you would expect might be a concern, but it’s right-sized to provide a little more capability for cards. If it were of heavier-weight leather, it would have felt very, very bulky. But with the right size, it is not.

It measures 4 x 3.5 x 0.2”, and weighs 27 grams. John has an excellent store on Etsy. He comes from an Irish saddle and harness-making family, therefore, leather-working is in his veins. His customers talk very highly of his creations, and his communication and support is done well. He sells many other products that also have very unique designs. The application of his skill satisfies the expected quality anticipated by his customers.

The final score of the John Brandon Flap Wallet is 5 for quality, a 3 for each of price and features, a 4 for usability, as the way the leather is cut provides excellent access and capacity, another 4 for perception, which gives a final score of 4 out of 5.

John Brandon Flap Wallet

This wallet is an ideal front pocket ID card case - cash holder. Easily carry 10 folded US bills or Euros along with ID, 2 credit cards, Health Card, Metro Card and 3 business cards. 

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Quality 100%
Price 60%
Features 60%
Usability 80%
Perception 80%

Technical Details




4 x 3.5 x .2”

Notable Materials


Country of Manufacture

United States

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